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Feb 22, 2011
Island of Fem Supremacy Part 1

As the light plane made its final approach to the island its sole passenger Claudia closed her eyes and dreamed of the fun she was going to have on this her second visit. The island was situated off the coast of south America and was owned by Mrs Lopez. A Venezuelan beauty who was also a multi billionairess.
Mrs Lopez was in her early 40s but looked fabulous with a stunning figure endless legs , long dark hair and beautiful face.
Mrs Lopez used her wealth to abduct males who had perpetrated violence to women , they were brought to the island to be used as slaves by selected women guests, and the staff on the island.
Mrs Lopez was exceedingly cruel and sadistic and loved showing males no mercy what-so ever. She lived a life of absolute luxury and spent her day tormenting and punishing males.

Claudia had met Mrs Lopez when she was frozen out of a chauvinistic law firm in Manhattan,
Mrs Lopez had got her a job in an all female firm in LA Claudia got to know Mrs Lopez and during long discussions, admitted she had a sadistic side to her. Which pleased Mrs Lopez no end.
Claudia was 24 years old 5ft 8in Tall she had an amazing figure, a slim waist, large firm breasts long long shapely legs , shoulder length luscious blond hair . She was beautiful but it hadn’t stopped her being treated mean in New York. Still it was her turn to be mean now and it brought a grin to her face.
As Mike the pilot opened her door the heat struck her and she was glad she didn’t have far to walk.
Welcome to the island gushed Mike, He was a pilot for Mrs Lopez and a volunteer part time slave on the island. He had never been violent to women but he loved to serve and suffer for them .
As she got out Mike could see that Claudia was wearing Black high heeled Knee boots, black ultra shiny stockings a short black skirt and a white blouse. He couldn’t help but look at her fantastic legs which Claudia noticed to her amusement.
Mike said,
I hope I get the chance to serve you this time Miss Claudia, I would be an honour,
Claudia liked Mike and new about his little torment preferences and replied with a giggle.
Oh I intend to play lots of squash whilst I am here, so by next week when you get back I will have a weeks worth of very sweaty socks, For looking at my legs I may just tie you up and make you suck each pair clean for me. It will take you some time.
Mike was thrilled and said,
Yes Miss what ever you say.
Claudia hugged Mike more to tease him than anything and whispered
Get those legs apart my knee cant wait to punish some balls.
Mike was delighted he loved to suffer for this beauty and obeyed.
Claudia casually drove her stocking covered knee into his unprotected balls, bringing a hiss of pain from Mike.
As he slowly dropped to his knees Claudia pushed him over with the sole of her boot and trod on his chest as she stepped over him laughing out loud, as she dug her spike heel in. Mike soon recovered and quickly unloaded Claudia s 4 suitcases .
Claudia was being met by one of Mrs Lopez assistants carole who after hugging Claudia pointed to two litters each with 4 male slaves to carry them. Claudia settled herself down into the luxurious cushions whilst the slaves loaded her cases. Soon after the litters were lifted and they started there journey to the mansion house about ½ a mile away.
Claudia was glad it was so hot as the slaves would have to work much harder. She openly smirked as she saw they were sweating already and had only just started.
As the ladies travelled in absolute comfort they chatted away as the slaves toiled for them. As she looked around she saw men slaving away in the fields being forced to maximum effort by their whip wielding female overseers.
Ah this was the life she thought males suffering for females comfort and pleasure, and feeling evil she said to carole ,
Shall we hurry them a little.
Carole replied
Yes why not it will stop them being lazy. At this Claudia drew a long lunge whip from its holder and lashed it down onto the two slaves at the front of her litter , forcing them to run the last quarter of a mile.
At the mansion the sweating worn out slaves unloaded Claudia s luggage and took it up to her room.
When they returned they knelt and kissed her boots as they had to thank her for using them.
Samantha was loving it already and said,
Report to the overseers office at 2200 hours and tell them I sent you for lack of work effort!
The slaves could not believe it they had worked there guts out for her, and now they were going to suffer terribly,
Claudia knew they had worked really hard, really, but couldn’t wait to have a slave severally punished because of her, ummmm delicious she thought.
