Rachael interactive story

Apr 4, 2009
In the same site i found the diva story i found one of our greatest story in our fourms turn into a interactive story. Here is the site and story.

I was living in the dorm of ISU. On my floor the stairway opened up onto a lounge with 3 rooms off either side of the lounge. This floor was coed so 1 side was women and one side was men. I made friends with 3 of the girls that lived across the way. Jen and Val were both very cute petite blonde girls. Always bubbly and cheerful. Rachel was a brunnete, about 5’7” and weighed maybe 110 lbs. Jen and Val both weighed less than a hundred. I had used the back walking trick as much as I could over the semester. They were very used to me asking them to walk on my back to “crack” it. They never knew how much I really enjoyed it and that I wished they would walk on the front too, or so I thought. I usually got the best back walking after they had been out drinking at the parties. Jen and Val usually wore their shoes so as to increase the “pressure points” and therefore the therapeutic value, at least that’s what I told them. They would wobble and step all over my back and a couple of times they even stepped on my head accidentally. Rachel and I would trade favors, she would walk on my back and I would rub her feet. Of course they both seemed like my favors J. Anyway Jen and Val came home one Friday night towards the end of the semester, tipsy as hell. They came over to my room to hang out for awhile. It wasn’t long before I complained about my back hurting and they of course offered to help. Jen had on a black shirt and jeans. On her feet were ankle high black leather boots with a lug platform sole and big chunky heels. Val had on a brown skirt and white shirt. Her legs were covered with brown tights, and on her feet were black high heeled loafers. The heel was about 3 inches high and about an inch around. I laid down between the futon and the entertainment center as usual, Jen grabbed the E.C. for balance and climbed on. She started walking around bouncing a little bit to crack my back. After about 5 minutes she looked down and said. It’s not cracking” I told her it was really tight so it might take awhile. “What if we both walked on you at the same time” Val chimed in. I couldn’t answer for a second because I thought maybe I was dreaming, then I told her might help. So then Val joined Jen on my back. Jen was walking in place on my shoulder area while Val was on the small of my back. I heard Jen laugh at a joke Val had told and she swayed she stumbled forward. The edge of her sole caught my nose and lips sideways as her shoe came down. She stood on the side of my nose and lips for a second then drew back quick. “Sorry” she said. I told her I was so relaxed I barely felt it. They went back to it. About 5 minutes after that Jen said “break time” and her and Val just plopped onto the futon with their feet still on my back. I asked if they were done. “Is your back better?” Val asked. Not really I told them. Jen said “We’ll do some more in a little bit I’m tired”. I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know whether to get up and wait or just stay down here and wait. Guess what I did? I stayed there and started watching TV with them. “Doesn’t it hurt with both of us on you in shoes.” Val asked. I told them it was like the best masseuse in town. I decided to add I only wish I could get a massage like that on my whole body, my chest is sooo sore. “Turn over and we’ll do the other side if it doesn’t hurt.” I wanted to pinch myself, as I turned over, to see if this was real. Jen stood up with her feet across my chest and turned to face me. Val sunk into my stomach as she turned to face Jens back. “That doesn’t hurt” Jen asked with a question in her eyes. I barely feel you there I told her. They started walking around a little bit. Jen kind of marching in place on my chest and Val slowly lifting one foot as the other sinks into my gut then repeating. Jen turned around to face Val and continued marching. After a few minutes they got more comfortable and started to walk on my legs and arms. I half closed my eyes to give the impression that I was relaxed. Jen was on my chest going from my right shoulder to my left and Val was going from my left leg to my right leg when Val’s sole landed right on my Hard member. She stood on it full weight as she walked across my groin area. My eyes snapped open. I was afraid that my little ruse was up. She continued down my right leg as if nothing happened. Jen stood on my chest, after finishing my arm, facing Val. Val made her way up my leg and stopped on my gut again. Her left heel was directly on the head of my member. She stayed there as she told a joke. Slowly sinking in and unconsciously shifting her weight around. I thought it was going to pop from the pressure. Just then Jen laughed at the punchline and stepped back, her heel landed in the middle of my forehead and her sole smashed into my nose and lips. I felt her wobble for a second then her other foot swung back. My face became distorted under her lug soles as her full weight was transferred to my face. She wobbled there for what seemed like forever then my head turned to the right and her boot slid off my face as she fell. “Oh my god” Val screamed as she stepped forward instinctively to try and catch Jen. Luckily she stepped forward with the heel that was torturing me. That foot landed in the middle of my chest the next landed right beside my head as she went to Jen. I laid there in heaven for awhile as Val made sure that Jen was OK. “And I was worried about hurting you!” Jen said laughing. Apparantly they had no idea where they had just tread. I told them that so far it was the best massage ever. “Your not done yet?” asked Val. I said I could do it forever. They just laughed and sat down on the futon plopping their feet up on my chest and stomach. Val on my chest and Jen on my stomach. They stayed that way for like 10 minutes when I heard a little snore. I lifted my head and saw them sleeping over the edge of the futon. As I laid my head down Rachel walked in. She was wearing a black shirt and a black miniskirt with black nylons on. She had on knee high black leather boots with a thick wedge style sole. Like 3 inches thick at the toe and 4 or more at the heel. She just stood there for a minute taking in the situation. I smiled up at her and asked her what was up.”Been out partying. What is going on here?” I tried to fumble through an explanation. She just shrugged her shoulders a little half way through my explanation and went over and sat down on the end of the futon. Her feet landed squarely in my groin. My member had gone soft after Jens fall. So she didn’t feel my shaft under her soles. “Mind if I watch some TV?” I told her no. I just lay there for a minute wondering how this dream came true. Val shifted in her sleep and moved her foot her loafer sole landed on my mouth with her heel digging into my chin. That made my manhood stir and wake up. Rachel crossed her legs with one foot right on my hardening member. It got big fast and Rachel rolled it back and forth twice then she leaned forward and looked down at me. She had a puzzled look on her face. I couldn’t say anything with Vals sole smashing my mouth. I just looked at her with pleading in my eyes. She stared for a second then got a grin on her face. She uncrossed her legs and pulled her feet apart and looked at my obviously swollen crotch with the wet spot on my pants. She stood straddling my waist and grinned down at me. She Lifted one foot and put it right on my cock. I just lay there helpless looking up at her. She lifted her other foot and put it down next to the one on my dick. She started to slowly walk in place, one boot sole would crush my cock as she stepped then it would be released as she stepped right next to it. She just grinned down at me as she slowly smashed my cock. It was so hard that it only felt good. When I was close to losing it. Jen groggily woke up and mumbled something, bringing me back to reality. Rachel stopped with her boot on my member and the other one hovering. “What’s that hon” Rachel asked Jen. She said something I couldn’t hear and Rachel said “Just wake up Val and go on home.” I froze, my eyes widened, I didn’t want to be caught like this. Rachel started walking again as Jen leaned over and woke up Val. Val sat forward putting more pressure on her shoe sole. Her eyes weren’t even open as she tried to stand up. She stood with one foot smashing my lips and one on my chest. She yawned and stretched upward twisting on my face. Then she stepped off toward the door. Jen stood up then right on my stomach. Rachel was still walking in place on my groin. Jen looked down at me and stared with this vacant half asleep look on her face. She stepped up on my chest and was looking right in my eye as her other boot swung forward onto my face. Her heel crushed into my lips and the sole covered up my left eye and fore head. As all her weight swung forward as she was walking her eyes started looking for the next place to step and I realized that she didn’t even see me there. I was just another part of the floor. Her other foot came crashing down on my face as she groggily realized she was on a step or something and had to change her stride for the change. Just then I shot my load. I was still shooting as Jen stepped off my face and continued out the door. Rachel stared down at me bucking under her boots. When I had finished my spasms. She stepped forward to my chest. I was speechless. She wiped her feet slowly on my chest. “I hope you had a good night.” She said as she stared at me. She walked forward and stepped in the middle of my face as she strode out the door.

