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Feb 22, 2011
Island of Fem Supremacy Part 4

No 5 and 6 were near to physical exhaustion when the 20 hours of back breaking toil was finally over and they were both forced to march at the double to the barn by Sarah. She had really enjoyed working them and the nasty weal’s on their backs from her whip was testament to her diligence in making them work.
Mistress Naomi was waiting for them and showed them a long line of boots waiting to be polished. There must have been nearly 80 pairs waiting and Naomi started them off cleaning and polishing.
Naomi enjoyed watching them cleaning and polishing and inspected each pair completed. She was extremely picky and difficult to please and regularly slapped their faces and forced them to re-do a pair not done to her satisfaction.
Oh how she enjoyed inspection their work, she loved being picky and deliberately being difficult. She liked to find fault where no fault existed just to torment them.
She loved the power she had over them and revelled in making life more difficult for them.
She would make them polish her boots , her thigh high stiletto heel boots before they finished. She would make them do it with their tongues. Make them polish every millimetre, one on each boot, the idea amused her and she giggled to herself at the thought of it.
The slaves were just about to collapse when they had finished their 24 hours and were given the luxury of 4 hours sleep before it all started again.
Shilpa and Claudia would make sure the next 3 days were just as hell as the first.

Mrs Lopez sent for Claudia after breakfast the next day, Claudia was taken by rickshaw to the arrivals area where the new arrivals came in. The slave she had been told about, who had cut the tour short was being brought out of a small cage by two guards to meet Mrs Lopez. Claudia took up a comfy seat next to Mrs Lopez as the naked slave was forced to his knees in front of them. The male was a big fat man and was perspiring freely in the heat. He had been left in the cage for 48 hours with just water to drink.
Mrs Lopez had an evil smile on her face as she informed the slave.
You are here because you attacked a female, and have a really bad attitude towards us ladies, well thats about to change,
When did you eat last.?
The male who was nearly delirious with hunger replied,
Days ago, I need something to eat, who the hell do you think you are , you wont get away with this.
At this Mrs Lopez just smiled and replied,
I think you will find I do get away with this, and you will learn respect.
At this Mrs Lopez clicked her fingers and a slave rushed over bringing her a sumptuous breakfast, of bacon eggs hash browns.
The slave was drooling and the smell was driving him insane.
You will watch me eat my breakfast, then if you are good you can beg for any leftovers , said Mrs Lopez as she grinned down at the slave.
It was all too much for him and he lunged forward at Mrs Lopez shouting ,
You fucking bitch I will kill you.
The male had been tranquillised for his journey to the island and although he realised he had some sort of collar around his neck he didn’t realise what it was.
Mrs Lopez casually pressed a button on a little remote control unit next to her breakfast plate, and the slave got an agonising electric shock from the collar,which made him fall to the ground. As he recovered he saw Mrs Lopez hover a well manicure finger over the red button on the remote and then jab her finger down twice in quick succession, giving him 2 more cruel shocks.
The slave bellowed in agony and Mrs Lopez hissed,
You have no idea how sorry you are going to be for that little out burst.
Now unless you want me to play another tune on this little red button here , you had better watch me eat my breakfast. Continued Mrs Lopez.
Mrs Lopez deliberately took her time savouring every mouthful as the half starved slave was forced to watch. He couldn’t help it and twice he closed his eyes. Each time Mrs Lopez asked Claudia to lash him with a cruel 4 foot long riding whip.
Claudia was more than happy to oblige and a nasty red line appeared on the slaves naked body each time.
Are you stupid, or something slave, All you have to do is watch me eat to avoid the pain of the whip, even for a man, that should not be too hard surely,
The fat slave whimpered. And thought, has she no idea , I am starving and having to watch her eat is torture, the bitch didn’t she know that ,
Of course Mrs Lopez knew, that’s what made it so much fun as she deliberately savoured each mouthful,
MMMM , This bacon is delicious Claudia, would you like some taunted Mrs Lopez and they both slowly and deliberately ate some right in front of the fat slave, torturing him.
When Mrs Lopez eventually tired of her game she ordered,
take him to the attitude adjustment area .
Suspend him and leave him for me.
The fat slave was taken to an open area in a barn and his arms were suspended above his head from chains to a beam a few feet higher than his wrists. He was suspended so that just the tips of his toes were on the ground and left for an hour.
