Question regarding age of women and smell of their feet

Nov 13, 2009
To make a long story short, i've met a woman from an online dating website, and it occured that the woman liked have her feet played with, big time, we only did that for hours, she's older than I, but really don't look that old, she's near 50, but looks like an early-mid 30 woman. Anyway, to tell, her feet weren't smelly, even if she didn't washed her feet that day, and according to her, had worn the same socks for 4 days straight, i'm wondering if it's something that is due to her age or not, does any others here have smelled feet of women around 50, and noticed that they didn't had smelly feet at all. I will see her again, she's a real beauty, out of my league, and her feet are absolutly amazing, and the fact that she's into this is the icing on the top.


Aug 7, 2002
Speaking from many years of experience I don't think age has anything to do with footscent/smell/aroma.

I have to say that many mature Ladies have beautiful well cared for feet & they, almost without exception enjoy a foot massage. On the other hand there are many Ladies in the 18+ age range that have quite uncared for feet (yellow/flacky soles) that people rave over just because they are classed as "babes".

One of the best tramplers with beaustiful feet that I know is in her early 60's & is not a looker at all, but she appreciates a foot massage, will trample me, use my face (& other parts) as a footrest for hours & if in the right mood ther best FJ ever.

If you want my advice nuture the friendship - there are nowhere near enought Ladies like this around.