I was watching TV the next morning on my folded out futon. Jen came over and sat down on the futon groggily. “Do you have an aspirin.” I got up and got her one. She was wearing her sweats and a T-shirt and socks; her hair was still messed up from sleeping. “Man I got wasted last night.” She said. “I don’t even remember coming home or anything after we left the party.” I lay back down behind Jen and she leaned back on me. Val came over a little later and helped herself to some aspirin and sat down next to Jen. They always came over and chilled because they weren’t roommates and I had a good TV so they would come over and sit down if the futon was up or like now when it was down they would sit down and lean on me. Anyway Val was saying the same thing that Jen said, about how messed up they were and that they didn’t remember anything. Rachel came in already dressed for the day, wearing Capri jeans and a T-shirt. She had some real thick platform flip-flops on, like 5-inch thick soles. Jen was sitting leaning on my chest and stomach while Val was leaning on my thighs. Rachel came over and sat down right in front of me. She didn’t say anything to me she just started chatting with Jen and Val. They told her about their evening and when they got to where they left the party Jen said, “I guess we just came back here and crashed.” Rachel looked back at me and our eyes locked. I tried to say don’t say anything as best I could with my eyes. She smiled. “What are you 2 grinning at?” Val asked. “Oh nothing, Right?” I laughed and agreed with her. They kept talking for a half hour or so. Then Val and Jen got up to go take a shower leaving me alone with Rachel. She looked at me. I stammered through an apology for last night and tried to explain it. “It’s OK.” She said. “You know when I first felt that you were excited, it kind of shocked me. I always had a suspicion that you had a foot thing. What really surprised me was that when I watched Jen step on your face and you came, I got really wet. When I stepped on your face on the way out I almost lost it myself. I had this huge rush of power as I felt your face get smashed under my boot. I went to my room and 5 minutes later had a great orgasm.” She finished as she wiggled her fingers. I was speechless. “Did you really enjoy being stepped on like that?” she looked at me expectantly. I just told her everything about when I was a kid all the way till now I’ve always wanted women’s feet. I told her how I wanted to lick them and smell them and their shoes. Most of all though I’ve always wanted to be walked on as if I wasn’t even there. Another piece of the floor as I was last night for a brief wonderful moment. I finished by telling her it was the best experience of my life so far. She sat there quietly looking at me. I didn’t rush her I figured she had to digest it. “If you’ll let me I’d like to help you make more of your fantasies come true.” She said as she gave me this huge grin. What else could I say but hell yes. “You know how messy my room is with all the clothes piled on the floor, right?” she asked. OK I wonder where this is going? I thought as I said yes. “We could clear a spot and you could lay down and I’ll bury you under all my clothes and shoes and stuff. Everyone that comes in here just walks over the mound of clothes anyway. They’d never know you were there.” She finished. We started planning. Later that day a bunch of Jen and Val and Rachel’s friends were coming over to meet and get ready to go out that night. Rachel’s room was laid out like the letter L. You walk in and it is a hallway with the 2 beds off to the right. She had a mirror on the back of her front door and they would use the pile of clothes to stand on to get a better view in the mirror. Plus they were always walking back and forth over the pile of clothes and shoes to come and go. I was worried about being discovered or a girl putting my eye out with her heel. Rachel assured me that she would fix the lighting so they wouldn’t see me, and that none of their friends wore thin heels, and on the off chance that they did she would tell them to take them off so they wouldn’t rip her clothes. We started early when her roommate wasn’t home. Around 3 I was buried in a mound of clothing and shoes and bags, etc. She unscrewed the light in the short hall then put a desk lamp just about a foot or 2 above my head with the light pointing up. If they tried to look down instead of in the mirror all they would see is the light. I was covered except for my face. Rachel walked across me a couple of times to test it out. Her flip-flop landed squarely on my face on the second pass. She just walked on across the pile. “Did I even step on you?” she asked. I told her she had landed right on my face the second time. “I really couldn’t tell any difference.” She said. “I’m going to go to the store so get comfortable. You got a long night coming up.” She said as she walked out, missing me. I lay there thinking about what was coming up later that night.
Apr 4, 2009
Suddenly the door opened and in walked Rachel’s roommate and a friend. Rachel didn’t get along with her roommate so I never talked to her. I knew she was a sorority chick, but that was it. She was wearing a coat and jeans I didn’t see her shoes until one landed on my face. The 1-inch around heel landed right on my hairline as the sole hit my nose and lips. It was a smooth plastic sole with little ridges on the bottom for traction. Her shoes looked like the heeled loafers that are so popular. And they were all wet with slush and snow. I watched her swing her other foot past my head and felt her weight shift from the heel to the toe. As she strode off my face her shoe slipped a little on my lips. My top lip was scrunched up as her sole ridges caught my nose and stopped the slide. Her sole finished lifting off my now exposed teeth filling my mouth with snow melt. She stopped on my stomach and wiped her feet. “Are those your clothes, Ashley?” her friend asked. “No. They are my messy roommates. I’m always trying to get her to clean it up, but she never does; stupid bitch.” She stomped down on my stomach and twisted both feet. “So maybe if I track dirt on them she will clean them up. Anyway I’m going to change into my boots for the snow. Please feel free to wipe your feet.” Her friend laughed and said, ”Sure, I’d love to.” She also had on a coat and jeans. I saw her shoes as she got on the pile her soles were resting on my fore head with her heel on the box right above my head. They were big lug soled boots that had an inch platform toe part and a 4-inch heel. She started wiping her feet on my fore head dragging my eyes open each stroke. They started chatting as the friend stopped wiping and just stood there. Her soles grinding into my forehead. I tried to concentrate on just being still and quiet. The friend started tipping her feet to the side putting all her weight on the edge of her soles, then she would slam them back flat on my forehead. Ashley got up after putting on some boots like her friends. She got up on my groin and asked her friend if they looked cute. She twisted and turned and tipped them on their toes and even leaned back on the heels then slamming them forward right into my erection. I felt it all the way through the clothes. “Let’s go,” said Ashley. Her friend spun on my forehead ripping my skin by the feel of it. She stepped off and Ashley followed, her boot heel came down on my mouth splitting my lips then the sole smashed into my already ruined forehead. I gazed up helplessly as I watched her other foot swing forward. Feeling her weight shift from my mouth to my forehead. She gave a little twist as her boot left my face. I laid there stunned and waited for Rachel to come back from the store

