SARAH DIAVOLA - Huge Hunger! w/ Miaa Evon


Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

Ooooh, what do We have here? It's all these tiny little stupid people beneath Us! I have worked up such an appetite today, haven't You, Maia? I'm starving, and I can hear Our tummies growling and eager to be filled. I bet those little people down there would taste yummy, don't You? I wonder if they're squishy on the inside... Let's find out, babe!

We reach down with Our huge hands, all the way down to the floor from waaaaayyyy up high, and pick them up, one by one. Like shiny little candies, they make Our eyes light up with voracious hunger and We begin to drool over the treats We're about to consume. We lick our lips and get ready to lick and taste them. Our tongues wrap around their little bodies, leaving slimy trails of sweet saliva that connect in wet strings between Our soft mouths and their helpless bodies. The way We sensually anticipate Our meal is enough to give each of them one last boner before they're chewed up and swallowed. We get pretty food-porn about it, let's just say.

Soon, you will each be at the bottoms of Our stomachs, right above Our sexy little denim bottoms, behind Our adorable little belly buttons. We draw out the taunts and the teases and describe how it's going to feel to be digested. Will you be able to feel Our hands rubbing Our bellies, once you're inside? How long will you last before you become nothing but nutrients to fuel Our Amazon bodies?

Mmmmmm.....Yummy yum yum, We want some more! We pick and snack and torment, licking, smacking, slurping, slobbering, chewing, biting, swallowing, and belly-rubbing until Our hearts are content. We feel rejuvenated from the nutrition that all these little humans have given Us, and We are all full and ready to be HUGE wherever We want! We own everything - Look how giant We are! Let's go burn off those calories before We're hungry again and ready for more!

Featuring Maia Evon