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Feb 22, 2011
Island of Fem Supremacy Part 3

Shilpa was grinning like a Cheshire cat, as they got showered and changed, She explained to Claudia that all the males used in the pleasure pen were interrogated first to find all their little kinks and weaknesses and she knew no6 had a weakness for white lingerie and breasts in white lacy bras in particular.
She had deliberately used this against him. Because it amused her to drive him mad and then punish him for it.
Claudia asked what his punishment was likely to be,
Oh hard labour, laughed Shilpa,
and she continued,
And I get to be his slave driver Ha Ha HA
Claudia asked
what was my no5s weakness,
Black stockings in general drive him mad, but a pair of sexy feet in black nylon are total torture for him when he is so frustrated he is totally mesmerised by them. And she giggled.
Claudia replied
I have got a great idea and she whispered to Shilap who thought nit was a great idea,
Promise me you will spread the treatment out over a long period, make him really pay a high price
Claudia agreed.
After a gourmet meal Claudia returned to her room, her plan was being put into operation by the guards,
Claudia had time to prepare herself for an evening of sadistic fun.
The room slave was waiting on his knees for her, and it amused her to see the room slaves tongue was white with talcum powder.
She checked the bathroom floor and all traces of talcum had gone. She flipped the toilet seat up and saw it was sparking again, much to her amusement.
Slave is your mouth dry from all that powder,
Yes mistress
The hapless slave replied
Good open your mouth ordered Claudia.
She then slapped his face,
More because she enjoyed doing so than anything else , but she ordered,
Wider slave,
She then leant forward and taking her time slowly spat in his mouth 5 times.
Don’t you dare swallow, she hissed, I wont to see you swill it around your mouth to properly wet all that powder.
The slave was fighting a gagging reflex , but did as ordered swishing her spit around his mouth for 2 minutes before she ordered.
Swallow. Which he had to do.
Now kiss my boots and thank me for being so merciful.
For a fraction of a second the slaves anger rose,
Merciful, how could she call herself merciful, she had made him lick her toilet twice and all that talcum, then spat in his mouth and now he had to thank her, the evil bitch.
But he knew he would suffer so much more if he disobeyed her so he showered kisses onto her shiny black stiletto knee boots.
Claudia then had the room slave prepare her bedroom, chilled champagne in a bucket, the finest Belgian chocolates on the bed side cupboard, and a selection of fashion magazines on the pillow.
She then made him assist to change into a black leather bra, a black g sting and a new pair of the shiniest black hold up stockings. A pair of 4in, black stiletto peep toe heels. She then put on a long white bath robe and phoned down to the guards room.
She then went to the bathroom to hide away until no5 was secured.
Two very pretty guards brought number 5 up and as instructed forced him to lie on his side at the bottom of Claudia s bed, The bed was a Victorian brass reproduction and his back was against the brass foot board.
The guards secured him in place tiying his ankles, his knees his thighs, his waist, his torso his arms and his head to the foot board so he was unable to move. Leaving him facing up Claudia s bed.
Claudia dismissed the room slave to his cage but ordered. Tie one of my gym shoes over your nose , I played squash earlier and you will enjoy the aroma all night.
You evil bitch thought the room slave as he tied the pungent shoe over his nose,
Claudia completely ignored no 5 as she climbed onto the bed , lying comfortably with her shoes right by No5 s face. As she selected a magazine and started to read.
She was still in her long robe, but after about 20 minutes she deliberately let her robe open giving the slave a tantalising view of her black stocking legs.
She heard the slave moan in lust and frustration but ignored him as she read her magazine.
20 minutes later she reached down and casually slipped off her shoes giving the slave a great view of her beautiful black stocking covered soles.
More moaning and groaning from the unfortunate slave and she noticed that he was fully erect .
As she continued to ignore him she slowly and deliberately flexed her toes and ankles , just to tease him more.
The slave was totally transfixed by her gorgeous feet, he couldn’t take his eyes off them as she totally ignored him,
After about 20 minutes of this Claudia reached for a Belgian chocolate, and as she did so, she moved very slightly down the bed , and as she did so she hovered her right foot over the slaves groin. Then with as much of a shake as the slave could manage in his tight bounds, she slowly brushed the silky nylon toes along his frustrated penis shaft.
The slave gave out a primeval moan as the toes worked on his frustrated shaft.
Claudia started to read her magazine continuing to brush her toes along his penis as lightly as she could, driving him to near insanity.