The door opened again and Rachel walked in. “Brrr, Its cold out there, and it started snowing.” I told her I knew and about her roommate coming home and what happened. She looked mad at what her roommate had said about her, then she looked down at me. “How did you like it?” I was in the middle of telling her how much fun it was when she suddenly stepped up on my face. She still had on those thick-soled flip-flops. They had a zigzag pattern cut into the bottoms, which were wet with snow now. She slowly dragged one shoe sole then the other across my face with a lot of force. It felt like she didn’t take any weight off each foot as she wiped. I moaned and she went over to her bed and sat down. “I can’t believe how horny that makes me Jake. It feels so good to feel your face smushing under my shoes.” She just looked at me for a minute then stood up and came over and started unburying me. I wanted to know what she was doing. I was looking forward to tonight and didn’t want to move. She replied “Shut up, I want to do something first.” I watched her go over to her closet and start going through it. She came away from the closet with a pair of shoes. They looked like ballerina shoes sort of. They had these little bows on the toes and they had this real thin plastic sole, and were all black. She kicked off her flip flops and her jeans. She walked over and stood on my chest. She put one shoe on and then the other one balancing on my chest. She looked down at me and put one foot over my right eye with the heel on my lips. I felt her weight shifting as she lifted her other foot and put it over my left eye and lips. She stood there for a second sinking in. She started slowly grinding her feet back and forth a little bit. I could feel the sole of her shoe pressing on my eyeball through my eyelids, while my lips were being smushed against my lips. She stepped back and looked down at me. When my vision cleared she was just looking at me smiling a little bit. “Stick out your tongue” she said suddenly. I did it before even thinking about it and she lifted her foot and began to wipe her shoe soles across my tongue. I saw her stick her hand down her panties and start playing with herself. She turned around and stepped on my cock with her foot. Her heel was on my haed and her toes just reached the end of the shaft. She started to stand full weight on it. Untill her other foot was in the air. She was still diddling herself and I could feel her trying to keep her balance on my cock. I was in heaven. She swung her other foot and twisted 180 degrees on my dick. It slipped out from under her shoe halfway. She then walked up to my chest. She put one foot right in the middle of my face and started to put all her weight on it. She was balancing on my nose bone it felt like. My whole face was distorted as she shifted and twisted around as she got more and more excited. She stepped back to my chest. Then put one foot across my forehead and the other across my mouth. She looked right inmy eyes as she started to twist and grind. Her legs were shaking and her eyes kept half closing. I could tell she was getting close because she reached out to the wall with her other hand, she started to go on her tip toe. She was on tiptoe and twisting back and forth, each foot twisting 180 degrees or more. My features were twisted back and forth. I would see her one foot twist from my fore head and swing over so her toes were over my eyes closing them. Then she would twist back opening the one eye as her heel swung around in the air over my other eye. Her other foot would twist towards my chin and her toes would curl under a little as she went over my chin, the ball of her foot would be crammed into my nostrils where her foot was bent. Then she would twist the other way and her toes would run into the side of my nose and squish it under as she continued to twist. I was afraid she might be doing permanent damage, but I was as hard as I could be. She finally started to crest and stoped twisting. She looked down at my face as my eyes peeked from between her shoes. “That was fantastic!!!!” she said. She walked off my face and stepped on my chest then my stomach. Then she got off and started to rebury me. “You still want to go through with this right?” ABSOLUTELY I told her. “They will be here in a couple of hours so I’m going to take a nap.” She went over to bed and laid down. I started to drift off myself and dreamed off shoe soles smashing my face

