SARAH DIAVOLA - Cruel Cuck Date


Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

Let me tell you about one of the most delightfully cruel cuckold dates I've been on. I saw this one coming a mile away. Finally, after months of gathering up the courage, he worked up the nerve to offer to take me on a luxurious date. I bet he saved for an entire month to earn enough to impress me. When we got to the table, it was decked out with treats and treasures: expensive oysters, highest-shelf Champagne, and a menu fit for a Goddess. I ordered anything and everything I wanted. I spared no expense...because he was paying for it.

I walked over to the bar in the restaurant, saying that I wanted to thank him by ordering him a drink. The bar was in full view of our table. He could see everything I was doing. I found the hottest, sexiest guy there and flirted with him. I was almost aggressive with my sexual advances and flirty glances. I ordered two drinks. Then, I gave one to this new guy. We toasted to the evening, and I looked across the restaurant and made eye contact with my date before sipping on the craft cocktail that was going on his tab. I winked at my new friend and sauntered back to the table. Oops! I totally forgot to get you a drink. But I made some new friends - the people here are really friendly. Why don't you order another bottle of their best Champagne?

I kept ordering everything I wanted. I was making obvious glances toward the bar. So I went back. I met some new guys. I watched my date shaking and sweating at the table. He tried so hard to keep his composure, but I could tell he was devastated - but still hopeful. Here he was paying hundreds of dollars just for a few hours to try to impress me, and I was boldly teasing and groping other men right in front of him. I knew how lucky he was, and so did he. So I didn't bat an eyelash. I deserve the very best at any given moment.

The night went on from there, and I made this date the most uncomfortable, expensive, and emasculating experience this guy has ever endured. I had one of the most fun dates ever!

I know you love to hear me purr stories and paint verbal pictures. Listen to me as I talk all about my devious and soul-crushing story about that one time I made a grown man cry in a 5-star restaurant.