Punches, Kicks, Boots and Soccer Balls for a Stomach Demolition! (Fetish Obsession)


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Sep 15, 2009
Video available at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession

The new Fakir's assistant is called Samira, a young and tall strong girl (23 years old and 132 lb). In this video she will try to test Fakir's abs in several ways, subjecting his body to a very painful training. The endurance test starts with a belly punching session: ten full force punches after a short run up to increase the power. During the second exercise the endurance gets harder and harder, 'cause Samira closes the eyes of the fakir, hitting his abs at the precise moment in which they are totally relaxed and not ready for the impact. The ten punches sink deep into the fakir's midsection inflicting the maximum pain. Then, Samira takes a soccer ball, places it near to the fakir's stomach and after a run up... BUM: a full force kick to the ball, that hits fakir's body with incredible power and extremely loud noise. After ten 'free kicks' right in the guts, Samira removes the soccer ball and kicks the fakir directly in the belly three times with her heavy black boots. Finally, it's time for ten push-ups, the last crazy exercise of this video performance. There are two main difference between normal push ups and 'our' ones: first of all, after each push-up, the fakir has to get the balance right, lying with the belly on the soccer ball, then Samira walks with her boots on his back to increase the pressure on his crushed belly. Oooh, what a stamina he has!