I was awoken by a key going into the lock of the door. It was to dark to see who it was until I heard Ashley’s voice “I think she’s asleep. Shh” She motioned to her friend. She crept forward and stepped with her heel on the box above my head and her sole smashed my nose flat. Ashley was still wearing some thick, lug-soled boots with a big 2inch high heel that was 3 inches around or so. I felt my face trying to fit into the tread of her boot. She suddenly stopped with all her weight on the boot on my face. I barely heard Rachel say something through the pain. I was looking straight up Ashley’s leg. I could see her boot disappear up into her jeans. I saw her hand splayed out at her side trying to stay still and quiet, with her head turned toward Rachel’s bed. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my face being smashed. I could feel one of those clover shaped things in the lug pattern pushing into the tip of my nose. My nostrils were crammed into the space between her tread pattern. Finally she continued to her bed and walked across me hitting my chest and crotch before she was off me. “Do you know Amy, Rachel?” Ashley asked as she gestured to her friend that was with her before. “Hi Rachel, nice to meet you” Amy said as she came forward she missed my face as she ended up standing on my solar plexus. Ashley ruffled through her things as Amy and Rachel chatted. Amy was standing there and tipping her feet on the side putting all her weight on the edge of sole, then slamming them flat into my chest. Ashley found what she was looking for and told Amy she was ready to leave. Amy turned and stepped forward her heel landing on the clothes over my throat and the sole landing on my mouth. Her heel sunk in closing off my breathing and pulling my mouth open as it sunk further. Her sole was directly over my now open mouth. I took the chance and licked the sole of her boot. It tasted salty from the street snow. She just kept her stride eventually her sole bent at the ball of her foot and my mouth was filled with part of her sole. It ground against the roof of my mouth and pushed my tongue into the back of my throat. She finally lifted from my mouth and stepped toward the door. Ashley walked across me hitting my left knee then my lower stomach then my chest then she was out the door. ”How is my rug?” Rachel asked as she stretched in her bed. I tried to thank her for giving me the best days of my life. “Wait until after tonight before you thank me.” She replied. “I’m going to hop in the shower.” Ashley grabbed her towel and put on these real old thin flip-flops. “These stop me from getting athletes foot in the communal shower. I hope you don’t get athletes face.” She giggled. She walked toward the door stopping to wipe her flip-flops on my face as she talked. I tried to look and see if I could see a clock but I didn’t want to move too much and ruin Rachel camo job. There was a knock on the door and Jen poked her head through the door ”Rachel you there?” I heard her talking to Val about me not being at home as she shut the door. About 10 minutes later Rachel came in the door with a towel on, with Jen and Val in tow. Rachel of course stepped on my face as she passed and then Jen missed. I saw her Asics sneaker sole flash over my face as she passed. I was watching her walk onto my chest then hip when Val’s moon boot sole came crashing into my face. It covered my entire face as she strode forward. The soft sole deformed around my facial features. I could feel Val’s weight swinging forward as she walked onto my chest then off to the side. They sat on the bed with Rachel and started talking about their evening. “How many people are meeting here?” Val was asking. “ Well let’s see, Erica, Melissa, Tiffany and Michele. What do you guys want to wear?” Rachel asked. “I say we all wear black skirts and tops with boots. What do you think?” Jen said. “Sounds good. I’m going to take a shower.” Said Val. Jen jumped up and said “Race you to the good stall” In 2 steps she was on my chest and Val was up and pushed her. Jen fell, her knees slamming into my collarbones as she caught herself with her hands over my head. She pulled one foot out and her sneaker sole found my mouth and nose as she pushed off with her foot to stand up my face was flattened as she half stood when Val ran up the right side of my body and knocked Jen over. Her foot slid off my face as she fell side ways. Val’s boot landed right above my head. Jen reached out and caught her other one as she ran. Val stopped and twisted around “Let go” yelled Val laughing. Jen pulled and Val hopped forward Landing right in the middle of my face. Jen stood up and got on my stomach and started pulling again. Val was hopping in place on my face. She would bend her knee and push off my face about 2 or 3 inches and then slam back into it. She did that about a dozen times before she fell. I was lucky she had on those soft-soled moon boots and weighed less than a 100 lbs or I would need to see a plastic surgeon. As she fell backward Jen rushed for ward and her heel hit my fore head as she went for the door. I looked over at Rachel and she was looking right at me with her hand down her towel. She smiled. My vision was blocked as Jens sneaker came crashing into my face. Val had pushed her backward and she caught herself with her foot on my face. Once again my face was pressed into the bottom of her sole. Val walked out finally and Jen left my face. I looked over at Rachel and she was shuttering ever so slightly. “That was so hot Mark.” She said as soon as the door shut. “The others will be here any minute, I don’t know how I’m going to make it without creaming my pants knowing that we are all going to be walking on you. If I see another shoe sole malform your face I’ll have to change my panties!”…..

