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Feb 22, 2011
Island of Fem Supremacy Part 2

Claudia popped back to her room and had the room slave change her shoes for a pair of Knee high boots with a 4 in spike heel, at this point he was still cleaning the bathroom floor.
Give the inside of my shoes a refresh with your tongue when you get a moment , get your tongue right inside BUT DONT SLOBBER in them she barked 0r I will make you suffer and she smirked at him and left.
Mrs Lopez was waiting for her in the barn area with four slaves and the most luxurious litter, the litter was like a large bed with cushions every where and a canopy to keep the sun off them.
Ready to go and explore
said Mrs Lopez enthusiastically
Oh god yes
Replied Claudia.
Both women got into the litter and Mrs Lopez clapped her hands.
Out of the shadows ran two more slaves with large fans
Mrs Lopez pointed to her tan coloured Jimmy choo knee boots and the slave undid the back zip and eased them off her feet, which were in cased in neutral coloured shimmer stockings. . He then placed a plumped up cushion under her her feet and kissed the soles in homage.
Mrs Lopez clicked her fingers and pointed at Claudia s boots and the other slave repeated the process
Mrs Lopez then clapped her hands and shouted
The four draft slaves then lifted the litter placing the wooden poles on their shoulders and Mrs Lopez ordered,
to the fields.
The slaves had about a half mile walk to the main fields, the litter was heavy due to all the padding and cushions but the draft slaves were large and well trained under the lash . The two fan slaves walked along side fanning each women to keep them cool.
Claudia was loving it and said to Mrs Lopez.
I love travelling like this in comfort watching men working away to carry us , and in this heat, fantastic.
Mrs Lopez replied,
Oh its the only way to travel around here. And drew the lunge whip and flogged the two leading slaves across their shoulders. Ordering,
Don’t you dare slow down again or I will have you whipped without mercy this evening.
She then turned to Claudia and laughed,
there is nothing like the scent of a freshly whipped slave in the morning ha ha ha.
The both laughed at loud.
At the fields Claudia saw about 20 men digging in horse manure by hand, The two overseers
Mistress Meredith and Mistress Christina were in Charge.
Meridith was a brunette with shoulder length hair a great figure and a very pretty face, her partner Mistress Christina was a fierry red head, incredibly beautiful. Both wore leather shorts, leather crop tops, sheer black pantihose and thigh length black spike heeled boots.
Both were sat on the shoulders of two huge men, both at least 6ft 5 in tall.
They both had leather saddles on their shoulders for the women’s comfort.
As the litter was put down the fanning slaves kissed their mistresses feet before easing their boots on for them and helping them out of the litter.
Claudia noticed the litter slaves were breathing hard and were sweating profusely which amused her greatly.
Mistress Meredith and Mistress Christina , approached and greeted them giving Claudia a better view of them and their beasts of burden.
The leather shoulder saddles were well padded and had stirrups dangling down, for the women’s booted feet. Both men had a bridle like device on their heads with an evil looking bit in their mouths, attached to reins held in their riders gloved hands.
Claudia noticed that both women had silver spurs on their boots with long evil sharp toothed rowels on them. And both carried long lunging whips.
How is it going
enquired Mrs Lopez,
Great replied Mistress Christina, if we work them hard enough we should get this large field done today.
OK great, can you show our guest how its done
Replied Mrs Lopez.
Our pleasure
came the reply.
At this Claudia was delighted to see both women move their legs up and rake the cruel rowels of their spurs up and down the sides of their slaves really digging them in.
Both human horses let out a scream of pain and ran back towards the field slaves. Then being cruelly reined in to a walk as both women turned their mounts in opposite directions walking parallel to the line of slaves digging.
shouted mistress Christina and her whip snaked out lashing an older male across his back to encourage more effort.
I said, work ,
Shouted Mistress Meredith,
and she lashed out at the slaves toiling away.
Well what do you think Honey,
asked Mrs Lopez to Claudia.
Oh I love it, look at the idiots working away like mad, its just so funny, and I love the human horses , and those spurs, I would love to really give them a go.
