Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

This poor boy did not know what he was getting himself into.

The Dynamic Duo of DiAvola and Bond team up to use and abuse this desperately submissive bitch.

he will do everything We say, and We Girls just wanna have fun. First he worships My boots, then I shove My foot in his mouth. Over the course of the session, We make him dance for Us, put him in chastity, force him to gag on My cock, use him as a human footstool, flog him as the footstool and threaten him if he drops the basket of strawberries on the footstool.

This bitch gets spat on, smacked, laughed at, tormented, force-vibed until his cock hurts, smothered and smashed by Ass, and used for Our sublime entertainment.

Then We take his clothes and kick him out of the room, stark naked.

Over an hour of non-stop cock control, submissive degradation, evil giggles, and slumber-party style Female domination. It's like paying next to nothing for a full hour session. It's quite the treat!

Featuring the lovely, sadistic, legendary Mistress Britney Bond