Rough and dirt till you cum HD

Jun 3, 2011
Mistress Julia dominats her lave. She ha prepared the cockbox just like the floor in the club. The cock is in the middle of the cigarette buds and ash as she starts working the cock with her pink metal heel stilettos. They have riffled rubber soles and hurt while she slides of the cocks head. The angles are extreme wide and close and so are the poses. How can the slave take this? She presses the shaft of the cock under one sole and massages the head. Finally stands on the cock full weight. But the heels do not hurt as much as she wants so she changes into her thin wedge sandals. Now she completly stands on the shaft with one wedge heel while massaging the dirt into the cock. Then it is time to stand on the slaves manhood again. She retunrs to crushing the cocks shaft full weight with one heel while milking him dry.

Hope you like it.


Aug 7, 2002
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