Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

They're at it again, the puny little humans trying to explore Planet Amazon! Didn't you guys learn from last time, when I grabbed your helicopters and took you on a forced tour of My GIANT BODY, then..... um... something unfortunate happened to you? Well, let Me remind you so that you can take this message back to your tiny little water planet (you might want to phone it in because I'm not sure you'll make it back in one piece):


Can you feel the thunder? Are you afraid? But can't look away or run home? I've got you in My clutches, and I'm going to play with you all I want, until I'm done with you. Yeah, you can explore Me. But you're gonna do it on My terms, tiny toons. Slowly take in this gargantuan body, in all its glory. you've never seen an ass this huge or breasts this earth-shattering!

I like to play with My snacks before I eat them, and I like to show them where they're going to go (in My tummy, via My tongue and throat). I have to decide if you're good enough to eat, so I can report back to My Amazon sisters!

I'll make your entire planet wish it had never sent troops to challenge Me. And now that Planet Amazon knows where the yummy, crunchy-gooey munchies are, your human race is about to enter a world of hurt.

Go see what I did to the last army that tried to take Me down in Amazon Exploration!

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