Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008
Fuck You.

I don't like you. I'm sure many people can say that. Especially women. I'm here, on behalf of all those women, including myself, to break you down and make you kiss our collective ass. The perfect combination of irresistible sexiness and vicious words, you can't bear to hear it and you can't stand to look away.

I'll repeat all the phrases you've heard from women who reject you, just to hammer them home. Do they give you a boner now? A woman telling you what all women have told you all your life, it gets you hard now! So what use are you? How can you contribute to this world and stop being a burden to all of us? There must be some penance you can pay, some mercy you can beg for!

I don't want you to cum during this, you lowlife pile of plant food. I want you to ache in your heart and your dick. I want you to pay attention. It shouldn't be difficult, as my hot little ass in these shiny, tight leggings wiggles around, and my svelte tummy reveals itself and undulates before you in all its glory. I can compel you to kiss my sweet ass, and you'll happily oblige, because finally you can try to earn favor with a woman. Now, get the fuck out of my face, you garbage person loser cesspool of regret and self loathing slime!
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