Power is an Aphrodisiac - Warning: contains scenes of a Black Bull dominating a white cuckold slave.


Slave To Princess Lola
Please note the warning.

Power is an aphrodisiac.
So if one person demonstrating power over another can lead to great sex for the dominant, what would happen to the sex between two dominants both demonstrating power over the same person?

He contemplated this thought as he focused on the Master’s shoe; a highly polished black slip on adorned with some small fake diamonds across the top. Or perhaps they weren’t fake? The shoe smelled of leather & shoe polish although he didn’t look like a Master that cleaned his own shoes. He looked like a Master that was completely at home watching a cuckold slave grovelling at his feet kissing & licking his designer shoes.

He’d felt humiliated before; years of servitude at the feet of Princess had taught him that her ability to humiliate knew no bounds. Indeed he’d craved humiliation, begging her on many occasions to allow him to get down on his knees in the middle of the street & kiss her feet. He wanted the whole world to know that he was the slave of the most beautiful woman in the world. She always refused.
He cherished their visits to clubs where everyone could see him at the feet of his Mistress, & on very rare occasions, in dark empty car parks, where she’d made him kneel in the dirt & kiss her shoes he’d been in paradise.
He thought he knew humiliation, he thought humiliation was a friend, but when Princess had given her instructions she’d taken humiliation to a whole new level.

So now he found himself flat on the floor, naked except for a chastity device & dog collar, worshipping another man’s shoes. He didn’t know if he’d be able to do it at first, but any resistance was quickly crushed beneath her foot as he felt her leopard print Louboutin pressing down on the back of his neck. In his brain, as the last residents of Dignity Street quickly packed their belongs & headed for the hills, a town called humiliation grew from a small hamlet into a bustling city. Gentle unsure pecks quickly turned into more eager kissing & licking as he found himself enjoying demonstrating his inferiority & submission to the Alpha Male.

Above him they were paying scant attention, lingering kisses & small talk seemed to be the order of the day; the guy dressed in a designer suit had his hand on her thigh that was conveniently exposed by her foot resting on the back of the slave’s neck. Princess was to die for in a short gold cocktail dress, beneath her dress a tiny red thong was already moist.
Inside her Louboutins her freshly pedicured feet were hot; perspiration was building between her toes. The intoxicating aroma that her slave craved was beginning to form.
She & the guy craved each other.

He felt her foot lift from the back of his neck,
“Are you getting carried away down there?”
Fuck yes.
She pulled on his lead.
He crawled behind her as she led him to his favourite spot.
“Down you go.”
Instantly he prostrated himself at her feet, like he’d done countless times before, he looked in the mirror at the sight of them both standing over him. Fuck did he feel vulnerable now.
They stood there for a moment, seemingly studying the heel marks on his chest; permanent heel marks from years spent beneath her feet. They were smiling & talking, seemingly mesmerised by the power that the heel marks demonstrated.

Then it happened, almost in slow motion, like when you’re a kid & you fall off your bike, you can see it coming & your brain is telling you to stop it, but your body is powerless to act.
The guy lifted his right foot & placed it on his chest, the heel of the shoe just below his sternum, the toe just above his throat.
Oh my fucking God.
He’d been trodden on before, hundreds of times, but always by women. Never in his life had he ever thought he would one day find himself under the foot of another man.
He looked at Princess as if to ask for help, but she was smiling, he lifted his head but the toe of the shoe was almost touching his face.

The Master was smiling; it felt good to have another human being beneath his foot, completely under his control; an almost primeval feeling, victor & victim.
Beneath his designer shoe his victim was fighting similar primeval feelings; trying & failing not to enjoy the feeling of being under the control of a superior male.

“Head down”
Princess pushed his head back down & positioned the red sole of her shoe over his mouth.
Instantly he was passionately kissing the sole of her shoe, all the time feeling the pressure of the Master’s shoe pressing down on his chest. It felt incredible.
She took her shoe of his face.
“Now his.”
What? You must be fucking kidding. This must be one of wind ups that she liked to do? In a moment she’d laugh & say she’s joking.
The guy lifted his foot & moved it forward with the heel resting just between his nipples, the toe level with his nose.
Princess placed her foot on his chest, carefully positioning her heel on his nipple.
The guy leaned down & with one finger tapped the sole of his shoe.
Jesus fucking Christ she is not joking. Her heel was digging harder into his nipple.

Bereft of any form of self-worth, he pressed his lips onto the sole of the guys shoe, thank fuck it looked to be fairly clean.
Above him the Master was basking in his clear demonstration of superiority.
Princess’ soaking thong suggested she was also enjoying it.

To them he almost didn’t exist.
She had almost all her weight on one foot on his chest, she had one shoe off & her foot pressed onto his face. The aroma of her foot was bliss, the pain of her heel was crucifying.
Beneath her she could feel him French kissing the sole of her foot, his tongue exploring every crevice of her delicious foot, sliding between her toes, cleansing every trace of sweat, inhaling every trace of her smell.
He snatched a glimpse of her above him, her tongue entwined with the Master’s; he was ready to claim his prize.
He watched as they paused briefly & looked down at him. She pushed her foot back into her shoe & turned round. Stood with full weight on his chest the Master pulled the top of her dress down, instantly had has his hands all over her breasts, caressing & teasing.
She was squirming now, not caring where she stood, her heels digging harder as she lost control.
The Master was biting her neck & pulling her dress up over her arse; her delicious pert arse. Oh how he wished he could worship that arse.
She spread her legs further apart, one foot dug hard into his upper chest almost on his throat, the other hard into his stomach. The Master’s fingers were in her thong now, teasing her cliterous & sliding into her pussy.

Quickly she brought her feet together & yanked her thong down & off, dropping it cruelly on his face. Instantly she spread her legs again & the Master’s fingers were inside her bringing her to the point of no return.
She was groaning & writhing, her heels digging in harder & harder; he didn’t know how much more he could take.
And then she was off, standing over his face, squatting, fingering herself to explosion, her juices squirting over his face time & time again. He licked his lips, trying desperately to take them all in, wiping them up with his fingers.

Momentarily she paused, catching her breath, and then she was back on him, her heels resuming their torturous punishment of his body. She bent forward steading herself on a grab handle, her pert arse pushing back in anticipation.
The Master had his cock out straining at the leash; he stood behind her, the tip pushing against her lips.

He lay there surveying the scene above him.
Princess was stood on him, oblivious to his existence, her heels leaving their artwork all over his body.
A feeling of complete ecstasy swept over him as he watched in awe as with one slow steady movement, accompanied by a gasp & groan from her, the Alpha Male who he grovelled before & been trodden on by, slid his big black cock deep inside the woman he loved.
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