Request help with trample fetishism definition

Aug 10, 2002
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A previous writer noted that the editable online dictionary Wikipedia had combined crush-fetishism directly with trample-fetishism. I corrected the distinction somewhat.

Now, I note the entry for trample fetishims (which again suggests the two are the same thing)
AND suggests it is an offshoot of macrophilia, a related fetish I will agree but quite separate.

What we need is an intelligent set of definitions for how we feel on the subject. I say "set" because I am well-aware of the disagreements in community relating to female dominance, footwear, and other aspects.

If we could work up an article here, then whenever someone hijacks the Wikipedia entry, someone could repost the original.
I'm willing to do the final editing if members want to discuss (within the Rules) what the trampling-fetish is to them.



P.S. I'll post a few of my ideas too. What does old Krafft-Ebing have to say? A historical look would be nice too.
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