Claudia continued to read her magazine as her toes tortured no5 She didn’t want this to end quickly, she wanted to prolong his torture as long as possible so every so often she would rest her foot for 5 minutes or so to let him recover a bit, before continuing his torture.
No 5 was being taken to the edge of sanity trying to fight his natural urges., his terrible frustrated penis being mercilessly teased by her beautiful feet.
Claudia knew this and revelled in his suffering, she fully intended to do everything she could think of to make it more unbearable for him., and to prolong his suffering.
After a while Claudia sat up looking into the pleading eyes of number 5 as she maddeningly lightly tickled his balls with her silky toes, bringing another pleading groan from the slave.
Claudia was loving it, doing unbearable things to him and forcing him to endure them for her, and for as long as she liked. He was helpless and totally at her mercy and she wanted him to suffer and suffer.
Both the slave and Claudia knew no5 could not hold out all night , and after hours of suffering Claudia increased the pressure on her toes. The slave started to beg and plead, this only spurred Claudia on as she brushed and brushed her toes along the frustrated shaft.
Eventually she tired of his pleading and rammed the slightly perspiring sole of her left foot against his mouth.
This would increase his sense of smell she giggled to herself. His frantic snuffling pleased her and after 3 long torturous hours since her foot started to torment him, Claudia rubbed her entire sole along his shaft, , there was a jerk and No5 came in a torrent,
You disgusting pig,
exclaimed Claudia
You are going to pay a very high price for your lack of self control.
At this she rang a bell by her bedside and the guards ran in and dragged the unfortunate No5 away .
Claudia settled down for a great nights sleep , with great memories of what she had just put no5 through.
At 10am the next morning Claudia and Shilpa saw mistress Naomi hand out a 4 days hard labour sentence to the two slaves much to the delight of Claudia and Shilpa.
Shilpa explained the sentence would be dished out as follows,
24 Hours of initial work followed by 4 hours rest then 16 hours on etc. Shilpa particular liked the initial 24 hours as they really suffered.laudia asked Shilpa , are we going to get them moving sand bags?
Shilpa laughed and replied,
Yes , but it wouldn’t be fair not to give them a warm up first. And she laughed.
I thought we would go for a nice stole along the coastal path.
Claudia was intrigued and was delighted when the most luxurious litter arrived shortly afterwards.
The litter was like a large double bed , with the softest cushions and matteras. It had an ornate canopy over the top to shield the burning hot sun.
Shilpa had arranged that no 5 and 6 were at the front of the litter with 2 other slaves on punishment at the back. The slaves lowered the litter and knelt in homage to their superiors.
Shilpa ordered the males at the back to load on snacks for their mistresses and she ordered, and some water.
Claudia do you think 1x 5 gallon container or two.
Oh I think 2x 5 gallon containers it is hot today
smirked Claudia.
Slaves make it 3
commanded Shilpa , much to Claudia amusement.
Both the ladies and the slaves knew that 3 x 10 gallons would be far too much but the ladies liked the idea as it added considerably, to the weight.
The water was added to the storage areas at the front of the litter and Shilps ordered
5 and 6 assist positions.
5 and six ran around to each side of the litter and got down on hands and knees. Shilpa and Claudia made their way over to a slave.
Both women were provocatively dressed in punishment gear. Tight black leather shorts, and bras. Highly polished, Black knee boots with 4inch heels, Shilpa was wearing white pantihose to torment no 6 and Claudia black.
The two ladies took great delight stepping up onto the males backs to get into the litter. Both ladies deliberately dug their stile-toe heels into the slaves flesh, just for fun. Once in the litter 2 fan bearing slaves adjusted the pillows to their superiors whims and Shilpa ordered
The four slaves gently lifted the litter up and could not believe how much heavier the litter was fully loaded , and it made them silently curse the extra water taken on for no reason.
Shilpa commanded
Slaves, a nice walk along the coast path I think, Nice and relaxing I think.
The slaves hearts sank the coastal path consisted of a pathway to the beach a mile away. The path was made of deep sand about 8 inches deep specially designed by Mrs Lopez to sap the strength of the slaves legs .
Relaxing ! How could she say that the slaves were almost in tears just at being told and knew they were going to suffer.
The slaves walked about 200 yards to the start of the path and immediately they started on the sand they found it difficult. Their feet dug into the sand and the weight seemed to increase.