And you will Honey, after we have a cool drink
Chairs from the back of the litter had been placed out and both women sat down in comfort. Ice cold water was served and Claudia deliberately savoured every mouth full to torture the working slaves more.
Mrs Lopez clicked her fingers and ordered,
Foot refresh,
The fan and serving slaves were dreading this, It was hot and their mistresses were wearing boots and stockings. However they didn’t dare argue and each knelt before their respective mistress and eased off their boots.
The stocking feet presented to them were very damp with perspiration and highly scented with leather and feminine perspiration. Mrs Lopez slave extended his tongue and went to lick her foot.
She ordered, and with an evil grin on her face she said , in a mock caring voice,
I am feeling kind today, you may have some aroma therapy first.
Then in a more authoritative voice,
Get that nose between my toes and I want to hear sniffing. Lots of sniffing.
The evil bitch thought the slave, how could she make me do this but he had no choice and placed his nose against the damp nylon covered toes , sniffing loudly.
Mrs Lopez was giggling and waggled her toes slightly to stir up the aroma and make it just a bit worse for him.
Be kind to yours as well give him some aroma therapy ,
She suggested to Claudia,
Claudia was more than happy to oblige and her slaves nose was soon against her sweaty nylon toes.
After a few seconds Claudia ordered her slave to stop, She beckoned him towards her and delivered 10 stinging hard slaps to his face from her gloved hand,
You are supposed to be sniffing hard but I cant hear anything, do my feet smell bad or something,
No mistress, sorry Mistress they smell great ,
Replied the terified slave,
Well I don’t understand then why you are not sniffing hard, It must be laziness.
The slave was horrified and knew he would be punished.
How dare you be lazy to her, you idle swine, stormed Mrs Lopez.
I will give you 20 lashes of the whip myself for that, and a week in the toilet block, now convince mistress Claudia how much you like the smell of her feet, and it had better be good or I will increase your lashes to 40.
The slale was devastated, 20 from MRS Lopez was horrendous, she could whip harder than anyone else on the island, she deliberately drew it out as well , to torture both body and mind, he had to convince that bitch he wanted to smell her sweaty evil feet.
Oh please , please mistress Claudia let me smell your beautiful feet, they smell like the sweetest roses , the finest perfume , I beg you to let me enjoy their smell I grovel to you for the privilege.
Begged the slave,
Well I’m not sure , keep pleading and telling me how good they smell and I may conciser it.
Replied Claudia, deliberately toying with him.
He begged and pleaded until after about 10 minutes Claudia said to Mrs Lopez,
He seems quite keen to smell them, What do you think,
OK , I think he really wants to do it, let him.
The slave on command put his nose to Claudia's stockinged toes and sniffed for all he was worth, torturing himself with the sweaty oder as the two women laughed at his situation.
After 10 minutes both slaves were ordered to refresh the feet with their tongues.
This was the life thought Claudia,
watching men working away under the command and whips of women. A slave at my feet laving his tongue along my sweaty sole desperately trying to please me. The music of whips flying and cries of male pain as they crack along their backs, Fantastic.
Both ladies sat in total relaxation as their stocking feet were, served, refreshed,

How it should be.
The two unfortunate slaves licked away at the perspiring feet presented to them. Claudia's slave was terrified of making any more mistakes and licked as hard as he could at the perspiring feet presented to him, He had to fight a natural gagging reflex due to the sweaty smell and slightly acrid taste. But he knew that any hesitation would be punished harshly.
His tongue worked around the heel, then long laves along the entire nylon sole, and around the toes.
Suck my toes , but don’t you dare slobber on them,
Claudia commanded,
and the slave swallowed hard before forcing himself to put all her nylon covered toes in his mouth, and he began to suck on them.
I bet he's enjoying that , don’t you think so Mrs Lopez, mocked Claudia.
Oh definitely observed Mrs Lopez, but just in case he doesn’t suck hard enough, let me know and I will love to increase all his punishments.
This resulted in much renewed effort as the slave sucked like mad on the sweaty toes,
Both women laughed down at him.