A couple of comfy seats were put out in front of the suspended slave and Claudia sat in one to watch as Mrs Lopez approached the whimpering slave.
Mrs Lopez slapped his face hard with her gloved hand and said,
I take scum like you and turn you into obedient slaves to women. When I have finished with you, you will beg to lick the ass of any woman I tell you to, now lets punish that little outburst shall we.
The male shouted out,
You fucking bitch when I get out of here your going to jail for this.
Mrs Lopez looked at Claudia and they both laughed out loud,
You have just earn t yourself even more suffering you idiot, and Mrs Lopez approached a whip rack on a wall near by and selected a 5feet long rattan cane.
40 she announced and took her time swishing the cane through the air to jangle his nerves. She then took up a wide stance and swish splat she landed the cane with great force onto his unprotected buttocks.
The male let out a bellow of pure agony and swung a bit from his chains punishing his wrists in the process.
Claudia was grinning at him and laughing at him as he suffered, The swish splat no 2 was delivered just as hard.
By 5 the slave was begging and pleading for mercy.
By 10 he was almost demented with pain, begging and drooling in agony much to the two ladies enjoyment.
By fifteen he was begging to be a slave and promising to do anything he was ordered.
Mrs Lopez stopped and approached the slave taking hold of his jaw in her gloved hand.
Are you sure you want to be a slave, a slave to women. She enquired,
Yes Please believe me yes yes any thing.
Now then let me see. I think I believe him what about you Claudia,
enquired Mrs Lopez.
NO , no im not 100% sure yet give him 10 more then lets ask again, shall we chuckled Claudia.
No No please I mean every word of it no more begged the broken slave,
10 more it is
taunted Mrs Lopez and swish splat the cane landed again, followed by bellows of utter pain.
The slaves ass was on fire with cruel welts raising up On his tortured butt.
After a further 10 Mrs Lopez stopped and asked,
Well what do you think, Has he learnt his lesson or does he get the last fifteen, Enquired Mrs Lopez.
I’m not sure
Claudia stated then said
Perhaps you had better give him them just in case she smirked.
No No Please, Please no more begged the slave.
But Mrs Lopez was already taking up her stance and swish splat the cane landed on the well tenderised flesh.
Mrs Lopez gave the last 10 in quick succession on the backs of the slaves thighs, taunting,
I bet thats driving you mad isn’t it slave, Ha Ha Ha .
At forty Mrs Lopez looked at Claudia and with a wicked grin on her face said,
In all that excitement I cant remember if thats the full 40 or 30. What do you think.
Oh im not sure either , better give him 10 more just to be sure she laughed,
Of course they both knew he had taken the full 40 but what was the fun in that. They wanted to play with him, it was such good fun.
After the first 5 Mrs Lopez asked for smelling salts to be placed under his nose. She didn’t want him missing the full benefit of every stroke,
At the end of that batch Mrs Lopez sat down and had a drink with Claudia as the male moaned and groaned in agony still suspended by his arms.
I think I am getting through to him now what shall I use next.
Claudia suggested the riding crop, that will work well on his tenderised welts she exclaimed.
No No I have had the 40 please I will do anything you say no more please begged the slave.
That was forty with the cane, Just to warm you up silly, You still have to have forty with a whip yet laughed Mrs Lopez and the both laughed at his dis-spare
Smelling salts were used every 10 lashes just to make sure he didn’t miss stroke and after 40 he was a truly broken man.
A guard slowly lowered him to the ground and threw a bucket of cold water over him to revive him.
Mrs Lopez and Claudia approached him and Mrs Lopez kicked him with her pointed toed boots and asked,
Have you learn t your lesson slave.
The male said,
Yes mistress anything you say mistress.
Good, But I will need to test you.
Claudia take off your boots.
Claudia had deliberately worn PVC knee high boots at Mrs Lopez request as they made her feet smell more.
Smell her feet slave
ordered Mrs Lopez.
The slave immediately put his nose to Claudia aromatic stocking covered sole. Sniffing to please them.
Mrs Lopez giggled out loud , He looked so pathetic sniffing Claudia s pungent feet as Claudia deliberately waggled her toes to increase the smell.
After 5 minutes Mrs Lopez ordered
Lick them slave,
The slave gulped , how could he lick them, The smelt, so sweaty, and he hated feet,
The slave hesitated momentarily,
Better get licking or I will make that little disciplinary session seem like a walk in the park, don’t make me double your punishment.
