Saddle Face

Mar 19, 2003
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Imagine a place where women can indulge a certain cruel and nasty fetish, a fetish that involves sitting on a mans upturned face in a highly abusive and degrading manner. Imagine that the man is an unwilling victim forced to follow any order given to him, no matter how vile or disgusting. Imagine that man is you. I certainly imagine it quite a lot.


He stared up and saw his face reflected in the mirror on the ceiling. He was on his back, strapped helplessly to a bench. His entire torso was concealed. All he could see was his face, which formed the centrepiece of a leather saddle. He wanted to cry. It was so humiliating, so degrading. He’d never realised that so many seemingly normal girls had this cruel and nasty fetish. Worse still that they were willing to act it out for real. The party of seven girls had left only moments before. There was a pair of black panties spilling from his mouth which had been soaked in their urine and he could see some of the brown shit marks that they’d left on his face. He heard the door open and saw the face of Hanna loom over him with her cleaning equipment. She pulled the panties from his mouth with a pair of tongs and a look of complete disgust. She sprayed disinfectant and warm water into his face and into his mouth. Within two minutes she had cleaned him up and just like a toilet in a hotel, she put a strip of paper over his face to signify he was cleaned and sanitised, ready for the next clients. Hanna left the room and he was left alone staring up at himself in the ceiling mirror. The paper sash over his face had Russian writing on it. His next clients were going to be Russian. It was a popular fetish for Russian women. He knew he was in for a rough ride, literally.

The door burst open and he heard them both talking loudly and aggressively. He could tell immediately that they were very drunk. Both their faces came into view. In their mid forties he guessed with big gold rings and bracelets. They were very unattractive, large and overweight with loads of make up. The smell of alcohol was very strong. One of them tweaked his nose viciously bringing tears to his eyes and then she hitched up her long skirt and straddled his face. Her panties were quite smelly but not nearly as bad as many of girls that paid to use him. She started to rub herself on his upturned face. Slowly at first and then harder. She put her feet into the special stirrups and then started to bounce viciously. Her hand slid into her green satin panties as she pounded his face. She pulled the crotch band to one side and banged him on the top of his head. His tongue slid out and began to lick and caress the different parts of her fanny that she pushed onto his mouth. As his tongue hit the right spot she stopped moving and let his tongue do its job. He nibbled and suckled her clitoris for what must have been ten minutes and then she came. He could feel her orgasm explode on his face and then she just sat there still as her orgasm washed over her. Having sated herself on the Englishman’s face, she continued to sit on it chatting to her friend with no regard for the man beneath her. Fifteen minutes later she dismounted. It was her friend’s turn.

Her friend was already naked. It wasn’t a pretty sight. She swung her leg over and squatted just over his face, facing the opposite direction to her friend who had gone before. She pulled her bum cheeks wide apart and dropped herself right onto his mouth. The bang on his head almost knocked him out but still he knew instinctively what he had to do. His tongue snaked into her anus. Her anus was rather sweaty and greasy and his tongue slid easily inside. The large Russian woman pushed down hard forcing his tongue as deep as it would go. She started to rhythmically push up and down, up and down. She started to come really quickly and as she did so she wiped her rather large bottom all over his face. She couldn’t have been on his face more than 2 minutes but she was done. She got off him and without even glancing at him, she got dressed. Her friend pushed some cash into his mouth and they both left.

Hanna returned to clean him up for the next clients. She smiled when she saw the money. In broken English and with her heavy African accent she told him that if he could get another tip for her, she and her friends would be nice to him later. He knew she was lying. Even if she wasn’t lying he knew that his clients rarely left money in his mouth. They left other items, dirty socks and panties, used tissues, soiled tampons, shit stained toilet paper, but rarely money. Hanna fixed the personalised sanitary strip across his face, made a money sign to him by rubbing her fingers together and then left the room. The look Hanna gave him sent a shiver of dread through his bruised and battered body. He knew that any failure to secure another tip would be severely punished by the young sadistic Namibian girl. He couldn’t believe that he, a forty three year old man could be so frightened of a twenty three year old girl, yet this twenty three year old girl had almost total power over him, and she liked nothing more than abusing that power. He tried to concentrate on pleasing and pleasuring his next clients. Perhaps it would work out. Perhaps these girls would leave a tip too. He recognised the Czech language on the sanitary strip across his face. Please just be one girl he thought, please just one girl. The door opened and four of them walked in. He could tell immediately that it wasn’t going to be pleasant for him.

They must have been in their early twenties. All of them talking loudly and excitedly at the same time. They were all staring down at him now. They were quite pretty. A short slightly plump blond girl laughed in his face and banged him on the head. He poked his tongue out and wiggled it about. The four girls all cheered. Another, slimmer dark haired girl reached into a plastic bag she had in her hand and pulled out a tartan G string. She said something to her friends and they all recoiled laughing and making expressions of disgust. The crotch piece of the tartan material was dangled over his face, his tongue still wiggling. The dark haired girl with the G string banged him twice on the head and he pulled his tongue back in. A third girl, she was stunning, tall, blonde and a very pretty face, banged him once on the head and he poked out his tongue again. The girl with the tartan G string banged him twice and he withdrew his tongue again. The fourth girl, short and plain with dyed red hair banged his head once, very hard. Dazed he poked out his tongue again.