Claudia was deliberately goading and mocking them saying,
Women are just superior to men, we are just stronger, intellectually superior, men need to realise they were put on this earth to serve us don’t you think Shilpa?
Oh definitely giggled Shilpa ,
and to suffer for our fun.
The draft slaves were maddened by this as the fought to keep trudging along,
Shilpa ordered the fanning slaves to
Fan faster, or I will have you whipped , it is a bit warm today.
Claudia laughed at that.
A bit warm! That bitch thought no 5 it was boiling and we are sweating like made as she relaxes the bitch.
Talking of whipping , I think the draft slaves need waking up a bit. The are dawdling a bit,
and at that she picked up the long longing whip in its holder and lashed the bare backs of number 5 and six, immediately bring up red welts on their flesh.
It was like giving a car some more gas the slaves immediately darted to jog as best they could in the sand as Claudia enjoyed cracking the whip in the air to jangle their nerves.
At the beach Shilpa ordered a halt, the slaves were near to exhaustion already and she wanted to taunt them with water,
The slaves put the litter down and Shilpa ordered Right fanning slaves pour us water, and then take our boots off we want our feet refreshed. Draft slaves press up position and start doing press ups I don’t want you being idol whilst we take a well deserved break ha ha.
Cool water was served to the ladies then boots eased off,and slaves tongues worked on damp sweaty nylon feet.
Claudia casually informed them that she and Shilpa would be by marking their feet refreshing out of 10, any mark less than 8 would incur a whipping for lack of effort.
The slaves re- doubled their efforts frantically licking the sweaty nylon as hard and fast as they could, much to the amusement of both ladies,
Umm that feels so good commented Claudia as the slave forced his tongue in between her nylon covered toes,
And so hygienic, well for us anyway giggled Shilpa.
Not long after wards both ladies alighted the litter and walked over to the slaves and shilpa kicked number 6 with the pointy toe of her boot right in his side,
Put some effort into it you idle swine.
The slave redoubled his efforts as Shilpa stood in front of him drinking her cool water, she deliberately poured the last drop on the floor right by him to torment him and Claudia liked it so much she did the same to no 5.
Soon the break was over and any chance of any respite for the slaves was shattered, walking along the sandy beach was even worse than the path and both shilpa and Claudia enjoyed using the whip.
Hours later the worn out slaves carried them back to the main building.
Shilpa and Claudia then took the slaves to a large clearing in a forest area and loungers had been set up for the women , Shilpa pointed to a huge pile of sand bags and ordered,
I want that pile of sand bags moved to over there and pointed to a spot 50 yards away. Get to work.
Claudia and Shilpa both lay down on their loungers as the slaves toiled away carrying the pile of sandbags .
This is the life watching men slaving away because of us, as we relax and watch them laughed Claudia,
After ½ an hour shilpa said mines not working hard enough and getting to her feet picked up a bull whip.
Come here no 6 ,
Number 6 immediately ran over to Shilpa a knelt before her, she slapped his face and told him to stand she then kicked both his thighs driving the pointy toes of her boots into the muscle to deaden his legs and told him
Get on with it.
No6 six tried to run but couldn’t due to his legs so shilpa drew the bull whip and whipped his back, causing a line of fire across his back, a bellow of pain and renewed effort. Both ladies laughed as his legs struggled to propel him, they didn’t feel any pity for him and laughed at his plight.
Claudia a few minutes later walked up to no5 and stamped on his foot with her pointy heel . She may have broken his foot and it amused them no end to watch him try to run as she whipped him for more effort.
After 2 hours of back breaking work, in the hot sun being overseen by two laughing relaxing women 2 slaves came holding a pitcher of water organised by Shilpa , she explained that the water had no soap in it but that over 20 ladies had bathed their feet in it, then rinsed out their sweaty stockings in it so it may have a slight flavour she laughed and shouted slave , come and beg for water.
Both slaves begged and pleaded for a drink and got the special water, there was no alternative and the slaves had to drink it gagging on the salty sweaty taste.
Then it was back to work,
the pile of sandbags had dwindled and the slaves thought there was light at the end of the tunnel.
However Shilpa had other ideas.
When the last bag was moved she surveyed the area with her eyes before pouting,
No No actually they were better over there , and pointed to their original spot.
Claudia burst out laughing.
The slaves were furious inside and no 5 struggled to hide it Shilpa went up to him and said,
How dare you question my ordered and kicked him in the balls he collapsed to the floor and she immediately put her foot on the punished balls and pressed down hard.
