Question about membership??

Jul 10, 2009
Hi all,

This is Cage from Switzerland.
I need a small help from you guys.
I haven't been a member of any fetish site till date.
But I am planning to take the membership of
The site looks quite promising.
But I have few doubts and I will be grateful if you guys can clear them.

Do I get access to all the videos shown on the catalogue page of these sites after I become a member.
Or there is some restriction on the count.
I saw on that there is a separate section of PPV streming and DVDs.
Are these sections accessible after joining the site or I need to separately pay for those.

These might be very silly questions, but please bear with me; as I am totally unaware of this membership stuff.

May 11, 2004
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Hi Cage - just to let you know, the ppv streaming and dvd section of the site are separate from the members' lounge although some of the material from the ppv and dvd sections is also in the members' lounge. The members' lounge, since February of this year is updated at three ten minute clips per week plus about 120 to 150 pics per week. Prior to February we updated at six five minute clips per week plus pics. So, in total we upload 30 mins of video per week, plus pics. The archive section on the site goes back to July 2007.

Hope this info. helps. Also, I would recommend John's site John is the owner of this board and his site is well worth checking out.

Thanks for posting and bon chance.