In her room, a room slave was knelt looking at the floor. Claudia drove the toe of her right boot into his side and ordered,
Unpack my things and iron anything that is creased. And polish all my shoes and boots, get on with it and slapped his face hard.
Yes mistress was the only reply as the room slave leapt into action.
Claudia made her way downstairs and asked a slave where Mrs Lopez was and was shown to a veranda with the hot sun streaming in. Mrs Lopez was sat on an easy chair being fanned by two slaves on there knees before her, She was ignoring them sipping child champagne. A third slave was lying under Mrs Lopez chair with his head by her feet. Claudia could not see his face as Mrs Lopez was using his face as a foot rest for her hot bare feet.
A click of Mrs Lopez fingers and another chair appears and two more slaves knelt and started to fan Claudia.
This was the life Thought Claudia, being waited on hand and foot by slaves, Slaves she could have punished or tortured for the slightest of mistakes she loved it.
Mrs Lopez greeted Claudia and they chatted about the latest news from the island and from LA.
About an hour later Claudia went back to her room to freshen up for dinner. James her room slave was just finishing off unpacking,
Claudia strolled past him into the luxurious bedroom and sat on the huge bed. She clicked her fingers and James ran over immediately. Claudia had an evil little grin on her face as she ordered the slave to lie down under the bed with just his head sticking out by her feet.
Claudia ordered him to remove her left boot and James struggled to pull it off, eventually managing to free it from her leg and foot.
Claudias stocking foot was soaked with perspiration from the heat and James could smell the very sweaty aroma, as Claudia looked down at him, laughed and lowered her sweaty black nylon covered foot onto his face.
Claudia flexed her toes and worked the sole of her foot over her slaves nostrils then placed the ridge between the ball of her foot and her toes directly over his nostrils.
Deep breaths through your nose slave until I say you can stop. She ordered
James was nearly gagging but was forced to inhale the sent of her foot for all he was worth. Claudia was loving it and slowly flexed her toes to make sure he got the full benefit.
Claudia was laughing out loud at his plight. She could smell her feet from where she was sitting, and knew he must be really suffering down there.
This is what she had been waiting for, God she loved making him take this treatment from her. He must be hating every second of it, This was the life, making them do anything she wanted, The slightest hesitation and she would have him punished mercilessly. They both knew it and she loved it.
After a good fifteen minutes she lifted her foot slightly and smirking into his face said,
Tongue. The slave immediately put his tongue out and Claudia wiped the sole of her foot along it from heel to toe before ordering ,
Claudia was relaxing as James worked his tongue around her sweaty sole for all he was worth.
She wondered what it must be like for him having to lick a foot she could smell from her bed, She didn’t feel sorry for him in the least, These men were here to be punished and her only hope for him was that it was total torture for him.
Now suck the sweat form the toes she ordered and he was forced to open his mouth and suck on the nylon covered toes , drinking in there flavour. And he still had the other foot to do. When he had done both stocking feet Claudia removed her stockings and made him refresh her bare feet , working his tongue between the toes to thoroughly clean them.
When she was satisfied Claudia, saw that 2200 hours was fast approaching. She ordered James into a cage in the room, it was just about possible to sit up but not lie down. James said,
Mistress I beg for a drink of water,
Certainly not replied Claudia.
I want you to enjoy the taste of my feet all night. And for your impertinence she continued as she picked up her worn stockings. You can suck these for me.
At this she enjoyed pushing the feet part of the stockings into his mouth, and don’t you dare take them out until I say so.
At this she left for the overseers office, which was in fact a large room with tiered seating. When she arrived she took up a comfy seat and saw that there were about 20 other women also seated with her as slaves served them wine. In the centre of the room was a pen with all the slaves who had incured punishment during there daily servitude. Claudia saw about 15 slaves awaiting their fate including her four litter slaves.
At this a door opened at the end of the tired seating and today’s punishment officer, Miss Naomi , entered and sat on a raised seat. Naomi was one of the most seveer punishment officers and the slaves cowered before her.
Naomi was a tall beautiful black women with an amazing figure and fantastic legs she was a real beauty. She was gay and hated men, she loved being punishment officer so she could dish out terrible punishment to males.
