Post cum cake torture

Yuliya Kate

Mistress Yuliya Kate
No, darling, I won't let you relax after you've just had your orgasm. I know that your energy is low, and your dick is sensitive, and all what you want is a pillow&peace. Well, too bad, because I want exactly the opposite -a twisted party to celebrate the Canada Day! Go stand against the wall, hands behind your back. Keep it still, so I can hit your post-cum-sensitive cock with the 9 pieces of this creamy cake.
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Sep 6, 2008
Thank you Miss Yuliya, that is a very unusual albeit creative form of torture that may be a first on these forums. Very funny also and it seems like it must have been a lot of fun, at least for you. Has he recovered yet from it; from the clip his face looks as red as his outfit.