Rachel started to go through her clothes while I lay there on the floor in the clothes. Jen came in holding some clothing. Her Asics trainer smashed into my face as she went to my chest. She held up the skirt and blouse and asked Rachel what she thought. She twisted and turned on my chest showing her outfit. Rachel said it looked good.
Jen spun around and missed my face as she trotted out the door. Just then Tiffany and Erica walked through the door. Tiffany was a petite Asian girl. She had on jeans and a T-shirt. I saw her boots as the first one came down on my mouth. They were ankle high boots with a smooth sole and 3 inch heel Her 3 inch heel, that was about an inch around and shaped like a crescent moon, slammed into my lips and mouth. Her sole mashed down on my throat through the clothes. She strode on hitting my stomach and thigh before she was off me. Erica’s wedge heeled boot came crashing down just the tip of the toe was on my fore head as she walked onto my chest and stomach. She was wearing a white shirt and a jean skirt with tan knee high suede wedge boots. They joined Rachel over by the closet and bed. I heard Rachel tell them what to wear and stuff. Tiffany came toward the door. I watched her shoe heel land right on my crotch. I could feel her heel on the base of my shaft through the few pieces of clothing that were there. Just as my dick started to rise up from the pressure her sole landed and smashed it into my stomach. Her next footfall landed on my chest. I saw her swing her foot forward and watched as her heel landed on my throat right on my adams apple. Again my mouth was forced open as her heel sunk into my throat. Her sole came down and landed across my open mouth. As her weight shifted for ward her shoe sole popped past my teeth and filled my entire mouth. I gagged on the pressure and the taste of salt and dirt and plastic. Just then Rachel called out to Tiff. Tiff spun around on the toe that was in my mouth. I felt her toe slip down into my gullet as she spun. Her heel swung around and struck my cheek and scraped up it stopping on my cheekbone. She leaned forward on the foot that was on my chest. And lifted her foot out of my mouth and placed it beside the one on her chest. “What?” said Tiff to Rachel. “Oh nothing, never mind” replied Rachel I looked over at her and she looked at me with a devilish grin on her face. I started to fear that maybe this would be more than I could handle. My thoughts were interrupted by Tiff spinning on my chest to go. Her heel landed squarely on my nose. I don’t know how it didn’t break. It felt like her heel sunk into my face and completely flattened my nose as she kept walking. Her sole found my fore head and relieved the crush of my nose. She walked out the door. Rachel and Erica chatted for about five minutes just inching closer and closer to me. They continued to talk as they very slowly walked forward chatting. Erica hit my knee first and stood there for 30 seconds or so. She weighed about 120 lbs so it didn’t hurt that bad. Rachel walked a little forward and stood on the side of my hip in her bare feet. Then Erica walked for ward 2 steps and was standing with one foot on my chest and one foot on my stomach right next to it. They stayed that way for a minute or so. Rachel shuffled over onto my crotch and found my dick with her feet. I knew she felt me through the clothes because she started kneading and pinching me through the clothes. Erica shifted and I saw her shoe come backwards. She rested her toe on my chin and shook her foot around as she talked to Rachel. I looked at the grooved rubber sole. You could see the outline of her foot by the dirty and worn areas. There was a price tag stuck to the bottom to. You could tell it had been stuck there for a while. There was no ink left on it, it was a dingy color and looked worn smooth. She started to lean back and I watched as the vaguely paddle shaped sole slowly descended onto my face. Her other foot quickly joined the first. The sole of the first shoe smashed my mouth and nose closed. The heel went right between my eyes. The second was right next to it off center of my face. The sole was covering my left cheek and her heel went up beside my head.
I was helpless as Erica just stood there. I couldn’t breath, but my eyes were open. I saw Erica towering above me just casually chatting with Rachel who was steadily kneading my dick. I could feel Erica sinking into my face as she leaned on the foot that was in the middle of my face. She laughed at something and I felt her shake and lean back on the heel. I just stared up at her beauty as my vision started to cloud. I could tell I was about to pass out. Erica was just chatting to Rachel not knowing that she was standing on the face of someone she knew and suffocating him. I stared up at the beautiful Erica and the suede boots crushing into my face and cutting off my wind. I slowly faded out