He had no choice, he couldn’t take another beating from her.
He extended his tongue and started to lick the sweaty foot for all he was worth, gagging on the sweaty taste.
Claudia was loving it and directed his tongue to search out every little trace of perspiration.
She was loving it, it made it so much more special knowing he was hating it. Oh the power.
When he had completely bathed ever millimeter of her feet with his tongue Mrs Lopez commanded,
Now clean her ass.
Claudia bent over. She had been told not to wear any panties and her bare butt was right by his face.
The slave really didn’t want to lick her ass, But he had a dilemma, lick her ass or Suffer another whipping. He had to make himself do it.
The slave extended his tongue and licked her ass crack much to there amusement.
Get your tongue right inside my butt hole slave or else ordered Claudia , and he had no choice but to comply,
The smell the taste he was nearly sick but he forced himself to do it to save himself from another beating.
I bet that tastes lovely laughed Claudia as he worked his tongue in and out of her butt hole.
What are you asked Mrs Lopez.
A slave
replied the slave.
Yes a grovelling slave to women. And if you ever forget I will enjoy giving you a much worse punishment session next time.
Replied Mrs Lopez.
Meanwhile Miss Amanda, the 19 year old Petit blond bitch Had selected a male for a special duty. The guards liked to relax at a disco bar most evenings and Amanda liked to dance the night away. Her feet did get very hot in her Boots and stockings and she thought of an evil little plan.
She choose a slave and had other slaves dig a pit in the floor of the bar in a corner. The pit was about 6 feet deep with an adjustable stool inside, slaves were put in the hole and just there heads protruded out of the hole at floor height. a set of little doors, like western saloon doors , were fitted to the top of the hole with a hinge on each side so that the met in the middle they had a neck size hole in the middle and fastened around the slaves neck and could be locked with a padlock. A strap held the head immobalised and comfy chairs were arranged in a semi circle around the protruding head. Ladies with hot feet from dancing could slip off their boots and shoes and have the slave refresh them with his tongue.
The male selected had been one of Amanda’s teachers at school. He had got her in trouble several times for not doing her homework before he hit his wife. Now he was going to pay.
Amanda danced the night away and every hour she would sit in comfort, have a slave remove her boots and she would waft her stocking feet in his face , forcing him to smell their sweaty ode r. Then thoroughly enjoying his plight she would demand a foot refresh.
The slave would be forced to stick out his tongue and lick away at the sweaty nylon feet in front of him.
He licked and licked at the nylon feet as she pouted and giggled at him, she had him suck her stockinged heel, then nylon covered toes forcing him to clean them much to her amusement and delight.
The facility proved very poplar and soon the poor male had half a dozen pairs of hot nylon covered feet just waiting to be refreshed.
He hated every second of it but disobedience was just not an option, he had a very low tolerance to pain.
A few days later MRS Lopez announced that it was time for a boat trip around the island. The slaves were kept really busy preparing sumptuous food for their superiors. Meanwhile at the dockside Miss Naomi was supervising the cleaning and polishing of the boat.
The boat was a modern replica of a Roman Galley it was very ornate and heavy with luxurious quarters for women.
The engine room as Naomi enjoyed calling it was on a lower deck,just above the water line. it had rows of benches along each side of the ship over almost its full length these had leg shackles attached to them and oars at shoulder height which went into the water. The benches were for three slaves each shackled down and at the mercy of the overseers.
There was an 8ft wide walkway between each of the lines of benches running the full length about a foot higher than the rest of the floor. This was where the overseers could walk up and down to make sure the men were working hard enough. Naomi made sure the whole ship was spotless.
Mrs Lopez was having a massage with Miss Amanda prior to their boat trip. Each woman was lying on her stomach on luxurious massage beds , male slaves were attending the them. Each had a slave doing their backs and another two each rubbing scented oils into their feet.
Amanda had brought along slave David , the male she loved to torment, the male she had framed, she loved having him at her mercy and, really enjoyed making his life a misery.
She had him stand by the head of her massage table with his arms stretched out at 90 degrees to his body, palms up. She had chosen 2 very heavy hard back books which he was balancing on the palm of each hand. Even after only a short time she knew it would be a real strain to hold the books out and that’s was what made it such fun for her.
