Queen Samantha

Oct 26, 2016

Queen Samantha

Part 1

“Hurry the fuck up old spic ! hahahahah! I only spent 5 thousand at the mall . It shouldn’t be too many bags to carry !”
The petite sexy 22 year old socialite yelled to her 75 year old servant .
The contrast was amazing the hot young rich girl , holding just a Gucci purse , while her poor old servant struggled to carry her boss , Samantha’s twenty or thirty bags , in from the limo to the luxurious beach house .
Samantha’s Saturday shopping sprees were a site to behold . She would strut through the most expensive stores and buy anything that caught her eye while her old servant struggled to keep up .
Today Samantha wore her reddish brown hair straight and she wore tight black yoga pants and a white tank top . Her body was skinny but perfect. Perky tits and ass and a sexy stomach , excentuated by a 10,000 diamond studded belly button piercing .
She had fair skin some freckles on her cute but arrogant face , and perfect blue green eyes .
Samantha let the door slam behind her , as she walked in the door making her poor old servants task even harder .
“ oh my God ew , who are you?!” Sam said to a young black girl on her knees wearing a maid outfit .
“ I’m your new maid , I was told to wait here for your arrival “ the girl said .
The girl looked to be about the same age Samantha .
“ but like ewww! I mean I know maids are not usually the prettiest girls…..” Sam paused and looked at her new serving girl in disgust …. “ Sometimes black girls can be so ugly hahahha. Like you literally look like an ape hahaha” samantha stared arrogantly at the embarrassed girl.
The serving girl looked up and began to tear up .
“ awwww , I made the ugly ape sad . You are fat too with and ugly face , and your skin is darker than midnight . Like ew your just fucking grosss! “
Just then the old servant stumbles in carry dozens of bags .
“ chop , chop abuela I want to try on my new bikini before my man gets here . “
“ should I call you ape or nigger which one is more offensive hahah” Samantha turned her attention back to her new serving girl .
The poor girl had no idea how to respond . She just looked blankly at her hot arrogant boss .
“ just kidding I’ll call you whatever I want hahah.” Samantha looked at the girl took three elegant strides towards her and spit a huge wad of spit right in her face .
“ your name is is officially Ape now . But I reserve the right to call you whatever I want . So be ready to respond appropriately to whatever name I call you …. Here are your rules you do whatever I say no matter what ! If you don’t follow them you are fired !” Samantha had her perfectly manicured fingers around each hip staring down at Ape.
“ understood ….” ape paused nervously not sure how to refer to her new boss .
“ you call me queen or your majesty !” Samantha said arrogantly .
Apes situation was so dire , her family was now relying on her and her alone to support them . Her mother and father lost their jobs , there unemployment had run out . Not to mention her brother and sister . Four family members all relying on her paycheck to eat and keep a roof over their head .
Samantha knew nothing about this struggle. Born with a silver spoon she had a large trust fund , almost endless money to spend . She had never worked a day in her life . Besides the occasional photo shoot but she didn’t consider that work .
She was fully aware of Apes situation and planned to use it to her full advantage .

