SARAH DIAVOLA - Fake Domme Gets FUCKED! feat Lance Hart


Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

The most disgusting of impersonations: A 100% subbie, slutty, cock-gobbling little gurl, posing as a "Domme" to try to fleece internet idiots by reciting from the instadomme handbook. Unfortunately, playing the part will eventually expose her for the fraud she is! I walk in on this "dumme" repeating words she heard from true FemDommes to try to get paid for her gross, hairy feet. I know, it's disgusting!

It seems I have to intervene and remove this poseur from the scene. I should remind her of what she really is and will always be: A blow broad whose best talent is taking dick in her sissy holes. And she made so much money for Me when I pimped her out! She looked SO HOT doing cute slutty things! Why would she give all that up? Well, it's for a chance to be like ME. Who wouldn't want to be Me?

First, I rip off that cheap and extremely unflattering leotard thing she's stretched over "her" manly, square, hog body. It's her only "super scary domme" outfit, and I just ripped it at the crotch to expose those dangling balls and hairy asshole. Nope, no pussy here! Just a hungry, slutty, exposed hole that's just begging to be fucked. We both know that's what she really craves. Her body can't deny it: she was made to take cock!

It doesn't take long before she gives in and remembers who she really is.

I scold and berate her, explaining how disgusting it is that she would think for one minute that everyone can't tell she's a fuck toy that everyone has already had their dicks in. It's time for an attitude adjustment.

And you should be taught a big, fat, juicy lesson.

What true subbie sluts need is discipline and the sweet embrace of submission. Without it, they are lost, wandering, and poking around in the dark for their purpose. To dominate a sissy sub is to give her life and direction. They are helpless without it. It seems I need to give her what she is so desperately craving: A butthole beatdown and a mouth full of My cock!

Oh, and by the way: her webcam is still open and recording, and all the losers watching who almost fell for her act get a front-row seat to her complete sexual degradation! Do you think they'll believe her nonsense, after they see what she really is? Hey, at least the tips are rolling in and she's making more money as a hardcore slut than she ever could as a pretend FemDomme! I'll be taking those from her, as well.

Watch Me fuck the daylights out of this confused subbie slut, and have her whimpering with My cock down her throat, and pull her hair as I shove My cock deep inside her pussy.

Featuring Lance Hart