As the girls played their game he caught a smell of shit. He focused for a moment on the G string being held just above his face. He saw a large skid mark. They eventually finished their little game and the dark haired girl looked at him, opened her mouth and went ahhhhh. He did the same and the filthy G string was pushed into his mouth. The gorgeous blond girl who was wearing a short polka dot ra ra skirt clutched her tummy and said something. All the other girls moved quickly away as the gorgeous blond quickly mounted his face and let out a long, loud and very smelly fart. He was nearly sick and pondered for a moment how such a beautiful girl could be so vile and disgusting. She on the other hand was having a great time. This was after all her sexual fantasy. She let out another vegetable curry induced fart and felt herself get incredibly wet. Her panties were soaked and she started to rock herself over his face. Her friends began to cheer her on and she pumped herself harder and harder. Another fart slipped out and this time it made her cum. She ground herself over his face, pulled the soaked gusset of her panties to one side and pushed his nose into her fanny. She sat there for a moment to recover pushing his nose inside herelf, and then dismounted. The plump blond girl, who like the dark haired girl also had a dirty knicker fetish, jumped on quickly to take her place. All the while he had the shit stained G string in his mouth.

The plump blond girl bounced around for a bit and then got up and started to taunt him. Her damp knickers had an extremely strong odour of stale urine. He hardly spoke Czech. She kept shouting at him, then slapping his face. He made a guess at what she wanted and started to suck and chew at the nasty tasting material in his mouth. The blonde girl stood in the stirrups looking down into his face with her dress hitched up and laughed hysterically. She called over her friends and they gathered round laughing as he desperately tried to clean the shit off the G string. The blond girl said something and the dark haired girl seemed to agree and then looked at him and opened her mouth and went ahhhh. He did the same and she removed her G string. She made a pretence of inspecting them much to the others merriment. They were still quite heavily stained. The blonde girl slapped him hard around the face. She stood over him and slapped his face hard again. Her other hand travelled to her crotch and drew his eye to the gusset of her off white cotton panties. It was absolutely disgusting. As she lowered herself just over his face he was able to breathe in the awful stench which made his eyes water. She hovered just above him brushing the urine soaked gusset lightly over his nose so he could get the full benefit of her stink. She got up for a moment and the girl with red dyed hair put some tape over his mouth. The blonde plump girl with dirty knickers giggled and continued to brush his nose harder and harder building into a slow wank. Her fingers went into her knickers as she rubbed herself harder and harder on his nose. As she began to reach her climax she started to bounce furiously and then with a gasp she had a huge and very wet orgasm into her extremely smelly and very soiled panties. She dismounted, removed her knickers and placed the heavily soiled garment over his battered features.

Hanna wasn’t pleased to find a pair of dirty panties instead of money. She spat in his face and told him that he was going to be punished severely. She cleaned his face but instead of rinsing his mouth with antiseptic mouth wash, she squatted over him and made him swallow her urine. It wasn’t very hygienic for the next clients but they were English and Hanna didn’t care much for the English.
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Mar 19, 2003
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Saddle Face (Part 2)

The two English girls looked down at him. One was slim, in her mid twenties, the other fat, in her late thirties. They were impressed with the sanitary strip across his face. It read “This face seat has been cleansed and sanitised. Please use as you wish.” The strip was ripped away and the two friends debated who should go first. He’d never been used by girls from his own country before. It was rare that he understood the conversations around him. There had been a party of American women once but this was the first time he’d been used by English girls.

The slim younger girl chatted to her friend about her fetish and explained the length of time she’d worn the same pair of knickers. She looked down at him and smirked as she described how after the fifth day of wearing them she’d felt compelled to turn them inside out. On the strength of this conversation the fat unattractive girl decided she should go first. She slipped off her underwear and straddled his face. She pulled open her buttocks and indulged her fantasy by sinking down and pushing his nose as far up her arse hole as possible. She banged his head so his tongue lapped her clitoris. Then she started to fart. Long silent smelly farts. He gagged. She arose from her position and slapped his face berating him for gagging and also for allowing the smell to escape. She taped his mouth shut and pinched his nose. In moments he was struggling to breathe. Just as he thought he’d pass out from lack of air she let go of his nostrils and at the same time let rip another smelly fart.

Desperately he sucked in the fetid air through his nostrils and again he gagged at the stench. Again she slapped and berated him and again she repeated her disgusting and cruel game. He could hear the laughter of the other girl. He had no idea what the girl on his face had eaten but she just kept farting and he was given no choice but to breathe in her gas. Her nasty game had brought her to a state of extreme sexual excitement and now she was ready to cum in his face. She ripped off the tape, placed her anus over his mouth and banged his head. He started to lick. She farted again as she rubbed her rectum hard on his probing tongue and rode his face as if he was some kind of inanimate sexual toy. After a full twenty minutes of hard face riding interspersed with more gruesome farts, she had a huge orgasm. She kept him suckling her anus for a while longer and then dismounted her human face saddle declaring she needed a shit. She wiped his face with a disinfectant towel to clean him as a courtesy to her slimmer younger friend, and then left the room.

