Reina Simone Mixed Wrestling 6 REAL Knockouts 1080 HD

Sep 7, 2011

After her infamously brutal First ever beatdown, the Krav Maga specialist and brutal dominatrix Reina Simone shows her versatility in this mixed wrestling clip. Immediately ensnaring her larger prey in a rear naked choke, Reina easily takes him to the mats and latches on a bodyscissors for additional leverage. Refusing to release the hold, Reina delivers her first 100% REAL knockout, and apathetically states “He’s gone”. The ruthless Reina immediately takes her bitch’s back again and authoritatively states, “I’m going to choke you out, cause that’s what you deserve”. Keeping the pressure on her slave’s carotid artery, Reina makes good on her promise as she delivers her second 100% REAL Knockout. Showcasing her lethal thighs, Reina clamps her slave’s neck into a figure four headscissors, showcasing her extensive endurance and training. Ruthless throughout, Reina delivers her third 100% REAL knockout from yet another savage rear naked choke. Locking on a standing headscissor, the sexual sadist gently caresses her slave’s hair, as she clearly gets off on crushing his skull. Reverting back to her signature sleeper hold, Reina delivers her fourth 100% REAL knockout. Grappling with her slave, Reina giggles as she easily establishes dominance, and applies a textbook guillotine. Digging her forearm deep into his trachea Reina delivers her fifth 100% REAL knockout. Her appetite for sadism still not satiated, Reina applies yet another rear naked choke, delivering her sixth and final 100% REAL knockout. Standing foot on face, Reina Simone flexes her sinewy biceps of destruction in victory fashion, in one of our most violent mixed wrestling clips of all time.

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