The slave was being driven mad, he thought to himself,
Why me, why are they making me do this, I know I shouldn’t have hit my girlfriend , but haven’t I paid for that, That bitch doesn’t she know how bad her feet smell and taste in this heat,
Claudia had some idea how bad it must be, but that made it more fun, more pleasurable for her, making the fool do it, forcing him to obey, knowing he was suffering for her, Yes this was, such fun.

Once both ladies were satisfied that their feet were suitably refreshed, they had the slaves replace their boots, and Mrs Lopez called Meredith over.
Come and have a drink Meredith , and let Claudia have a go on your slave.
Meredith , was happy to oblige and brought her mount over
Down she ordered and the male knelt down allowing her to remove her booted feet from the stirrups and step down.
The weight of his burden lifted off his shoulders, and the relief only for as long as it took for Meredith to unfasten her spurs and hand them to Claudia.
Claudia looked at the evil spiked rowels and was exited to get them to work as she had her slave attach them to her boots.
She was soon sitting in the very comfortable saddle and Meredith commanded.
The slave immediately rose to his feet and Meredith handed her long lunging whip to Claudia, saying,
Don’t forget this , we don’t want any slacking now do we.
This brought a peel of laughter from all three ladies.
Claudia lifted her feet in their stirrups put the rowels of her spurs against the side of the slaves thighs and ragged them down deliberately digging them in.
This brought a howl of pain from the slave as he ran off towards the working field slaves.
Claudia loved it, so little effort to inflict pain, she found that if she put the ball of her foot in the stirrups she could place the spurs in contact with her slaves thighs, then she only had to flex her ankles to rag her spurs into his flesh.
She loved it and constantly ragged him for fun.
She drew back her whip and crash it landed across the shoulders of a bald headed slave bring a cry of pain forcing him to dig faster.
Claudia was loving it, she felt no pity or mercy for them, one because they were slaves and had to be made to work, and two all had been violent towards women and deserved to suffer and suffer. The fact she enjoyed it all made it even more exciting.
After half an hour or so Mrs Lopez called Claudia over as it was time to move on and soon they were in the litter being carried to the next area.
Having fun,
Enquired Mrs Lopez, knowing what the answer would be.
Oh yes , I love it here, Thank you for inviting me gushed Claudia,
Oh you are welcome any time, You have all the right attributes for the island ,
Continued Mrs Lopez,
Cruel and sadistic, replied Claudia
And the both laughed.
Next we have one of the new punishment areas explained Mrs Lopez. After about ½ a mile, Just around the corner was a lake and on the side of the lake was a large water wheel, about 8ft in diameter attached to a building. The wheel was slowly turning and had like bucket attachments instead of being slatted , these entered the water scooping it up, then as the wheel turned the water was dumped back into the lake just before the buckets re entered the water.
Mrs Lopez explained.
This is called the wheel of lost hope, the slaves hate it,
As you can see the water is not flowing in any direction so it doesn’t power the wheel at all. Inside the building the wheel is attached to a large heavy mill stone by a shaft. The slave being punished is forced to turn the stone to power the wheel. He can see the wheel through windows as he walks around and around. He can see that the wheel scoops up water then dumps it serving no real purpose. It is the sheer pointlessness that drives them mad and she giggled.
Claudia was very amused and wanted to see more.
After alighting the litter she followed Mrs Lopez into the building, they went up some wooden steps about 10 feet which opened out onto a circular room with a wooden floor.
Claudia saw a large stone wheel about 6ft in diameter but 2ft wide lying on its side with a shaft through the middle attached to one side of the wheel was a naked male sweating prefusely.
Behind him was a stunning tall athletic woman with thick long blonde hair, on seeing them she shouted HALT and the male trudged to a stop.
The blonde woman came over and Mrs Lopez introduced her as, Alena From Germany.
Alena beamed a big smile and said,
I hope you are enjoying yourself, I love it here.
Alena was strikingly beautiful , she was wearing the standard punishment gear of leather bra and tight leather shorts, black stockings, black leather gloves, and knee high stile toe boots. She looked amazing thought Claudia.
Would you like to show Claudia how the wheel works Mrs Lopez asked.
My pleasure,
Grinned Alena,
She approached the male her heels clacking on the wood as she walked. She picked up an evil looking riding quirt whip and putting her gloved finger under the males chin, forced him to look at her.