The young blonde haired girl stared down at him. She told him how it was his lucky day and that it was an honour for a loser like him to have a gorgeous girl like her sit on his face. She wasn’t that gorgeous at all but he wasn’t going to say anything even if he had been allowed to speak. Silence had been beaten into him many weeks before. She had a pair of tight cotton leggings. He saw her panties outlined against the black cotton material. She swung her leg over and facing away from his body plopped herself squarely on his face. She put her feet in the stirrups, grabbed one of the conveniently situated handles and ground herself into his face as hard as she could. Through the black cotton leggings that rubbed furiously on his nose he could smell the strong odour of her panties. She was grunting and letting loose a diatribe. “Yeah, that’s it, smell me pathetic loser. Do I smell nice. I’ve worn these same knickers for over a week and I haven’t had a bath or shower either. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as me, yeah that’s it, smell ‘em you pathetic sad fucker.…”

Her dirty talk was making her more horny. She tugged her leggings and knickers down and pushed her very wet cunt onto his mouth and banged his head. As he started to lick she pulled her extremely soiled underwear from the leggings and studied the filth that had accumulated in the gusset. They were a pair of pink cotton knickers with small flowers printed on them and dainty little ribbons. The sight of the pee stains and heavy skid marks made her so incredibly horny. She started to play with herself whilst he licked her. She could feel his servile tongue on her fingers as she inserted them into her sopping wet pussy. She rose up in the stirrups and pushed the shit and piss stained gusset of her knickers into his mouth. “Clean them” she demanded. She pulled out a large vibrator from her handbag and used it to pleasure herself as she stood in the stirrups over his face watching him chewing the sodden and stained garment. Then she sat back down and carefully inserted his nose into her wet vagina and rode his face hard. It didn’t take her long to reach the best orgasm she’d ever had. To her this had always been a fantasy. She’d never imagined that she’d get to act it out for real. It was mind blowing. She knew she had to come and visit this place again perhaps with a couple of other friends who she knew would really enjoy it. She patted his cum soaked face, removed her soiled panties from his mouth and said to him “well done, you’ve earned a second date with me, lucky man.” She laughed at her own joke and tossed her filthy underwear into a nearby bustbin.

Her friend returned from the toilet. It was no surprise for him what happened next. It had happened many times before to him, but this time he understood the commentary. “Oops, forgot to wipe my arse properly, best use his face then I suppose.” There was more laughter and then her dirty bottom descended and his features were engulfed in the stinky darkness of her shit smeared bum. He was forced to lick her clean and then finally after having used him for two hours they departed and he was left to contemplate his situation in the mirror above. He knew Hanna wouldn’t take kindly to the brown mess on his face and later that night after closing she and the other cleaning ladies along with a few of their friends took turns, first beating him and then using his mouth as their toilet. He wanted to kill himself but suicide was a luxury beyond his power. The group of cruel African girls partied long into the night. Thankfully he wasn’t the only male slave who had to put up with such awful torture and abuse. There were others even less fortunate than him who shared the horrors that were meted out in this terrible place. To his female ‘clients’ though this place wasn’t so terrible. In fact to many of them it was their favourite place of all.

Having survived another night to the not so tender mercies of his African handlers, he found himself the next day in his usual position, staring up into the mirror. Mornings were always slow. A plump Indian woman, around 50 years old was his first client. She just liked being rimmed. His next client was a Jamaican woman in her late forties who wanted prolonged cunnilingus. She sat on his face for well over an hour as he licked her to numerous orgasms. She was followed by two very large African women, one wanting cunnilingus and the other with a penchant for arse fucking his nose. Three Saudi women in full Islamic dress spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying his oral attentions. Then later on a German women, then another African woman. Mostly they just used him for their own selfish sexual gratification. The abusive clients usually turned up later in the evening and into the night, mostly after heavy bouts of drinking. The younger ones were generally the worst and the larger the group, the worse the abuse.

A group of twelve Japanese girls in their early twenties rocked in sometime just after dark. They’d booked him for the rest of the night. They’d been celebrating the impending marriage of three friends. They arrived extremely drunk and raucous and then just kept on drinking. It was all a blur for him as they first took turns bouncing on his face testing the face saddle out to see what it felt like. They kept squeezing his nose and giggling to each other. It was obvious they’d all taken great care to wear their panties for a good long time but their disgusting abuse of him went way beyond that. As the girls drunken evening progressed the abuse just got worse and worse. To them it was the funniest thing. They couldn’t wait to outdo each other with just how nasty they could be to him without leaving any visible scars. They blew their noses into his open mouth, spat into his face, slapped him hard. Used toilet paper and tampons were pushed up his nose and into his mouth. They farted on him, pissed on him, wiped their shit over him and generally just laughed at his awful predicament by abusing him an any way they could think of. Finally in the early hours of the next morning they left. One of the girls, as a parting gesture, vomiting all over his beaten battered and abused upturned face. The African cleaners weren’t going to be pleased.
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