Come come to my bedroom Ape , I’m going to show you how much hotter I am than you !” Samantha smiled and shook her ass in the spit soaked face of her servant on her knees .
Samantha was turned and looked at the poor girl as she tried to stand up .
“ remain on your knees until instructed otherwise !”
The young maid crawled behind her dead sexy boss as she shook her ass ever so perfectly and stepped into her room .
“ you see loser ….” Samantha paused and posed in front of the mirror .
“ this is what a hot girl looks like , when I drive through the slums to collect my rent . I see every fucking black girl is so ugly . I’m sure you’ve probably never seen a real hot girl in person , hahahah! And a lot of the slum monkeys are fat …. I don’t get how you can be poor and fat at the same time . But I’ve never understood ugly and poor people … so I don’t even try I just laugh at them hahah. “
Ape was shocked how can someone be so mean . She was arrogant, pretentious , racist but she couldn’t deny the sheer sexiness of this girl . She would kill for just one of her features .
Samantha turned to the elderly Spanish woman arranging her newly purchased clothes .
“ Pull our the black and gold bikini , Abuela !” Samantha yelled impatiently .
“ Ape this is Abuela or old spic , she will be your best friend , she’s like 80 or 100 years old I don’t know , and she been serving me all my life . She has so many sad stories of what I did to her and her family …. it’s sooo sad hahahah! But still she remains loyal to her betters and serves me faithfully . You and her will be responsible for serving me hand and foot. I don’t lift a finger to do anything I do t want to . My life is full of fun, relaxation and luxury . Because I’m rich and hot and that what I deserve . Your life will be miserable and humiliating . But I’ve given you a greater purpose that a fat ugly ape
From the slums would never have if it wasn’t for my generosity !”
Samantha snapped her fingers as Abuela pulled out the black and gold bikini.
“ Undress me Ape , but do it slow ! I want you to admire every inch of my perfection and compare to your flabby disgusting body …. you look like a bag filled with mashed potatoes, you fucking fat ape hahahah!”
The insults brought tears to Apes eyes which made sexy Samantha smile devilishly .
Samantha looked
Down on Ape as she removed her shoes , her yoga pants and her tank top . She looked divine naked .
“ my God I’m so fucking hot !” A look entered Samantha’s eyes the tone of her voice changed .
She seemed to go from overly arrogant to absolutely evil .
As she shouted at Abuela to bring her the shock collar and remote .
Abuela began to shake in fear , as she crawled out of the room .
“ Put this fucking bikini on me now , Ape !” Samantha yelled in a tone that told her to hurry up .
“ so fucking hot ! I love being me ! “ Samatha said to herself in the mirror as Ape slipped on her bikini.
Abuela crawled in to the bedroom trembling. Even harder than before . She held up a remote to her boss . As she held a collar in the other hand .
“ Put it on your Queen , Abuela ! “
The woman violently shaking took forever to get the collar on because she just couldn’t keep her hands steady .
“ you see Ape ….now I’m going to show you how I punish my servants ! This is a shock collar for dogs , but I would never use this on a dog that would be mean . I’m now going to shock Abuela according to how many mistakes she made today so far .” Samantha smiled a wide evil smile at the old woman on her knees.
“ I’m going to turn it all the way up to the highest voltage hahahaha! “
Abuela finally clipped the collar . She looked up at her twenty two year old tormentor , her perfect body standing superior and evil grin on her face . Poor Abuela has been here too many times before . The Queen was so strict and so cruel.
“ Here we go Abuela . 1st shock was for looking sweaty and gross in the presence of high class people ! No matter how many bags you carry I don’t want to watch your ugly face sweat . The smell is like a garbage can in a Spanish slum !!! And that stench could get on my clothes ! That’s not acceptable !”
Samantha pressed the button on the remote and her poor old servant screamed in pain and shook violently . Samantha showed no mercy as she held the button for almost thirty seconds as Abuela suffered .
Finally she stopped and smiled a spit and drool dropped out of the woman’s mouth .
“ Back on your knees Abuela !”
Ape looked on as her coworker was being physically tortured at the hands of this evil rich girl .
“ please stop !!!” Yelled Ape desperately . “ She could die.”
“ I know isn’t it amazing how much power I have over her hahah…. oh well not for you I guess . That’ll be you soon enough hahahaha!”
Ape couldn’t believe her eyes she had to get out she had to quit but something not only did she desperately need the money to save her family , she also was begging to become infatuated with this young girl. Her hotness was like nothing she’s seen and her arrogance made Ape want to drop her knees and worship her .
A power Samantha has over many , she has learned to use it to satisfy her whims. Hurting people made her feel good, physical and emotional pain of other made her horny . The sex that her and her man had was amazing . The worse she treated those she saw beneath her the better it felt .
Just then the door opened and footsteps became closer .
“ both of you press your heads against the ground ! Neither of you are good enough to look a my man .!”
“ Hi baby!” Sam thank said in such a cute voice .
How could a woman be so evil and then so lovable moments later . She jumped to her man and kissed him . As he clutched her perfect ass . His huge dick became rock hard as she laughed sexily .
“ Nigger do you have a man ? “ Samantha turned her attention to Ape as she seductively pulled her mans shirt off then his shorts down .
“ Yes your magesty .” Ape answered confused on why this superior woman cared about her personal life .
“ I’m assuming he’s an ugly nigger like you hahahah!”
“ yes your magesty .” Ape answers humbly.
“ how can a person get a boner with just your ugly ass my God !” “ when you are hot like me you have great sex , my mans dick stands at attention the second he lays eyes on me . You have no clue what that’s like haha”
Sam that turned around and started rubbing her perfect ass on her mans fully erect dick . Samantha squats down and slowly licks her mans entire shaft .
“ Now Ape I’m gunna give my mans dick the cum kiss , I want you to bow your head underneath his dick so he can come all in your nappy hair hahahahah!”
Ape crawled to her mark . Samantha gave a French kiss to the tip of her mans dick and a giant load of cum exploded all over Apes hair .”

Okay baby I’ll see you later when I’m done playing with my servants .
Her man walked out of the room , Samantha was laughing at the state of her to servants .
“ So ! Fucking ! Pathetic ! You two losers hahahah .”
“ Ape call your boyfriend , tell him to come here immediately !” Samantha yelled , she was back to being evil . Ape could tell by the change in her voice .
Although the request was strange , Ape knew she was in no place to argue . And summoned her boyfriend to Samantha’s house immediately .
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