Right slave she said,
Back to work,
and she slapped his face twice good and hard with her leather gloved hand smirking at him as she did so.
Go she shouted loudly,
The male heaved with effort as he started to push the stone around.
Mrs Lopez explained that she liked to use Alena in the wheel of lost hope because she was merciless a total pitiless bitch who loved to work a man to exhaustion. She was brought up in a family where her father beat her mother and loves dishing it out to males.
At this Alena barked out,
Faster and lashed her quirt down on the unfortunate males back, the male redoubled his effort to push the heavy wheel but Alena was not satisfied and bellowed,
I said faster,
and her quirt lashed down twice more across the shoulders of her prisoner.
Claudia loved it and looked over at Alena who was grinning back at her in true sadistic delight.
The ladies stayed and watched Alena dishing it out to him for a good ten minutes as she whipped him frequently clearly loving it. The male must be hating every second of it thought Claudia laughing to herself.
Lift those feet up, don’t scuff them barked Alena and, lash lash her whip worked on him.
Claudia could have watched Alena at work for hours but it was time to move on.
Back in the litter and MRS Lopez whipped the leading slaves forcing them to trot about another ¼ of a mile to a new cell block complex.
She explained that any new arrival slaves were sent here first to be broken and collared. It was run like a military camp for them. Each male was put in a small cell and taken out for work and interrogation by the female guards. They were thought to obey without question or be punished.
Mrs Lopez looked inside a window and laughed ,
Perfect timing , Ready to mess with some male minds?
Yes please replied Claudia.
Mrs Lopez pointed to a squad of four males on their hands and knees polishing a floor in a long corridor. There must have been two hundred meters of corridor flour polished to a mirror shine by 4 males with small scraps of material about 4in square and a tin of polish.
They think they have finished nearly Ha Ha come with me,
Mrs Lopez took Claudia along the building to a door the other end of the building and by the door was a very muddy patch of recently watered mud. Mrs Lopez deliberately stood in the middle of the mud getting her boots very muddy and encouraged Claudia to do the same.
With an evil grin on her face Mrs Lopez said,
Right lets go and inspect the floor.
Claudia followed Mrs Lopez into the building and through an internal door, there stretching before them was the corridor polished to a mirror shine,
Right lets have some fun ,
Said Mrs Lopez as they walked slowly up the floor making the mirror shine all dirty from the mud on their boots.
Claudia was loving it. As they walked all the way along the once gleaming floor . At the far end the males heard them coming and could not believe it a day and a half of work, hard torturous work ruined by these grinning bitches.
Mrs Lopez pretended to be furious and kicking the first male thundered,
Call that floor clean , its disgusting how dare you be so idle, Claudia picking up on that trod on the hand of the second male grinding his hand into the floor with her boot toe, Disgusting , very poor work.
The female guard with the males was laughing as she said,
Yes totally useless. Start again from the beginning.
The males were horrified and one started to say something until the guard kicked his face and said,
You are going to get a good whipping for that, get on with it.
Claudia and Mrs Lopez adjourned to a pair of comfy chairs in a long room off the corridor with a view of the start of the corridor. It amused them greatly to see the floor males right back at the start polishing away at the floor.
I wonder what they are thinking, mused Claudia, It doent bare thinking about what it must be like to spend a day and a half cleaning a floor and have us make it all muddy again does it,
Oh I dont know , I really like the idea
Mrs Lopez replied,
Both burst out laughing,
Just as two other slaves were summoned to remove and clean and polish their boots, and two others were ordered to refresh their nylon covered feet.
Claudia relaxed in her over stuffed chair watching two males polishing boots, four males cleaning a floor, whilst a male was desperately trying to please her by licking her sweaty nylon feet. What could be better.

At this Mrs Lopez cell phone buzzed into action and she had a short conversation before hanging up.
I’m really sorry about this Claudia, but I have just been informed that a male, a really nasty piece of dirt, That we have been after for some time has been caught, and is on his way to the island. I need to make sure that I am ready to greet him. I will have to cut the tour short, but we can continue it tomorrow.
Don’t be silly, I understand ,
Replied Claudia.