Just to make it a bit more difficult for him she had applied duck tape to his mouth forcing him to breath through his nose. To add to his torment she had worn a pair of stockings to the gym and had done a full workout in them. They were being put to good use. One was pulled over his head , bank robber style, and she had evilly placed the toe part of the other one underneath so that it was over his nose,. The first stocking holding it in place.
It was ingenious and very cruel, as he struggled to hold up the books he had to breath harder, as he breathed harder he had to suffer the smell of her sweaty stocking more.
Amanda was loving it. She really was a beautiful blonde little sadist. She was loving having her massage, The slaves working away on her feet sending pleasure through her whole body as she was getting a luxurious back massage. But what made it so so much sweater , was watching David struggling to keep his arms out, She knew he was struggling with the weight of the books which was taking its toll, and the icing on the cake for her was that he was being forced to smell her very sweaty stocking as he did it all.
This made her massage so much more pleasurable, watching him suffer as she relaxed in true luxury. And she giggled to herself, I am such a bitch.
Amanda was talking to Mrs Lopez and asked,
As David is doing so much standing around he needs some exercise, can he do some rowing for us.
I would like him in a good position so I can personally supervise him.
Mrs Lopez laughed and replied,
Of course my dear, I will see to it myself, You really do like to pick on him don’t you.
And they both laughed as David’s heart sank.
Amanda laughed and whispered , I have plans for my ex teacher as well, and whispered in Mrs Lopez ear, Mrs Lopez laughed and readily agreed to it saying,
Your perfect for this Island a true superior woman. Ha Ha Ha
Haven’t I suffered enough? Thought David,
I am working my guts out for her , and suffering her sweaty feet smell , when will she tire of punishing me.
The massage slaves were also suffering, massaging beautiful bodies was turning them on. They had been denied orgasm for so long. It was torture for them and the ladies knew it.
A few hours later the Galley slaves were all lined up stood to attention waiting the arrival of the women, a few serving slaves were already on board, preparing to serve their female masters.
But the engine slaves were waiting as litters carrying ladies started to arrive.
As the ladies started to board the ship they saw a half barrel was placed in full sight of the slaves the barrel was nearly full of water and had a pitcher fastened to the side. As the ladies walked past they all had fun as they dribbled some spit from their mouths into it. The ladies knew this was slave drinking water and wanted to flavour it a bit for them. Claudia and Mrs Lopez arrived together and slowly dribbled their spit into the barrel. Clearly enjoying doing so.
Once all the ladies were on board the slaves were marched on by Elena , the very beautiful but severe German mistress other mistresses helped her secure the males to the benches in rows of three.
Elena had been told about David and put him in the centre of the ship nearest to the overseers walk way.
Soon the ship was under-way and Elena was whipping their backs as she strode up and down the centre of the deck. Naomi was sat at the bow end on a slave who was on all fours. She was facing the slaves banging a large drum to give them a rhythm to work to. Elena was joined by Mistress Meredith and Miss Amanda who both chose evil bull whips and started to use them to encourage more effort.
Amanda soon found David and drove the spike heel of her highly polished knee boot into his back, causing him to cry out in pain. She then drew back her whip and lashed it down on his back ordering,
Work you idle swine.
She was loving it and walked forward so she could see his face, she laughed at him and hissed unless you work your guts out I am going to strip the hide off your back, she then spat in his face and lashed another male close by. She was loving this.
David looked at Amanda, she was stunning in her black boots, leather shorts and bra top, and black stockings to taunt them she was stunning looking at just 19 but so cruel, how could she be such a bitch
The boat was soon out in the open sea and the ladies were sun bathing on the top deck, being waited on hand and foot.
Mrs Lopez took Claudia down to the engine room and they both enjoyed an hour whipping and kicking the slaves to more effort.
Claudia approached a slave in his fifties clearly struggling. She slapped his face and ordered stop slacking you lazy little shit and whipped his back bringing a scream of pain. She noted with glee that he did seem to find more energy.
Claudia was loving this and drove the toe of her boot into another slave to encourage him.
Work you piece of shit she shouted at him.
Amanda offered David a drink from the pitcher, he didn’t really want to drink it having seen the ladies spit in it, but was so thirsty. Amanda dipped the pitcher in the barrel and brought it over to him.
Be g me for it she said as she grinned into his face,
David begged her and pleaded with her, Amanda was loving every second of it.
