Request for Big Trouble S Vergara


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Aug 27, 2002
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Nice pictures, sevencircles.They are great looking woman, but I would not call them "a little big". :p
The first one could stand anywhere she wanted to on me!



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May 26, 2003
quote from a interview with her about this scene:

Do you think Miami is as crazy as it’s portrayed in the film -- goats running loose, hallucinogenic toads squirting people?

Crazy things do happen here, maybe the sun is too hot on the heads of people, I don’t know.

Crazy things like having your toes sucked? You were so funny in the scene where Stanley Tucci was sucking your feet. Were you wearing prosthetics, or was he really doing it?

Yes, he was really sucking my toes. Oh, I felt so bad for him! We had to do several takes, and of course right after there’s a scene where I have to run, so each time I would wash my feet.

I wouldnt mind doing several takes!


PS: Hi, im a lurker trying to atone for my sins of leeching from this forum, inspired by some old thread linked by kenrug! (which can be found here btw:
I read through most of that and was about to reply but looked at the date of the posts and realised it was old stuff :p