The slaves were made to replace the ladies boots and Claudia was to use the litter to go back to the main house. Mrs Lopez summoned a rickshaw for a fast ride back to the office area.
Claudia enjoyed travelling back slowly via the litter and at the house went to her room.
The room slave was waiting on his knees as Claudia entered.
Have you finished the chores I set you slave, I am going to inspect your efforts know.
Claudia saw that the floors were all clean, the bathroom was all tidy and she lifted the toilet seat and smiled to herself as she saw that the toilet bowel was now gleaming.
She was broadly pleased but didn’t want the slave to get off lightly so she clicked her fingers and he knelt before her.
Not too bad but the floor in the bathroom looks like you have skimp t bit so after you help me change into my squash kit you will re-do it, and she slapped his face to emphasise her point.
James carefully helped her change into a short white skirt, White top, tan pantihose and white socks and trainers, she wore the pantihose to make her sweat more, she wanted her socks to be nice and flavoured for Mike the pilot. She liked him and wanted to make his suffering special for him.
She then went into the bathroom and took a large container of talcum powder and shook it all over the floor, making sure it covered the entire floor, right into all the corners.
It amused her greatly to tie James arms behind his back and order,
Right you can lick the floor clean again , and this time I will be able to see exactly where you skimp. Get to work.
The poor slave set to work licking the floor and Claudia picked up her squash racket and whacking him on his butt with it, as he licked away, and laughed and went to the squash court.
Naomi the stunning black mistress was just getting changed at the court for some practice and readily agreed to a game.
The were both fierce competitors and evenly matched and at 1 set all they decided to have a short break.
Naomi clicked her fingers and shouted service,
Two hapless male slaves ran over as the ladies sat down on comfortable chairs.
Arm pits instructed Naomi,
The slave mediately placed his face into her armpit and extended his tongue licking away the perspiration collected there. Much to her amusement.
Claudia had her slave do the same thing and the two ladies agreed it was a great way to deal with perspiration.
The slaves were naturally revolted at their task and had to fight off gagging impulses, much to the ladies delight.
Once both ladies arm pits were clean and fragrant again Naomi ordered,
Her slave immediately knelt down and undid the laces of her trainers with his teeth and eased them off , he then went to ease her socks off, but Naomi immediately pulled him up and slapped his face 5 times in quick succession, ordering,
get my trainers over your nose, how dare you waste the aroma from them.
The slave quickly but very reluctantly held her first, very hot, and damp trainer over his nose,
Ha Ha Ha laughed Naomi, get sniffing hard enjoy the perfume from my feet.
Again the slave struggled to cope with the acrid sweaty, strong stench from her trainer. But sniffed as hard as he could so as not to antagonise her.
When she was satisfied he had got the full benefit from her perfumed trainers she removed the insoles and had him lick them to refresh them.
Naomi noticed that Claudia was not having her trainers done and realised she was keeping them on to make her used socks extra special for mike so she said,
Claudia why don’t you have him refresh your ass if its sweaty. I am sure he would love that, wouldn’t you slave.
The slave didn’t want that at all but was terrified of Naomi and replied,
Oh yes please Mistress Claudia I would love to refresh your ass for you.
Claudia thought it was a great idea and lowed her pantihose and panties and ordered.
Get your tongue working and make it good.
The slave could feel the heat as he moved his tongue towards her butt cheeks and extending his tongue further licked up and down her damp butt crack.
Claudia kicked back at the slave and ordered,
Slowly, savour all the flavours , really work that tongue.
Meanwhile Naomi had made her slave remove her socks with his teeth and she instructed him to clean her feet.
The poor slave was licking every millimetre of her soles , searching out and consuming all her perspiration as his mistress enjoyed the sliver of his tongue on her hot damp soles.
Get all the stuff from between my toes, take your time I want to feel that tongue working away on my superior feet, boy.
Ordered Naomi,
She just loved the feeling of a tongue between her toes, It made it all the more special knowing her feet were hot and sweaty, and that the slave must be hating every second of it.
Claudia 's slave was working his tongue around her butt hole sending shivers of pleasure through her, she loved doing this to him, oh the power, the cruelty of it. She loved it.
