Price to remain married part 3


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Aug 31, 2017

One day around 10 am, Frank was watching some movie on TV when suddenly main door opened and Tatiana mother Svetlana entered living room.

“Good morning Frank, how are you?”

“Good morning, let say OK, and you?”

“Oh, I am very fine today.”

Svetlana was about sixty, wide and heavy, but well maintained stature thank to sport career when was young. She was active athletic in former Soviet Union, so all muscles was still fit, simply in good shape. Brown hears and blue piercing eyes.

She proceeds to the kitchen and started preparing some meals.

“I am going to prepare dinner for Tatiana and you” she said.

“Why Dinner so early” came in Frank’s mind, but he didn’t say nothing.

After about half hour Svetlana came in living room and sat close to him.

“Look Frank, I am sorry for your health condition, although you are recovering well, but you know that I never liked you and today I am going to prove that with joy. As you heard me, I am preparing dinner. But, what for a lunch? You will get lunch from my ass hole. Little bit stinky, but warm, ha ha ha…I heard you are specialized in that”

“Oh no, please Svetlana. You can’t do that to me.”

“Yes, I can and I will do that. I was looking forward to that, since Tatiana told me about this option.”

“Svetlana, I am going to call Tatiana right now”

So, Frank picked up phone and dialed Tatiana.

“Honey, your mother is with me and she is asking from you know what….”

Tatiana interrupted abruptly.

“How you dare call me in the Office for that! You will do whatever my mother asks from you and you will do nicely. Do you understand? Otherwise you will bear consequences. Because you called me and disturb me on the job, you will be punished. So whole next week I will feed you every day and sometime Nancy will join us. You will eat nothing but shit. So you will never put any question on this issue. Is that clear?

“Yes Tatiana, I am sorry” muttered Frank.

Svetlana then said

“See Frank, I knew. I will try to do little by little, so you can swallow all without messing. Now I really need to go. Let’s go in the bathroom. I already prepared everything.”

She helped Frank stretching on the plastic sheet, then removed clothes and squatted above his head facing his legs. Frank was hit by rank smell emitting from her ass, mixed with female sex, shit stink and piss. Obviously she didn’t take shower since yesterday. Wrinkled ass hole was surrounded by dark brown area. Right then she farted on his face. Strong stench hit Frank nostrils.

“Oh what nice feeling! Now open your mouth wide. Your lunch is coming.”

In that moment Svetlana ass hole start expanding and big brown turd emerged and started falling down to Frank’s mouth. He started chewing right away, but couldn’t manage to eat so fast. Remaining slick brown mass landed on his nose and cheeks.

“Sorry, I promised to break, but I didn’t”.

With that she raised herself and stood up.

“Now collect with your hand my nice shit from your face and continue eating till very last piece. Don’t hesitate one single moment or I will kick your balls with my foot and crush it. My turd is tasty. Isn’t? Ha, ha ha …? What of thrill watching you eating my soft shit!”

With that she started stimulating her pussy and groaning loudly. Mmmmm…

After about ten minutes Frank completed eating with difficult. Svetlana shit was abundant indeed.

“Now I am going to wash it down. Open you mouth again and I will piss in.”

Svetlana squatted again and filled Frank mouth with warm acrid liquid, which Frank swallowed with big gulps.

She then turned around and put her ass again close to Frank’s face.

“Now be good boy and clean my old ass with your tongue, and clean well!”

Frank started lapping and cleaning Svetlana ass till all remaining shit stains has been removed.

She then raised, dressed herself and went to the kitchen.

“I think lunch should be finished by now. You will not be hungry anyway ha, ha, ha….. I fed you quite well. We must repeat this. Hope you don’t mind”.

Ten minutes later Svetlana left apartment without even greetings.

Frank remained with his thoughts and question what he can expect next.

Note: Again sorry on my english mistakes
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Aug 31, 2017
I can write additional story with Tatiana sister Irina, but it will be almost same, using same words due to my poor english. If you agree, I will post.
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