Tricia wore a short skirted business suite with ivory coloured stockings and teeter high heeled sandals on her beautifull feet . she banged her gavel down and shouted,
Right lets begin.
The four litter slaves were brought forward by two guards and forced to kneel and Shilpa a stunning asian guard read out the charge.
Naomi immediately looked stony faced and said,
Lack of work effort is a serious offence, and I sentence you to 20 lashes of the, and she paused, the cat of 9 tails. The slaves could not believe it they had done nothing wrong.
Naomi continued, and to make it worse the female you offended against is a visitor so this requires very serious punishment. After the 20 lashes you will be hung by the arms over night and the twenty lashes repeated at 1000 am tomorrow.
Claudia was delighted by the sentence and moved forward to gloat at the slaves.
At this four guards secured the slaves in pillories and on Naomi’s command started the sentence. Four whips lashed down in unison followed by four screams of pain. Naomi clicked her fingers and two slaves rushed over and started kissing her nylon covered feet. Naomi loved watching her sentences carried out, and it made it all the more special to have her feet kissed as she watched.
Twice during the punishment Naomi stopped the guards and asked that smelling salts be placed under the slaves noses. She didn’t want them to miss a single lash. She was loving it and kicked her
sandals off ordering the two slaves to ,
Get them soles licked or you will be next.
And the two slaves started to run their tongues along her soles for all they were worth.
At the end of the punishment the slaves were taken to the cells and hung up by their wrists with just the tips of their toes on the ground.
Claudia stayed to watch all the slaves being punished and afterwards hugged and kissed Naomi, who invited her back to her rooms after.
Claudia agreed but first she wanted to visit the litter slaves. As she approached there cell she could hear their moans and groans which was music to her ears. Claudia went up to the first slave and said,
Are you sorry for not working hard enough for me.
The male wanted to scream at her , but knew he would only suffer even more if he did. So he replied,
Yes mistress very sorry mistress.
Claudia knew that he would not dare say anything else and loved it.
One wrong word and she would have his sentence doubled.
Claudia then grabbed the slaves balls in her black leather gloved hand and said,
Beg me to squeeze them or I will tell the guards you insulted me.
The slave was helpless, suspended as he was and had to beg for more pain.
Pouting Claudia said, Im not really sure you want this, beg me louder. She was taking great delight in toying with him ,
Beg me louder,
The slave had no choice and begged .louder,
Claudia with a big grin on her beautiful face said,
Well OK if you really want me to but it will be very painful.
At this she slowly closed her hand squeezing his balls cruelly. She loved it and using both hands squeezed the left ball for 10 seconds then the right ball for 10 seconds and finally both balls for 30 seconds really hard, reveling in his screams .
Claudia was having so much fun as she went along the line of suffering slaves making them apologise to her and dishing out punishment. The last slave a convicted wife beater was suffering more than the others and was nearly out on his feet. Claudia with mock concern in her voice asked him if he would like some water, he pleaded for it so Claudia held up a nearby pitcher of water and said
Open your mouth slave,
The slave gladly opened his mouth and Claudia started to raise the pitcher. At the last second she lent forward and spat right in his mouth, The slave started to try to recoil away but this just punished his arms more, Claudia grabbed hold of his jaw and hissed, you have to earn it first , keep that mouth wide open I want to spit in it some more, then you will get some water. The slave had no choice and she spat 6 times into his open mouth ordering,
Don’t you dare swallow yet,
She made him hold the spit in his mouth for a few minutes before saying,
OK drink it down.
The slave obeyed and gagging forced himself to swallow her spit.
After this a grinning Claudia lifted the pitcher towards the slave and then slowly turned her wrist so that the cool water spilt onto the floor by her boots. Oops she giggled, I have spilt it, and I cant be bothered to walk all the way over there to fill it up, You don’t mind do you.
The slave couldn’t believe it the water cooler was only a few feet away, he was desperate for a drink , He hesitated and this brought him a stinging slap as she thundered
The slave was forced to say,
No mistress I don’t mind at all thank you mistress and with that Claudia turned on her heel and walked off laughing very theatrically as she did so.
She loved to disappoint them, to make them think she was going the be nice, then using it against them, That will teach him to beat his wife. Oh how I love being an utter bitch to them.
