Pretty Little Fart Machine!

Chadam and Feebee get together and chad thinks it's business as usual. they were going to do a few good clips together, but Feebee had alternative plans. Dressed just in her sexy little thong and bra, they begin wrestling on the bed, when Feebee starts to get a weird feeling. She told chad she may have to let out some farts, so he asked if she wanted to stop. Feebee smiled and said no, just that she would let them out all over his face instead. Then that's when Feebee turned into a reverse facesit, shoving chad's face deep into her asshole. Chad now suffered some unexpected and very unwelcoming farts. He was panicking beneath her, as some were pretty wet sounding. She reached back a few times leans forward and makes sure to jam his face in there rubbing her ass all over his face, making sure he could literally smell and taste each fart. She humiliates and degrades him throughout this whole clip, while farting in his face, a lot. Chad was shocked and literally gagging at the smell. Who knew such a hot girl could let out so many nasty farts, and truly enjoy humiliating her opponent as well.

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