After a few minutes she relented and just to make it worse for him spat in the pitcher before giving it to him.
He was so desperate he had no choice and gladly drank the spit laden water.
Much to Amanda’s amusement.
Naomi decided to up the pace a bit and banged the drum quicker, forcing the slaves to receive more whip lashes.
After her hour Claudia and Mrs Lopez retired to the top deck, Two Males on punishment were in stocks placed on the Deck naked, A few feet in front of them were two males on their hands and kneed in very low stocks just in front of them were two very comfy chairs for Claudia and Mrs Lopez to sit in.
They sat down and slaves served them chilled champagne then with a click of Mrs Lopez fingers they removed both her and Claudia s boots.
Both ladies feet had perspired in their boots and had a sweaty aroma, at this Mrs Lopez nodded at two women , Cheryl and Gail and they drew their whips back and whipped the e two slaves in the higher stocks bringing a scream from both men.
As they did this Mrs Lopez and Claudia extended their legs forcing their sweaty nylon covered feet into the slaves in the lower stocks faces.
Get sniffing ordered Mrs Lopez and both slaves started to sniff their mistresses hot damp feet.
Claudia was loving this , sipping chilled champagne, watching males being whipped and having a slave sniffing her feet,
Soon the slaves were ordered to first kiss then lick the feet in front of them.
Claudia shouted to Cheryl,
Could you whip him a bit harder , I think he isn’t getting the full benefit.
Cheryl laughed and replied,
My pleasure and really let her whip fly.
Claudia glanced at the slave at her feet and ordered.
Get licking, or you will be next for the whip.
The slave renewed his efforts frantically laving his tongue along the sweaty nylon sole of her foot, despairingly trying not to gag on the acrid taste.
Oh yes thought Claudia this is the life, watching A male under the whip of a woman, whilst having another male desperately liking my sweaty feet, as I relax drinking cold champagne. I love it.
But I will have him whipped later any way, He really isn’t licking hard enough.
100 lashes later and four very refreshed nylon feet and Claudia and Mrs Lopez had had enough. The males were all swapped and Naomi and Elena took up their seats for some fun and a foot refresh.
Claudia wandered along the deck and saw a male tied down on the deck on his back. He had a funnel gag in his mouth secured by leather straps. The bottom of the funnel was secured into the slaves mouth so he couldn’t shut his mouth at all. Amanda was stood over the slave and as Claudia approached she saw that AMAMDA was dribbling spit from her mouth into the funnel.
That looks like fun, exclaimed Claudia , can I have a go.
Amanda was really happy and said,
Yes have a go but this is only the starter for him.
Claudia bent down and dribbled some spit into the funnel forcing the slave to drink it. The slave had no choice, the end of the funnel prevented him closing his mouth forcing him to accept the spit as it dribbled into his mouth.
The both used him a few more times before Amanda ordered a slave to
Fetch the special Ice.
A slave ran off and came back about 2 minutes later with a large Thermos flask. Amanda took great delight in removing the lid and pouring half the contents into the funnel.
The ice cubes were too big to go down the hole in the funnel and stayed in the wide part at the top.
Claudia noticed the ice cubes were a yellowy colour and looked at Amanda who was laughing.
Yes my special water just for him,
Amanda explained,
This piece of dirt was my teacher and got me in trouble, and I think he is regretting it now.
In the heat of the sun the ice cubes were slowly starting to melt and the slave was being forced to drink Amanda urine.
She was loving it and laughed at him saying,
Hope your enjoying the taste ha ha.
Then she said to Claudia,
Its so much more fun using ice, that way he cant get it over quickly, the ice slowly melts giving him a constant dribble of my amber nectar for him to enjoy. It really prolongs the torture for him , which is much more fun for me. I love it that he is totally secured and at my mercy, not that I actually do mercy she laughed,
Claudia loved it and watched as the slave helplessly received his drink, He was totally at Amanda’s mercy, just how it should be.
The male could hear their laughter as she was forced to suffer and suffer for that little bitch.

To be continued


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Feb 22, 2011
Thank you neal, This is a story i wrote about 6 years ago. It was on this forum but fell off the end somehow. I thought it was worth re posting as I like it . Thanks again


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Jul 17, 2008
Yes , great!! Such a wonderful story needs a sequel............. thank you again and in advance.........