I slowly started to come around. Rachel was standing on my chest and Erica was standing above my head. They stopped talking and Erica left. I told Rachel about what happened. “You wanted to be a rug so shut up.” She finished her sentence by stepping on my mouth with her bare foot. She twisted it around while looking down at me. “ I can’t believe how exciting this is.” Just as she finished the sentence her door swung open and there stood Michelle and Melissa. Both of them were standing in their cheerleader uniforms. Rachel walked off me and back into her room. Michelle followed her and her Reebok shoe hit me square in the face. Her heel on my fore head and her toe on my nose and mouth. I looked up at her red underwear as her weight shifted forward onto my mouth. She was a tall blonde with strong legs and a nice ass. She probably weighed around 150, which made her the heaviest. I thought my head was going to get squished as my face was pressed into her sole. She gave a little twist as she walked on. No sooner had her foot left my face that Melissa’s shoe was taking its place. She was a Latino girl that was about 5’6” and she weighed about 130. She was a relief after Michelle. She kept walking and stopped on my knees. My knees started to hurt almost immediately. They started planning for their night out. Melissa stood still on my knees for about 5 minutes. My eyes were watering from the pain and I wasn’t paying attention as Rachel dressed to show the girls what she was wearing that night. I noticed when she came walking over towards me. She had on a black blouse and skirt with black nylons underneath. On her feet were some knee high soft-leather flat-soled boots, the kind that used to be popular in the 80’s. She was carrying a pair of knee high boots that had a big heel and squarish looking toe. They had about a 3-inch heel. The sole of those were covered in these squiggly lines for traction. The boots she had on had very smooth soles with a very slight like ¼ inch heel. She walked right up my stomach and chest and stopped on my face. She spun around on my face. Her sole was in the middle of my forehead as she spun. It felt like she tore my facial skin off as she spun. She stopped and planted both soles across my face one on the right side and one on the left. I heard her talking to Michelle and Melissa as she twisted and turned on my face modeling her outfit. Suddenly Rachel shifted all her weight to the right side of my face. Then she leaned back on her heel as she tried to take her other boot off by stepping on the heel. After a few times she got it and her leg slid free from the boot. Her warm nyloned foot came back to the left side of my face. Then all her weight shifted to that foot as she took off the other boot. She kept her weight on that foot as I watched her try to put on her heeled boots. She got it mostly on and then I watched as she lifted her boot right over my face. I watched her sole streak down into my face as she stomped down to get it on the rest of the way. It took her 3 or 4 stomps to get it all the way on. I saw stars as she finished and just ground her boot into my face twisting and pushing to get it all the way on. She then shifted all her weight to the boot as she went to put on the other boot. My face again was stomped and ground as she got it on. She looked down as if at her boots and grinned at me. I could barely see it from around the sole. I stuck out my tongue to lick the sole of her boot and she ground the sole into my tongue. I vaguely heard Michelle and Melissa talking to Rachel about how good she looked. They both walked forward until they were right next to Rachel one on each side of my chest. Again Rachel twisted and turned modeling her clothing as Michelle and Melissa looked and admired. I could see all 3 of them standing on me as if I wasn’t even there. Rachel walked forward towards her bed. She was immediately replaced by Michelle on my face. My nose was stuck up between her shoes as she stood there. I could smell rubber and grass and the vague smell of female foot. She was sinking into my face; I felt every little shift of her 150-pound frame. My whole world became attached to the soles of her shoes. I started to automatically make small adjustments to my head position to better support her weight. After like 10 minutes she stepped toward the door. She had been on my face for so long that my eyes were still blinded with stars. I didn’t see Melissa’s shoe come bashing down into my face. My mouth had been slightly open to get a deep breath when her heel just slid past my bottom teeth as it went into my mouth. I could taste earth and grass as she strode on. She opened my mouth wider as she was going forward. I had to tip my head up or she might have broken my jaw. So her heel was against the roof of my mouth as I licked the back of her shoe. Rachel was following close behind them and she stepped right on my exposed throat with the toe part of her boot. As Melissa left my face it was snapped back as Rachel stepped on my throat. Her boot sunk into my throat until my chin was resting on top of her toe. I was lost in a world of pain and pleasure. I didn’t notice as Michelle and Melissa left and then Rachel told me toe suck on the other toe. She had to kick me in the fore head 3 times to rouse me. I couldn’t breath and I tried to show her that, but she just casually looked down at me and said, “I’ll move once you kiss the toe of this boot.” She said that as she placed her other boot on top of the first one. Her whole weight was concentrated on my adams apple. I kissed her boot forcefully trying to save my life. She slowly stepped back and I laid my head back to take some deep breaths, she laid her boot on my upturned face without her weight on it. I breathed deeply from her sole. It smelled like new leather and rubber. I told Rachel I wished I could stay this way forever. She pulled her boot back and looked me in the eye and said, “Be careful what you wish for…”
Apr 4, 2009
new parts to the story.

