Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

"I want you to pretend I'm really tiny and I MEAN REALLY TINY! I want to be far smaller than small; so small that a city to me could fit on your toe nail. So small that if you took the ring off your finger and set it down it would be so many miles tall that airplanes of my scale wouldn't be able to fly over it. I like the special feeling of being far smaller than anyone and anything. I want you to rub in how small YOU are how much smaller I am than any tiny man you ever had.

I want the playful, teasing type of attitude but where you talk about how deafening and powerful your voice must be. I also think that same hands on hips pose would look so authoritative and powerful. I also want to feel owned and picked on by you.

I want you to your butt and talking about sitting on me."

"I liked it a lot and it is unique. Even though you had a visual (your body which looks amazing) the things you described induced a lot of visualization for me.

You just being you (aside from any of the scenario or dialogue) is so sexy. I couldn't tell whether flower designs were arousing or if you had some kind of Midas touch. Everything from the close ups, to your tone of voice to your body language. You are really good at what do.

Something really did it for me when you went there and said you were God."

I am adorable, as always, in this video, and I'm going to make you feel micro-microscopic with My weaving of words and the way I treat you. I will have you lost in your own LITTLE world....which could fit inside a single wrinkle on My palm. The imagery is fantastic and detailed - I am an expert wordsmith, and I elegantly explain how your microscopic body would experience My body, from the tip of My shoe to a single tear from My eye. The impression this leaves on you is undeniable. I will make you smaller than you've ever been.
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