Question: Have you had difficulty reconciling your fetish and your religion?

Jun 9, 2008
Midlands, UK.
You make a number of well observed points, Mistress_B.

Everyone out there in this world is judgemental to a certain degree. No matter what religion there in, or the beliefs they have. Whether it's concerning a peice of clothing someone is wearing, or the 'attitude' someone is expressing (What's her problem? For example) any small issue can and will be judged by someone out there.
We make judgements all the time. None of us can help forming opinions of other people and situations we feel strongly about, in particular.
Problems occur when we become judgmental. This is often when prejudice and bias creep in. There is a fine line between making judgements and being judgmental.

I laughed when I read this...
Be repectful to others, including the 'Jesus Freaks' as they may be the ones to wipe your ass one day
True. And as Pincushion says 'It is the religious organisations who have historically given the most charity’ and I would add, and are disposed to instinctive acts of kindness and generosity that could involve wiping your ass one day!

I'm a Bi-Sexual Mistress
Who says ‘Blondes have more fun’?

Thank you for your contribution.

Miss Belladonnah.