Punishment fit for a Loser (Story F/m Domination)


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Nov 16, 2016
Punishment fit for a Loser Pt (1/2)

He had been working his entire life for this moment. His pencil flowed and carved his signature in the blank. West had been told multiple times, even by teachers, because of his grades and attitude he was one of the best candidates for the full scholarship next semester, it was impressive for he only being a freshman. As West was leaving the counselors office he bumped into an athletic blonde woman with creamy white skin.

She raised an eyebrow and looked back as West walked down the hall. “Who was that?“

“Oh, he is just applying for the scholarship for next semester, looks like you may have a little competition.”

Maddie frowned.

“He is only a first-year student Maddie.” The man with grey hair looked up at her from his seat, and raised his eyebrows looking over his glasses. “You'll be fine Maddie, you don't have to make every soccer practice.” He said, leaning back in his seat with a smile.

“I know…” Maddie said. She walked around the desk carefully with one cleat directly in front of the other, looking over the scatter of papers on the desk. “Just, that one application, right?“

A bead of sweat began to grow on the man's forehead.

Maddie bent over, she slid her finger to the back of her black knee-high sock and snapped it against her toned calf. “It's been a while, did you forget?“ She stood back up arching her back, with her hands pressed against her firm buttocks beneath black running shorts.

“Now Maddie…” the man said. He straightened himself, swallowed, and inhaled deeply. “There is no need for that.” The man’s chair rolled a couple inches away. He looked at her delicate outstretched hand in front of him, his chest now starting to rise and fall a little faster.

“Maddie, I- there, was nothing I coul-.”

“Down!“ She said.

Maddie Pulled the chair out from under him and he fell onto the tile floor. His hands scampered frantically. He tried to escape but Maddie’s butt crushed the side of his head against the desk, she eased off. “You forgot… Face me, right now. Don’t make me tell everyone about your corruption.” She said.

He turned his head slowly, just in time to watch the young athlete pull her tight running shorts up and in-between her buttcheeks.

He stared at her firm pale glutes, and the moist fabric squeezed between them. The man shook his head. “I…” His voice cracked, he stumbled through his words pathetically, trying to give any explanation.

Maddie placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow. “Shut-up and smell my ass.”

“Maddie, no…” The man said as his feet slid against the tile floor, pressing his back against the desk harder.

“We had a deal Ray, for years, no other applications.” Maddie reached back and grabbed his hair. "I am stronger than I was three years ago. It's not too late to fix this.”

The counselor paused still refusing to smell. He closed his eyes and hit the back of his head against the desk.

“What?” Maddie Asked.

“His application was..." He looked down slightly, playing with his fingers. “Electronically submitted." He felt Maddie's hand quickly tighten in his hair, but abruptly relax, her fingers gently massaged his scalp.

“Don't. Move.” Maddie walked over to the door and peeked out on her toes. Her hands balled up into tight fists after she locked the door.

The counselor avoided eye contact and shifted uneasily with his back still to the desk. He heard a steady slosh accompany her as she walked back. Maddie returned to the same position, she lifted her tight green shirt to give a full view of her tight running shorts still pinched between her ass. She dangled her frothy protein mixer between her legs where he could see.

The counselor’s eyes widened his breathing increased again. He heard her begin to steadily drink. Ray looked up, his hands clung to Maddie's shirt. The fabric balled and stretched in his desperate grasp. “Maddie!" He swallowed. “There must be something else I can do!”

She snapped back and looked with as angry a face she could with such cute innocent features.


“Weren’t you supposed to be smelling ass.” She said, coldly holding back her rage as she finished off the foamy drink.

He looked up to Maddie, then back to her ass. He pushed his head back against the desk and sucked at the air, so Maddie could hear. He noticed a slight sour musk to it, and squeezed his eyes shut whimpering pathetically.

Maddie dangled the shaker by a finger, and studied his face, he no longer made eye contact. He seemed broken and It made her feel strong. She ran her fingers across her toned legs that dominated the position of the counselor. Her voice rose. “I should honestly beat you!”

Ray looked up helplessly, in fear he pressed his nose further into Maddie’s buttocks. His nostrils ripped and whistled against the crumpled running shorts between the athletes cheeks. His eyes opened wide and he made a short squeaking whine as he became overwhelmed with the smell of her ripe sour stench.

Maddie looked back with her eyebrows raised.

His nose sniffed the rancid sour smell from her ass again, it was stronger. His feet tapped franticly against the floor like he was having a tantrum, he looked up to Maddie with begging eyes and made a muffled squeal.

"Lay on your your stomach."

He watched her pull her running shorts out from her buttcheeks. She stepped away and put her protein shaker in her backpack, and returned with 3 long resistance bands.

Ray felt Maddie's knee press into his back and his legs tighten together as she wrapped and tied them off. Her soft hands moved to his arms which she began tied behind his back. He rested his head against the cold tile floor and flinched as Maddie tightened the knot.

"When I come back we'll have a nice hour long study session. Since you have no need for intelligence, you're going to helplessly smell my farts. Just the sound from my incessantly squealing asshole will drive you mad... I need to focus on studies. Losers need to focus on my farts."
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