Russia girls.Babes. Young (19 yrs old), beautiful girls humiliate a guy

Apr 23, 2017

Babes. Young (19 yrs old), beautiful girls humiliate a guy. Spitting Domination. AVI After Betty has given her “boyfriend” a serious thrashing, she invites her friend Bertie to join in the fun. They tie him to the bed and begin scrapping their high heels across his chest while spitting in his face. They laugh at him and mock his hopeless sexual attraction to their youthful beauty. They make him tilt his head back to be a better receptacle for their spit. They have no more feeling for him than they would have for an insect and they laugh so hard they double over. Their sweet, girlish laughter goes well with their heartless cruelty. They end with seeing how much spit they can build up on his face. As always, everything is filmed.