Claudia made her way to Naomi's rooms which were spacious and luxurious, Naomi was sat in a very comfortable seat attended by three slaves . Two of the slaves were massaging her feet, and Claudia noticed she was now wearing what looked like Dark blue pantihose and the slaves were massaging her feet through them.
Naomi greeted her and motioned for her to sit down and saw that Claudia black Christian Dior knee high, stiletto boots were a bit dusty and shouted,
NO 3 Boots and pointed at the boots. Slave three ran over knelt and started to lick the dust off. As the two women chatted about the island. She told Claudia that the latest slave collars, which all the men had on, were electric shock collars and had the same effect as a tazer.
They all get to experience it once but not many want it twice she laughed ,
About ½ an hour later Naomi said.
Do you want to see my new punishment device, I call them Punishment pants , or fragrance pants,
Claudia was intrigued and nodded her head. She knew it would involve a male suffering some how.
Naomi lifted up her skirt and over her pantihose she had on a pair of baggy panties made from a heavy canvass type material. They had rubber seals at her waist and around her thighs. Claudia noticed that the panties had what appeared to be a third leg hanging down from the back, with another rubber seal around the end.
Want a demonstration, laughed Naomi,
and Claudia nodded enthusiastically.
No 2 barked Naomi kneel up,
The slave complied and Naomi asked Claudia to handcuff him behind his back. Place him in a 24 inch leg spreader and to put a strip of duck tape over his mouth.
Just as Claudia went to put the duck tape over his mouth Naomi Said,
Just one second. She disappeared for a moment and came back with one of her stockings from earlier, she made a ball of the stocking making sure the foot part was outside. She then pushed the stocking into the slaves mouth laughing.
T hats better, he can enjoy the flavour. Put the tape on.
Claudia gleefully put the tape over, sealing the fragrant sweaty stocking in place.
The slave was forced to endure the strong taste without mercy.
Naomi ordered,
Kneel down low and as he did so she stretched the rubber seal on the extra leg part of her panties over his head and let it form a nice seal over his neck. she then manoeuvred him and herself so she was sitting on his face on the chair. The slaves nose was against a layer of pantihose nestled between Naomi's but crack, inside a pair of panties with an almost air tight seal.
Once Naomi was comfortable she said,
I forgot to tell you I have been eating lots of beans and asparagus today, and he is just about to get the full benefit of it.
At this a muffled rumbling sound came from the fragrance pants and the slaves legs twitched violently. And Claudia knew he was getting the full treatment.
Both women laughed loudly and Naomi said,
There's lots more where that came from its going to be a very, very, long night for him,
Which brought a peel of laughter from Claudia.
Oh I love it exclaimed Claudia , you are so good at finding fun ways to make them suffer,
I do love it
Confessed Naomi
The two ladies continued to chat for a while and every-so often Claudia could see the slaves legs twitching and knew Naomi was dishing out his punishment.
After about 20 minutes Naomi said,
Claudia be a honey and pass me my Dr. Scholl’s Sandal, and its over there and pointed to a wooden sandle on the floor near by.
Claudia passed her it and was intrigued. Naomi explained,
After awhile the slave starts to get wise and when he feels the gas he holds his breath until it dissipates a bit so as I let go I will hit his balls with this. He will forget all about holding his breath then. Ha ha
Here we go said Naomi and whacked the wooden sole down hard on no2 balls just as she let go,
No2s legs t wicked violently and Naomi laughed,
Cant have him cheating, he needs the full treatment.
Both women laughed out loud.
Shortly after Claudia left Naomi to it. She was tired and wanted a bath she didn’t bother the room slave as she didn’t want to remove him from his cage. She had a long luxurious bath in deep water. She deliberately left the hot tap running and the stopper out a bit to drain water off. She did this because she knew slaves would be generating electricity on the tread mill and it would register that the water temp in the main hot-water tank was falling. This would mean the slaves would be whipped by the overseers up to maximum effort to re heat the water.
Claudia relaxed and knew she was being mean, she let out a spoilt little giggle enjoying herself Oh I love this place she thought.
When she had soaked long enough she got ready for bed.
She had a ls look at her room slave suffering in his cramped cage , with her stockings still in his mouth. before switching the light off and getting into her ultra comfy bed.