Chapter created by Anakin Solo

Rachel smiles wickedly at me. There is a buzzing beyond my line of sight and Rachel moves away over to the bed. I take the moment to just bask in the lingering glow of the pain and pleasure as my body feels sore. I wiggle my nose and limps pucker seeing if there is anything wrong. I run my tongue over my teeth to see if there is any damage. None. As painful as it all was I feel great. My nose is sore but everything is still great.

Rachel reappears and startles both sides of my face giving me a look straight up between her nylon covered legs. “That was my girl-friend Stacy; I left an important book for my exam in her room. Be right back…don’t move.” Her tone of voice dropped at that last part making it commanding and a tad menacing. I don’t get a chance to response; the ball of her root fills my mouth. “I mean it.” She says smile then lifting up grinding her foot into my face and leaving. I hear the door latch shut.

I wonder for a brief moment if maybe Rachel is getting more out of this than I am. Either way I’m in heaven and am not giving up this opportunity. How long did Rachel say she would be gone? I just wait and dig myself a little deeper. With all the traffic some of the “camouflage” had clips and I could feel that my hand was exposed. I sit up to recover myself pulling a shirt over my leg and throwing a pink plastic bag to my foot. I pile a bit more clothing to cushion under myself. Being on the floor was fine but a little more support for my neck wouldn’t hurt. Just as I finished drawing the pile closer together I hear the door knob rattle as it is twisted…

I’m right in front of the door so I drop down to avoid Rachel hitting me with it. The door swing open and I open my mouth to tell Rachel that I was just putting things back in order when a disapproving “HMMM” resonates over me. I look up and over my head seeing who is at the door, not Rachel…
Apr 4, 2009
chapter created by Anakin Solo

My eyes bug out just as I look up the front of a gray woman’s suit skit. Then I see nothing because the bottom of a very narrow Mylie crosses narrowly skuring my eye with the sharp heel. Everything happens in slow motion. My eyes fallow the pointed shoe as it crosses over my face and rests on my exposed chest. The point of the heel touches down on my sternum and sharp centrally located pain shoots through my chest. A vision of snakes on a plane where the guy gets stabbed in the head by a woman’s heel shoots through my brain. The rest of the pointed shoes touches down and I can’t help but let out air my chest gives way. If she was not on my sternum those heels could have punctured me, I know it. Then time returns to normal and the second foot comes over past my face and rests on my shoulder. The heel bites into my shoulder then bone. It is like having spikes driven into my body…and I love it. I am in agony but I feel my erection return and poke straight up…

I don’t loose consciousness just yet because I can inhales. I stair straight up at a gorgeous round buttocks encased in the tight business skirt. Then the woman turns, her heel on my shoulder drills into me while she lift off my chest to rest on the front of her pointed shoe which applies pressures to the central location of my chest. She shuts the door than notices the mirror on it. I have no idea who she is; she is older, like 20 years older. I just daze straight up at her and see her face past her sumptuous cleavage that protrudes from her frame. Long curly dark hair and thick lips. There is a jingle from her wrist as she shuts the door. She takes no notice of me but looks at herself in the mirror. The foot on my chest rises and comes closer to stand on my color bone. The front of the foot presses down first then the heel rests on the meat between my shoulder and pecks. She must be admiring herself in the mirror because a hand goes down her skirt straightening a non-existing wrinkle.

I am in a paralyzing agony yet I am also in bliss. Whoever this is turns again flashing her large ass to me and steps forward. The tip of her pointed shoe snags at the tip of my fully erect member sending waves of pleasure through me. She doesn’t notice it at all and is now off the cloths pile heading towards the beds. I know I just cumed, I had to have. I don’t want to move it felt so good.

I lift my head just enough to see her sit on Rachel’s bed and look at some of the photos on the wall…Then I remember my torso is exposed. Slowly I try to move my arms to pull more of the shoes and bags and blouses to mask my lump and bring them over me to conceal myself. I keep an eye on her in the back of my mind hopping she will come back. Her head turns seeming to notice something…I lay back my head, please don’t’ see me, please don’t see me. I can hear her come back and at the bottom of my eyes I see her looking down. I get a good look at those heels, tall and narrow white leather with a very pointed toe, narrow sole, and a long stiletto like heel. Her foot rises up and comes down…landing right between my legs and digs in deep to nothing but the cloths that filled that space. She is looking down squinting because of the light from the headlamp meant to do exactly that to anyone looking down.