The slaves were forced to continue until the ladies decided to play the last set.
Naomi won by two points in the end and both ladies made use of the slaves again before heading back to their respective rooms.
Claudia was delighted to see the room slave was still working away on her floor, but stopped him for a while to make her a sandwich and coffee whilst she showers and changed. She needed the toilet again and left it in a terrible state again.
Claudia decided to see what was going on in the house and as she left she ordered,
Carry on with the floor, and as she strode out of her room she looked back over her shoulder and instructed,
The toilet needs doing again., And she giggled to herself as she walked off.
The slave couldn’t believe it and gingerly raised the toilet lid hoping to just seen wetness, but the brown streaks were back,
He couldn’t believe it, that bitch, ! how could she do that to him .
Claudia went into the library and saw the beautiful Indian mistress, mistress Shilpa reading a glossy fashion magazine as a slave massaged her dainty little stocking feet.
Claudia joined her and as if by magic another slave appeared, he slipped her boots off and started kneading her black stocking feet.
Shilpa and Claudia chatted away ignoring the slaves at their feet.
How are you enjoying your stay,
enquired Shilpa,
Loving it, every minute
Replied Claudia,
there is just one thing, and she hesitated,
Oh what do tell me asked Shilpa.
Well, all this tormenting men is, is em.
Oh I see, pushing your buttons, interrupted Shilpa,
Why didn’t you say, we can go use the pleasure pens, I am feeling like it myself, and there is a male in there I just love tormenting, Lets go.
Shilpa explained that very well endowed good looking men were used as pleasure slaves for the women.
They are strapped down and the women can use them however they like. The men are deliberately denied relief for long periods to make them better sport for teasing, its fantastic.
Shilpa showed Claudia to a very plush changing room down a long corridor, where they were met by Emma the mistress in charge. The exchanged greetings and glancing at a diagram on the wall said we would like to use number five and six. I will have six and Claudia five.
The overseer Emma laughed and said,
You little minx Shilpa, you love dishing it out to Paul in six don’t you, He lusts after you so much and you break him with it,
Shilpa laughed and said,
Its such good sport Ha Ha .
Shilpa opened a locker and put on white stockings a white lacy bra and white high heeled sandals, Emma laughed and said,
Oh real torture this time, bet he ends up moving sand bags. and the both laughed.
Claudia was not sure what it meant but was taken by Shilpa into a beautifully decorated room. Inside the room were ten cubical s all with men restrained on their backs on benches. The were strapped down at the head neck, shoulders, waist, hips thighs, knees and ankles. In short they were totally helpless.
Shilpa explained that the men were extensively trained in using their tongues to pleasure women.
They are denied orgasm for a month at a time so they are always erect , and much more susceptible to teasing. For women fun.
Any unauthorised climax is punished severally.
Shilpa approached number six and said, jollily.
Remember me as she straddled his face,
get that tongue working, she commanded.
The slave started to groan but was silenced as Shilpas shaven pussy descended onto his mouth.
Claudia threw her leg over number 5 and settling her bottom on his face, with his nose between her but cheeks and her pussy over his mouth.
Claudia rocked back and forwards to her first climax.
Meanwhile Shilpa had climaxed and had got off number six and was stood in front of him showing him her stocking tops. Deliberately making little circles around the lacy tops with her finger.
She was deliberately taunting her slave, a slave that was totally helpless and at her mercy.
Her [pleasure slave was moaning struggling to control his natural urges as this beautiful woman toyed with him mercilessly. She slowly walked up his legs and lowered herself onto his straining erection drawing a hiss of pleasure from him and turned on as she was rode him to two explosive orgasms.
When she was herself sated she slowly leant forward so that her lacy bra covered breasts were right in his face.
This was too much for poor number six and he orgasmed instantly.
You piece of shit, how dare you come, you are going to suffer for that.
She rand a bell nearby and two guards appeared and dragged number six off for punishment the next morning.
Claudia was just reaching her last climax and both ladies were satisfied.
Shilpa had deliberately made no 6 lose control so she could make his life hell for a day or two. She was going to thoroughly enjoy dishing it out to him.

To be continued