As she lay there, she thought about her great day, she also thought about the male trapped in Naomi's punishment panties, What must it be like to suffer that, I didn’t bear thinking about. Well not what it would be like to take it, but she loved the thoght of dishibg it out.
The male was a slave and deserved every minute of it, and more.
After 10 hours of blissful sleep Claudia awoke and let her room slave out of the cage. She noted with pleasure that it looked like he didn’t get much sleep.
You may remove my stocking from your mouth now slave, she ordered, and he gratefully complied.
Go have a cold shower and a drink and report back to me with a coffee . You have 7 minutes. Whilst I shower dont be late unless you are just begging to suffer,
The slave had to run to the main entrance and across the lawn to the slave quarters. He showered and went to the kitchen for the coffee. Slaves were preparing breakfast and the overseer was a beautiful Chinese Girl called Lally.
What do you want slave she thundered,
Coffee For mistress Claudia,
OK slave but why are you still wet and dripping on my floor.
Slave explained his time restiction, and that, he only had a minute or so left,
So Lally said, OK and clicked her fingers, immediately a slave handed Claudia s room slave the coffee, He was just about to run off with it when Lally said,
Just lick those drips of the floor before you go.
The slave had no choice and worked his tongue as lally stood over him , deliberatly smirking hands on hips.
She had on a short skirt , black shear stockings and black knee high boots, she deliberatly stood on his fingersof his left hand with her boots, just to enjoy his wince of pain. She had an amused look on her face as she said,
As your down there my boots need a lick clean as well, knowing full well she was making him late. The slave was furious but dare not show it as he carefully ran his tongue all over the leather of her expensive boots.
When she was satisfied she said,
OK off you go. And laughed as he ran off with the coffee
The poor slave ran back to Claudia s room in the feint hope she wouldn’t notice, but as he got there he could see she was looking at her watch. She slapped his face hard and said,
You lazy little shit, you are going to suffer for being slow with my coffee. Help me dress as I muse over suitable punishment for you.
The slave couldn’t believe how evil these beautiful women could be. Mistress Lally knew she was going to make him late, and that he would be punished for it. But she had enjoyed making him suffer. His life was hell.
Claudia would dress in A short skirt, a blouse Black stockings and four inch heels . She would sun bath in a bikini later but like most of the mistress she like to dress to tantalise the slaves. She knew they were only permitted to masturbate once a month which made them much more suseptable to teasing, something she loved doing . The room slave Started to assist her with her stockings and she could see he was fighting his natural urges. Make sure they are smoothed out properly, run your hands up and down my legs and take your time I wnt them perfect..
This was torture for the frustrated slave and Claudia was enjoying his suffering greatly. When he had done both legs she said looking at her stockings,
I not sure, they are still a bit ruffled in places , do it again,
The bitch , the room slave thought. Does she not know what this is doing to me.
Claudia was in fact very much aware it was torture for him, and was loving it.
As the slave again ran his hands up and down the beautiful stocking legs Claudia said,
And as she did so, she deliberately ran the sole of her foot lightly along the front of the slaves shorts, Slaves only wore shorts and collars , Deliberately teasing his frustrated penis more.
I know, as punishment for my late coffee ,you will clean and tidy my room,with my squash shoe tied over your nose,Leaving the bathroom until last., You can then take my shoe off your nose , because you are to clean my bathroom with your tongue , including the floor and Toilet. It had better be spotless.
Ever hour you are to go and find a Mistress and beg her to cane you the number of strokes being what ever hour it is , So 11am gets you eleven strokes, do I make myself clear.
Yes mistress he replied.
Good kiss my feet then. She continued.
After this Claudia went into the bathroom it was still in a state from her morning shower and last nights bath. She noticed that the toilet had brown stains down it from her ablutions last night and she grinned wickedly as she walked back to the waiting slave thinking about , her slaves tongue having to clean it all up. The slave was ordered to fetch her squash shoe and she used an old stocking to secure it over his nose. The shoe had a very sweaty Oder to it, and it made it more fun for her.
Claudia the left him to it saying I am off to breakfast you are not to flush the toilet before you clean it , is that clear.