Beg me to let you continue she ordered and no 5 begged and pleaded , which shilpa really enjoyed.
The ladies lounged around watching the men put the sand bags back. Shilpa explained she loved it as the sheer pointlessness of the work drove them mad mentally
Claudia had loved watching this beautiful sadistic woman at work, and when they had seen enough mistress Sarah came to take over,
Claudia said out loud so both slaves could hear,
We took it a bit easy on them can you work them a bit on your shift.
It will be my pleasure grinned Sarah malevolently and they heard the crack of her whip as the left.
The slaves would be worked 20 hours and for the last 4 would be spent in the barn cleaning and polishing the lady guards boots supervised by Naomi who was a very hard task master.

Claudia and Shilpa hugged and went off to do their own things ,
Claudia went to check out the new trainig block and found mistress Barbara an Austrian lady. She was in her 40 or fifties but looked much younger with a great pair of legs and figure. She liked to train the slaves for the pleasure pens. She had an initial group of 5 men all restrained sat on dining room type chairs.
Barbara was dressed in very smart business attire , a short skirt suite to show of her legs in black stockings a crisp white blouse and a jacket over the top. Barbara was about 5, 7 inches tall but looked taller in her 4 inch heels, she had shoulder length blonde hair and looked very elegant and sophisticated.
When Barbara saw Claudia she went up and the hugged and she explained she was teaching some new slaves tongue techniques . The males had to be taught how to use their tongues to provide maximum pleasure for women. This involved tongue exercisers to strengthen the tongue .
Barbara bellowed out exercise 5 swirling tongues.
All the men started slowly swirling their tongues around and Barbara and Claudia watched from easy chairs as the men went through there routine. Claudia noticed two empty chairs and asked about them.
Barbara explained,
It is quite hard work for the slaves tongues at first so those two have been put on foot refresh duties to build up tongue stamina. They are secured into pillories in the corridor on their backs and all the guards can use them for foot refresh. Duties at any time. They have to do 8 hour shifts , mine need a refresh later so I will use them myself, and she chuckled to herself.
At this Barbara notice no 3 slacking and beckoned for Claudia to follow her, she approached no 3 and said I think your slacking arnt you boy.
The male a very good looking 25 year old football player before he broke his girlfriends nose in temper,
Replied no mistress ,
Barbara slapped his face hard in her black leather gloves and said,
How dare you question my observations , you will pay for that,
do you want to admit your offence or do you want two weeks cleaning the guard room toilets with that tongue of yours?
The male was petrified , he couldn’t do that and begged for forgiveness which was music to Barbara ear.
So you admit slacking , slap, her gloved hand lashed out,
Yes , im sorry im sorry.
At this a grinning Barbara produced a clear latex hood from beneath her jacket it , consisted of a head shaped hood, with a tight rubber seal for the neck. It had no holes for breathing of any kind.
Barbara wafted it in front of no 3 nose and saw him try to pull his head away but he was securely bound.
Barbara explained to Claudia the hood does stink a bit, I never wash it, well not with ordinary water, only with my intimate golden champagne and she laughed.
At this she pulled the rubber seal stretching it until it fitted over the slaves head as she pulled it over his head. The hood imediately formed a tight seal over the slaves face and a small part started to inflate a bit then deflate, Barbara ordered
Slave, clean the inside of the hood with your tongue or you wont get any air.
Barbara was clearly loving it and explained, slaves try not to comply at first but as the air diminishes he will have no option.
A short time later the slave started to frantically lick the inside of the hood. Which made both ladies laugh at him.
A few seconds later Barbara hooked her fingers under the rubber seal and let a small amount of air in as she turned the hood a few degrees. The slave gulped in the air and Barbara laughed.
You will soon have the inside of that hood spotless wont you number 3 and no 3 nodded frantically as he licked away at the new surface of the hood presented to him.
He was desperately trying not to gag on the tastes he was having to put up with. How could an elegant woman be so cruel and enjoy being so mean.
Both ladies found the situation highly amusing and watched as each surface of the hood was polished by no 3 tongue
Ha ha ha Barbara laughed at him, enjoying the flavour, get that tongue polishing away if you want more air.
No 3 had no choice as his tongue took in her flavours it was do it and amuse her or suffocate.
I love this job, its so much fun making them do things to please me.
Claudia was laughing too things to please me.
Claudia was laughing too

To be continued