Queen Canary - New clips4sale store!

Aug 11, 2018
We just posted a new video on our new clips4store Queen Canary! We have also recorded 7 more clips coming out soon!!

Pajama Short Shorts:
Queen Canary is wearing SUPER SMALL shorts in this vid, it made it impossible to turn for any air. She does a lot of full weight side-ways sitting in this. At one point she sat so hard my jaw felt like it was pushed back into my head, was super painful! I had no choice but to wait it out until she sat back up...

Camera Angle A:

Camera Angle B: (Camera Angle B HD will be up soon, had a problem with the upload)
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Aug 11, 2018
We just posted 2 new clips on our new clips4store Queen Canary! We have also recorded 5 more clips coming out soon!!

Human Couch HD (CAMERA A)
Queen Canary is using me as a whole couch in this clip! She lays backwards over me and hardly can be bothered to give me air!

Human Couch HD (CAMERA B)
***Please note the camera got bumped towards the end and its SUPER close ups, still a really good clip though! (lower price)

Trapped In Shorts HD (CAMERA A)
Queen Canary does LOTS of full weight sitting in this clip with her legs closed, it was pretty tough to make it through this, she gives me such little air between positions!

Trapped In Shorts HD (CAMERA B)
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Jul 29, 2009
Your clips show lots of promise however in many of the previews it looks like I can't see what is going on in the clip. In my opinion shooting one good camera angle with good positions so that we can see all the action is better than two camera angles where we can't see what is going on.
Aug 11, 2018
We got a few more clips in the works finally! New one just posted on our clipstore: Queen Canary https://clips4sale.com/131255

Underwear Gamer:
Queen Canary is trying out some new games using me as her seat! She gets really into her game and switches her position so rapidly every time, it was really challenging to make it through this one! Her bare legs/butt make it impossible to steal any air.

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Aug 11, 2018
One more clip just posted to our store Queen Canary.

Skin Tight No Escape HD
Queen Canary is trying out some new leggins on me and they hurt SO MUCH! Her weight makes this material feel like sand paper on my face, she did not care at all though as usual she was way too caught up in her games! She sits for long extended times with very little air given in-between. She will not get up to readjust until I squirm enough, so brutal!


Aug 11, 2018
We have made some more videos (our schedules are not very similar so its become more difficult to keep steady content, but we recorded a bunch!) I started to mix both camera angles into 1 video now, so all future content will be like that. Also Queen Canary has started using duct tape on my mouth! Makes it about 10x harder to make it through these videos. Such little recovery time.

We just added two new videos to the store here: (Also the preview clips time has been upped to 20 seconds now)

Bat Girl Strikes
Queen Canary has started using duct tape to cover my mouth! She never sits up for very long and trying to recover air only through my nose is not easy to make it. She doesn't seem to care about the added difficulty and sits without much care for me below. Lots of Queen Canary's beautiful bare legs in this vid. All sideways sitting.

Wonder Woman Strikes
Queen Canary is lounging around in her short super hero shorts and she really enjoys using the duct tape now, when I suggested the idea to her she immediately said "Sounds like fun!" She never lifts very far off my face also so its hard to know how much time I even have to get some air. Most of the time I only get half a breath in before she sits back down, and with her bare legs and butt its a perfect seal around my nose!


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Sep 26, 2002
I'd say have her tie your arms but if you become too still she might forget about you. You know how people are with their video games these days. :D
Thanks ys .
Aug 11, 2018
Yeah that is the plan eventually, slowly working into that lol. Were planning to get a smotherbox on etsy once we save up for one, sales have been VERY slow though, trying to get something more going with our store, she really enjoys dressing up for the vids. I want to, but I'm kind of worried about being in a smotherbox, she will sit really long sometimes lol! I tend not to struggle too much just to try and conserve my air and I will never push her off but these are defiantly hard to get through.
Aug 11, 2018
We got a few more clips listed on our site! We have many more coming, including some full fledged costumes from a video game Overwatch if anyone here is a gamer! (Queen Canary will be dressing up as D.va for some vids!)
I'm working on going over all our previous videos to re-upload everything to be both camera angles in one video (switching between) the last several videos are like that already, it seems alot better!