At that she left for breakfast and a full day of tormenting As Claudia was served a fantastic breakfast in the canteen by slaves .her room slave was hard at work. Claudia had been very lazy , deliberately,. She had just thrown things on the floor and the slave toiled away. Every hour he had to beg one of the guards to whip him, The guards loved it and always made him lick there boots first. It took him some time to clean and polish the room and the effort made him breath hard forcing him to inhale more of the sweaty aroma from the shoe over his nose.
When he was sure the rest of the rooms were done he had some slight relief when he was able to remove the shoe. He then started on the bathroom, he could not believe how bad it was , towels on the floor to pick up. Then he had to start on the floor. He had to lick it clean. As he worked his tired tongue across the floor he saw a post it note which said
eat me,
and there was an arrow pointing to a pile of toe nail cuttings, . That bitch he thought how can she ask that, but he knew he had to. So he put them in his mouth and some how managed to swallow them all.
Next came the sink, Claudia had deliberately left lots of used toothpaste stains all over it, and although the sink felt nice and cold against his sore tongue, he was forced to lick really hard to remove the toothpaste.
After this he lifted the toilet lid,
Oh no, ,no he thought. That evil bitch . The sides of the bowel were stained brown and she was making him use his tongue. Yes he knew he had done wrong to steal all his girlfriend money and slap her when she found out, but had-dent he paid enough, why did he have to do this.?
The slave forced himself to put his head into the bowel. The smell hit him and he tried to gag, He had to do this, the price of failing was too high, so tentatively he stuck out his tongue and started to work on the Staines. He gagged frequently as he worked away to make his mistresses toilet spotless.
Meanwhile Claudia had drunk copious amounts of orange juice with mistress Carole . They got on really well and Carole informed her that Mrs Lopez wanted to take Claudia on a tour of the new additions to the island. When Claudia first visited the main hard labour was building the facilities , Things had progressed and Mrs Lopez was keen to show Claudia.
After breakfast Claudia told carole she needed the toilet and carole Said gleefully.
Great lets go use the new Toilet blocks.
In the luxurious toilet blocks with marble everywhere, Claudia opened a toilet stall door , the stall was quite large with two males in it. One was kneeling awaiting instructions. The other had his feet chained to the floor about 2 feet apart. , his arms were chained around the toilet she couldn’t see his face because his head was inside a hatch at the front of the toilet which had a tight rubber seal around his neck.
Oh fantastic toilet slaves exclaimed Claudia. To Carole and slapped the kneeling slaves face good and hard to get a reaction. She then lifted the toilet seat and saw a male face staring up at her, He looked petrified, she judged him to be about 35,
Carole came in and told Claudia that it was his first time in the toilet block. Apparently he had-dent polished Mrs Lopez knee high horse riding boots properly. Mrs Lopez thought it may be a good punishment for him. He has got 7 days down here.
Claudia, indignantly proclaimed,
I think she has been very lenient with him, The idle swine deserves very severe punishment for not polishing a ladies boots properly for her don’t you think so carole,
Both ladies were smirking down at the helpless slave, and Carole replied,
Oh definitely, he deserves a bare minimum of absolute torture,
don’t be soft on him Claudia. At this Carole went to the next stall and Claudia slowly lowered her panties and with one look into the bowl ordered,
Mouth wide open slave, don’t wast a single drop.
She then lowered her bottom onto the seat, and moments later a stream of water hit his face,.
Ah fantastic thought Claudia. When she was finished she again slapped the kneeling slave and slid forward ordering ,
Clean me.
The well trained slave shuffled forward on his knees and licked Claudia s pussy lips dry. She giggled and thought to herself,
Who needs toilet paper when you can make a slave do it, and it feels so good. !
!When she was satisfied her pussy was clean she turned around and said to the slave,
Just refresh my ass for me , and the slave mediately extended his tongue and worked it all over her butt hole.
He was in fact well trained. It was his tenth time in the toilet block. One of the youngest Guards Amanda , only 19 years old, a real spoilt little bitch, a blonde, beauty, knew him , He had taken her out once but had never phoned her again after the date. She accused him of sexual assault and because she knew Mrs Lopez, he was abducted after his prison sentence.
Amanda was honest about framing him and Mrs Lopez just said,
It doesn’t matter , he should not have insulted you.
