Racist humiliation that involves shoes/boots


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Jan 18, 2006
Hickville, Georgia
i'm not a personal fan of racism, but some of the funniest fetish videos i have seen have come from clips2buy.com and they involve the clips that have some african american dudes who are also like the producers or close friends with them.

and basically they are acting as male subservients who are being humiliated but deep down inside they love this particular degredation because it makes them feel more humiliated. and what i am talking about is that these girls are calling these guys racial slurs while they are kicking them in the face with their shoes, boots, or feet in some form or fashion.

i'm not particularly laughing at the racial slurs themselves, but what makes it so funny to me is that you have these recipients of these racial slurs who could fit the role, from a skin color perspective, and they are such enthusiasts of humiliation that they would stoop to this level (or go this far) in order to attempt to self-validate that they are scum of the earth and pieces of shit soooo unworthy of the woman's respect.

there are just many levels of psychological self-torment going on there and it is funny to analyze the recipient moreso than the deliverer of the racial slurs, because basically the girls are being paid to vociferate such low class humiliation and it is by the request of the producers and subbies (although they would try not to make you think this in the video) LOL

and some of the funniest parts are where the girl supposedly forces the male to repeat to himself out loud what she just called him and you can almost see the enjoyment (from a cracked smile) in the subbie when he has to repeat what he is out loud and he calls himself the racial slur at the order of the mistress. unbelievably pathetic yet funny on many levels, probably cuz it is sad when you see our fetish stoop to this level (all in the name of acting tho). "yes mistress, I am a dirty ______!" LOL
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