By far the most difficult video we have done sofar:
Maximum Endurance HD
Queen Canary decided that she would not give me ANY breaks in this video. She moves and adjusts only actually lifting up off me a couple times. I had to fight for any slight gasp of air I managed to steal from under her bare legs and full-weight, my neck was absolutely in pain after this one! She spends a lot of the video smiling into the camera, she is really enjoying dominating me! The only reason she ended the video was because the very last time she sat down, a piece of string/lint fell off her skirt right as she sat down and I was gasping for air and actually sucked that down my throat! I managed to fight my gag reflect for a moment but started uncontrollably coughing under her LOL... which finally got her to call it quits. She didn't warn me ahead of time either I had no clue she was going this hard!

Dress Smother 1 HD
Queen Canary using duct tape again! Most of our vids will use duct tape from now on, she knows it makes it harder and loves it! Lots of leg close ups in this vid

Full Weight Pajamas HD
Heavy full weight side-sitting in this video, Queen Canary is in super short shorts so all her weight seals her bare legs on me. She also duct taped my mouth so its impossible to steal any air from just my nose!

Bat Girl Strikes 2 HD
Queen Canary is in her bat girl outfit again! She doesn't sit with much weight in this video but the way she leans when she allows me air, she shifts her weight on my chest and my mouth is duct taped again so it was actually really hard to catch a breath like this. She also only lifted up a little so I never knew how long I had before she sat back down!

Dress Smother 2 HD
Lots of full weight side sitting in this vid, Queen Canary enjoys flattening my face again! Under so much weight I can't do more then just attempt to turn my head side to side, but you can't break free from her bare skin under that much weight... She kind of rides it out while I try and squirm, she doesn't care at all!
Aug 11, 2018
We just listed 5 new clips to our STORES! We opened a 2nd store at cliptress.com, check it out here! Also our other store on clips4sale here.

8 more clips incoming soon! We plan to keep going strong. Some of our newest clips on the way have a much better microphone and backdrop setup. We are trying to keep improving each clip!

Dva Overwatch D.va Bunny Smother HD
Queen Canary is dressed up as pajama D.va from Overwatch! (More Overwatch videos to come soon!) Lots of full weight sitting in this one, Dva just kind of rides me as I try and turn to catch any air I can but under her skin its impossible to turn, but I still try! She smashes buttons on her controller totally ignoring me.

Full Weight Nighty HD
Queen Canary was so caught up in her video games it was actually really hard to make it through this one, she sits for such long extended times and only allows me 1-2 gasps through my nose because my mouths duct taped again! At one point she sets her controller down in frustration at her game and she just ignores me struggling below! Towards the end she only rocks forward to each breath not even allowing me 1 gasp...

Trapped In Thighs HD
Queen Canary is trying to make progress in her video game and can't be bothered to give me too much air, only when she thinks I deserve it! Mostly side saddle butt cheek and thigh smothering in this one.

Stay Down HD
Queen Canary is forceful in this vid! When I try and fight for air she readjusts quickly and holds my head down. With my mouth duct taped again air is hard to come by! Lots of side saddle butt cheek smothering in this one.

Max Endure 2 HD
***Sorry no audio in this clip from a recording issue, still amazing footage!
This clip was actually recorded before “Maximum Endurance” but due to a recording mess-up there was no audio. Make sure to check out that other video because she went EXTRA hard on me because of this! However this video she still goes really hard, its an extended vid around 17 minutes. She is so into her game she does not get off me hardly at all, the times she does allow me air its 1-2 gasps max!
Aug 11, 2018
Two more clips just posted at our store https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/131255/queen-canary

Tied Suffering HD
Our first time using rope to tie me up! I suggested the idea to Queen Canary and she said “sounds like fun!” It was NOT fun for me! She barely got up off me and I couldn't do a thing about it. She sits so heavy and full-weight a few times I really started to panic. You can see her shrugging my attempts to squirm off and she keeps pushing me back down!

Stop Squirming HD
Queen Canary is doing more full weight sitting on me in this one, very hard to get air especially with duct tape over my mouth! Lots of sideways sitting and nice close up shots.
Aug 11, 2018
Queen Canary got a SmotherBox! Tons more clips to come, our first use with it here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/131255/queen-canary

First Smother Box HD
Our first time trying out a smother-box! Makes a dangerous combo with the way Queen Canary mostly ignores me while sitting on me. She took it pretty easy on me in this first run though. She says it is A LOT more comfortable for her, so many more with this smother box to come!