Regretting my decision...100% True Story

Oct 22, 2009
Fort Worth, Texas
Here’s a little background everyone…
My wife and I have been together 5 years. She facesits me often and we use it as a negotiation tool (If she wants something from me in the form of clothes, shopping, going out to eat, ect)

It’s a win win- I get what I want and she gets what she wants.
We even have a smotherbox and tons of bondage devices which makes everything that much more fun.

She will have me in the box for our “session”, keep me in there about 20 minutes, jerk me off…and then I’m ready to be let out and done. (I’m sure you guys can relate, Once you get off your ready to be done with the fantasy). She knows that too so she will make sure to let me out.

With all that said…here’s my story. This is 100% true. I will not leave out anything and I will not add anything fictional. Everythings real here.

The Decision I Regretted

The wife and I have been arguing pretty hardcore about money last week. Tons of different stuff going on but it caused us to have an extremely heated argument and I said some things I wish I hadn’t. I was a real dick. We had a screaming fight and I left the house to go to work. Halfway through works she sends me a text.

Wife: “ Hey babe…if you take us out to dinner tonight I will do something extremely special for you ;)

I thought it was weird since we had been fighting, but oh well….

Me: “Okay…sounds good! I can’t wait”

So she pretended everything was okay and we went out to eat just like a normal day, came home and it was time to do the “session”. She asked if I was okay with her shrink wrapping my entire body and putting me in the box.
I, of course, said it was a great idea!

She got out the smotherbox and all of her toys. She shrinkwrapped me pretty good and cut out a tiny hole for my penis and stuck it through. Next thing I knew she was putting a layer of duct tape around the shrink wrap as well…and then another layer…and another…and another. I was sweating my ass off at this point and we hadn’t even started. I had a few layers of shrinkwrap and a ton of duct tape on me. There was no way I was going to get out of that.

She then put a sock in my mouth and taped my mouth shut.

Wife: “ I don’t want to hear you complain that I’m being to intense!”

I immediately got excited. She wrapped the roll of duct tape around my head several times.

I then laid back and she put my head in the smother box and padlocked it shut. I couldn’t even move a little. I modified my smotherbox to where there is literally no room to move my head from side to side. Fits me PERFECT.
I expected the usual “session”. Her smothering me and playing with my dick for a good 20 minutes…jerking me off and letting me out. I was sadly mistaken.

After she locked the box shut she started. She sat down on my face with full weight. My dick was immediately hard. Right then and there she put lube on my dick and jerked me off until I came. I had only been in the box for 1-2 minutes at that point. I knew something was different…she went through all
this trouble just for 1-2 minutes?

At this point I had came and I was ready to be let out. I couldn’t tell her this
because my mouth was taped shut pretty good.

Wife: “Yeah…remember that fight we had? Because I do. I know your weakness. You want out right now don’t you?”

I shook my head yes the best I could, but the box was hindering my movement.

Wife: “Yeah this is your punishment for talking to me the way you did. I bet after tonight you won’t ever do that again. I know you want let out of the box but I don’t plan on letting you out anytime soon. So make yourself
comfortable because you are in for a long night of smothering”

I was pissed. I couldn’t believe I fell for this. I was so irritated, mad, upset, scared…all emotions flowed through my body at once.

She sat back down on my face with full weight.

Wife: “I know your limits. I will get up when I feel like you need air. Otherwise you will NOT move. If you move I will sit here longer. The more you squirm, the longer I will sit. I really don’t care at this point if you pass out or not”

To be continued…
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May 24, 2005
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Well you've got my attention, a great read im looking forward to part 2 my friend. Although it sounds terrifying im jealous.

how long did your wife keep you there?



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Sep 21, 2010
Been waiting for you to write some more...definitely worth the wait! Awesome start to your experience, can't wait for you to continue on with this.
Jun 12, 2003
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Ironic that so many of us here i imagine dream about having just such an experience. for me, being totally helpless is part of what makes face-sitting so wonderful. I too was hoping for a continuation, alas.