Resse and Tangent


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Aug 17, 2006
Does anyone know if Reese or Tangent will meet for private sessions. I live in Vegas and would love to do one.
Tangent lives here in Phoenix and Reese is a possibility in the near future. I am getting together with all my models to discuss the option of sessions. I am getting the website redesigned to show a collage of pics for each girl rather than pics and descriptions from each video. Once that is done I will have talked to each girl individually to gauge an interest in private sessions and there will be a way you can contact me about possible sessions. I often bring Tangent on road trips to CA with me so I'm sure I could bring her to Vegas at some point but honestly I am planning on spending my time in Orange County and Phoenix for the rest of the year. The next time I see Reese will be in August when she meets me in CA for a few days of shooting.