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Dec 7, 2002
Virginia US
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I have been seeing the story about the basketball team owner who made what are clearly offensive racist comments.
Is anyone concerned that those were private comments to a private party with, so far is known, no plans that they should become public, the man is being threatened with the loss of valuable property <the team> and other weighty penalties.
Am I out of touch to believe, that in this country one has the absolute right to his private thoughts as well as comments made to an intimate relation <who apparently betrayed the guy big time>
The remarks are deeply offensive to most folks surely, but we still have <even under the Obama regime> a First Amendment right to free speech or at least I thought we still did.
Aug 27, 2002
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I agree with you Wanderer.

As despicable as racism is, I view the loss of the right to privacy and freedom of speech to be a much bigger evil in this country.

We were all talking about the media obsession with celebrities in another thread. Look who brought up the story....the original media sleaze of celebrity obsession...TMZ.

There was a story going around our local news stations the other week about a student who recorded himself being bullied and this student was actually in danger OF BEING PROSECUTED FOR RECORDING WITHOUT PERMISSION.
Now we have a similar situation but you can bet the apparent standard on recording someone without their permission will be excused by everyone in our overly politically correct society because it was used to expose some mean old racist. I'm sorry but I find any situation where Al Sharpton can condemn anyone for racism on his media platforms to be a major joke in itself.
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