Since his arrival Amanda had taken it upon herself to make his life a misery.
She had deliberately worn stockings for 3, or 4 days just to have the pleasure of making him lick the feet parts clean, She also liked to tie him up and waft her very stinky stockings under his nose , tormenting him, before very slowly, forcing them into his mouth. She just loved to watch the revulsion on his face as she made him suck every last bit of her sweat out of them. She really loved to taunt him, to laugh in his face, to mock him,as he struggled to cope with the taste, and if he showed the slightest reaction, or hesitation, she then sent him to the toilet block for a week.
Amanda was highly intelligent, and loved the psychological games, She always dressed provocatively when she had him at her mercy, Really short skirts, shiny shear black stockings, heels and a blouse half open. She loved the fact that they both knew she framed him, but he had to be totally grovelling to her. Or suffer the consequences.
She never tired of making him suffer and revelling in it. She liked to have him brought to her room, she would strip him naked and make him stand to attention. . She would then make him fully extend his arms out to his sides at shoulder hight. So they were at 90 degrees to his body with the palms facing downwards. She would then place her high heeled shoes, sole down against his hands and make him balance them , the shoes were hard to balance , but that was the whole idea.
Amanda would then say
20 minutes and don’t you dare drop one of my shoes, not unless you really want me to torture your balls.
Amanda would relax on the sofa watching his discomfort. After only a few minutes fategue would set into his arms and he would be battling to keep them out.
She loved it and would deliberately taunt him with her nylon covered legs. She would adjust the stocking tops, run her finger tips up her thighs, Flex her nylon covered feet and toes. He was transfixed,
She would then say,
Keep then arms out straight. Don’t make me add on another 10 minutes for cheating,
She knew she was toying with him and would add,
I love this, watching you suffer, Ha Ha Ha, I bet those arms are aching, What’s it like having to do all this for me? Having to let me torture you, and having to kiss my feet to thank me afterwards,
I would hate it if I was you, she would pout.
A merciless bitch like me playing with you, tormenting you, just for her pleasure, and there is nothing you can do about it, and she would let out a peel of laughter.
He always doped a shoe , and she was pretend to be furious, she would knee him in the balls squeeze his balls, wack his balls with a 12 inch plastic ruler, then send him for a weeks toilet duties.
Claudia looked into the toilet bowel and saw that the spluttering fool had not managed to drink her precious gift to him, she was not impressed,
Slave take off my right boot, and the clean up slave hurriedly did as commanded.
Claudia looked into the toilet bowel and said,
I am Mistress Claudia and when a superior being tells you not to wast a drop, That is what you must do. I am going to punish you for this impertinence
She then stepped around between his out stretched legs and drove her stocking covered toes into his unprotected balls.
The slave let out scream of agony but could not move an inch.
There is nothing like kicking a totally helpless man’s balls thought Claudia. So little effort to cause so much pain. She waited for the slave to recover a bit before driving her toes into his balls again. Another scream of pain followed . Claudia looked down at her toes, she liked her feet, she knew they were pretty, but she liked the fact she could make men kiss them, and serve them. She flexed her dainty toes and drove them 4 more times into the slaves balls.
Claudia let him recover a bit then peered down at the tear stained wet face of the poor slave and said,
Next time I say every drop, I mean every drop. Is that clear,
Yes Mistress mumbled the broken slave.
Claudia was not having that,
Claudia put the heel of her stockinged foot on his crutch and slowly put weight onto that foot crushing his tortured balls into the floor,
Louder she ordered.
Yes mistress
shouted the slave in a high pitched voice. Claudia kept the pressure on her foot and ordered,
Say it again,
Yes mistress , Then
Thank me for correcting you she smirked,
This was hell for the slave,
This woman had just peed all over his face and kicked his balls mercilessly, and now he had to thank her,
Thank you for correcting me shouted the slave,
Ah she loved that, being wickedly cruel and then making them thank her for it.
She thought about the conflict in his head, he must have wanted to kill her for what she just did to him, but he knew if he didn’t obey, she could torture him much, much more. And would , and love doing it,
At this she kicked his balls one last time had her boot put back on and left saying,
Your in luck your next costumer is here.