Roxy + Svetik


Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt
recently sent for membership, was provided a link and it stated page does not exist... contacted the webmaster and no reply, one week now, BEWARE!!!!
over the past few years i've been a member at these sites at least four times apiece and haven't had any problems. which one did you join? in filling out your membership you selected a username and password, which hopefully you've recorded somewhere.

if you joined Roxy's site - DA-Chicks, try logging-in here:

if it was the other one, Svetik's Bruteen site, here:

if your username and password prove to be dysfunctional, you must contact BHE Billing, not the webmaster. the BHE email address is located on the membership submission page. i'd put it here but i fear they'd get spammed in turn by the bots, etc.

think of the bright side to all this: you've time to savour the impending splendor of all the wondrously lustrous Femdom imagery and vids you're surely soon to possess.


from DA-CHICKS!~