R.I.P. - Any favorite memories or clip suggestions?

Mar 6, 2017
Not only am I new to this site... I arrived late to the femdom party as well, having only become a femdom convert in the last year.

So, it was a hugely sorrowful discovery to find out that right as I discovered the wonderful world of dominant female kink - that an apparent icon in the scene had already died not long before. In this case - I'm talking about Coral Korrupt! What a bad ass she was! Not knowing much about anything - I can only get the sense after the fact that she was one of the "big bads" in the scene. I found a moving article by Michelle Lacy that made me want to reach out and contact her for a session just to tell her how sorry I felt that she lost her friend the way she did. I expect about the last thing a woman like her wants is sympathy from a subby bitch fan, but still - my heart went out to her. Fuck..... so sad.

And then, not long ago - I just became aware that Alexis Grace passed away at the end of last summer I believe. Another powerful woman who I sensed was at the top of her game and well regarded in the scene. She was one of the ladies I binged heavily on when I first joined ClubDom and FemdomEmpire. So sexy and dominant... what a loss.

And just this past week, I found something that I'm still not COMPLETELY sure about - but which seems legit - that Amadahy also just died, like last month. I haven't seen any articles about this except for one place, but it seems legit. If so, then I'm sorry if that saddens anyone who is an admirer and did NOT know... She was so vibrant and lively in everything I saw her in.

So... partly just announcing the fact that I'm saddened by finding all of this out. And also wondering if anyone here actually met any of these women and would care to share any of those experiences. If not, any particularly memorable stories or clips you'd care to share?

BTW: besides the selfish thoughts like "oh no, I love jerking off to their videos, and now they're gone" I really wish peace for those that knew, loved and lost these ladies. All three, seemingly powerhouses in this scene - but besides that, human beings that I hope had people that loved them dearly and will remember their lives for better reasons than any of us..


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Mar 26, 2018
As a Woman, I was bummed that Amadahy passed. As you boys get to know me, you'll find that I'm very anti-'fake domme'. I don't like actors or models pretending to be into FemDom - it's insulting to me and to you.

My husband showed her to me when we started dating because I apparently have a remarkable resemblance to her. I could tell Amadahy was genuinely into Female Domination. She seemed to be having a blast. It's a huge blow when we truly dominant Women lose a sister-in-arms like that. Not many genuine Dommes out there these days...
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Aug 10, 2018
I came across this thread because I wanted to know why we didn't hear about Princess Amadahy anymore, and I'm sad to learn here that she passed away. She was a nice domme. What about Brat Princess Christina ? And Brat Princess Isabella ? Don't they work no more for the Brat Princess productions ? Where can we buy some recent clips involving thse 2 lovely dommes ? I hope some of you members can give me valuable answers to these questions. Thank you for your support.
Nov 1, 2018
Wow, I never knew Alexis Grace was dead. That hurts. She's done some of my favorite strap-on scenes and had such a womanly physique. What a queen she was.:(