In horror that I’ve been caught I see this mature woman bend over and reach for my crotch. Her hand jostles it as she takes something covering it. My erection is still in my pants…her forearm bends the shaft back as she claims something then withdraws. How could she not notice it, it is so, so…good, I feel myself wet my pants again in ecstasy. She pulls back and is holding something, a discarded bra, “Rachel, didn’t I teach you to clean up after yourself…” the woman says completely unaware of me…

It is a near perfect moment, this woman with her exquisite heels stands just between my extended legs with one foot and right on the other side of my knee. If she just turned or took a step she would be on me again…it is at that moment the door swings open…
Apr 4, 2009
Chapter Created by Anakin Solo

Rachel opens her door and comes in carful to not step on Jake’s face she want him to look up between her legs at her. “So Jake, like the…” she stops mid sentence. Her mouth drops open and looks at the older woman “MOM!”

“Mhm” the older woman sounds. She is holding up the bra by one finger. “You young lady are a pig.”

“Mom, ha,” Rachel recovers briefly looking down as if checking out her mess but really seeing if Jake is at all exposed. As much fun as she had been having she doesn’t want to have to explain why a guy is hiding in her room. Her mother would not get the voyeur stuff…ew, that was a conversation she didn’t want to have.

Her mother toss the bra back into the pile then moved forward to embrace her daughter…meanwhile you watch this all from below. Rachel’s feet are straddling my head. First my eyes are focused up Rachel’s legs then they move down to look back at Mrs. Sandra, who now I know is her mother. Wow, Rachel is going to look great when she gets older.

My gaze moves upward and the two women hug and I get a great view of their boobs squishing up against one another…oh shit. If Rachel’s mom had only taken a step forward and stepped on me again this would be orgasmic…man I sound like a girl.

They break and Rachel steps over Jack to guide her mother back to the bed. She looks over her shoulder to the cloths pile. “Honey, you really should pick those up,” her mother says.

“Yeah…” Rachel says a bit distracted. “Um, so, a, Mom, what are you doing here?”

Sandra looks at her daughter. One eyebrow rises…”I was going to take you to a late night matinee, but…” She looks around. “You seem distracted, Dear, is there something wrong?” Mother’s intuition.

“Wrong, no, nothing is wrong I was just…ah, working with my roommates on something.” Rachel tries to deflect. She looks at the pile of cloths again. Then realizing what she did she looked back at her mom, too late.

Her mom saw where she was looking. “Is there something there, you don’t want me to see?” she asks and heads back towards the pile.
“Mom, No!” Rachel says but her mother is already coming over to the pile by the door.

SHIT-SHIT-SHIT, I think to myself. This is going to be awkward. I figure the game is up so I start to rise but then BOOM, Rachel practically jumps on top of me. Her bare heel digging right under my chin and squishing my Adam’s Apple. UGHH…

Rachel moves so fast she didn’t even look to see where Jake was positioned. Her mom was right at the edge of the pile and looking down. With the pointed toe of her stiletto heel she probed around. “Don’t tell me you have pictures of naked men down there.” Sandra said.
“Um, no,” Rachel replied because it was true. Then an idea came to her. “I have a man under there.”

I’m being choked to death. My eyes are bugging out from the lack of oxygen. But if that hadn’t been the case they would have anyway…what was she doing?

“Go ahead and look,” Rachel said. And stepped back. The foot that had been strangling me now rose and came back down over my mouth and noise. Fortunately Rachel must have felt my noise pointing out and then readjusted her foot to the side so it just covered my mouth and…the heel feel into my eye. I feel my face contort under her. I was stuck and couldn’t see anything with my free eye since it was canted to the side…damn what was Rachel getting at.

Sandra looked at her daughter with an incredulous face. “Oh, is that all, a guy hiding under your clothes?” Rachel nodded her head. “Well,” said Sandra, “In that case what would he say if I did this…” she raised her left foot and jammed her heel down into the file of cloths…as it dug in she twisted it around.

“AHAAHAHAH” but it came out as MHMHMHH, and not very loud. The meat of my inner thigh, close to my erect crotch was impaled by something and then it dug around. My hands curled up, my nails biting into my palms as much as the spike in my leg dug into me….
“Or, this,” Sandra stepped forward to her daughter, and her other foot came down, HARD.

The soft tender flesh right below my stomach and above my dick, burst with pain. I was gasping for air…in grief…in ecstasy. It was like…oh…tears rolled down my face. The spiked heel was flat, the narrow ball had hit first, kicking the air right out of me as if I had been kicked in the nuts. And the spike of the heel was resting and slowly sinking into that soft section, my intestines were down there if I guess right as is the bladder and OH MAN….
Sandra smiled at her daughter. “Well if there is a man down there he isn’t much of one now.” She smiled wider showing perfect white teeth. “Okay, Dear, you keep whatever you have a secret.” She hugged Rachel one last time feeling her daughter press into her, warm body to warm body. Then kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll catch you another time.”

Sandra stepped forward again this time to the door and swung it open and left. She didn’t have a clue that as she left she had imprinted her foot squarely into my shoulder. I was gasping, that had been so…intense.

if anyone wants to continue you can do so.