SARAH DIAVOLA - Rubber and Metal


Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

I'm going to lock you up in metal and tease you out with rubber. I love the metal chastity cages, because the cold steel has so many extra perks for cock torment: I can adjust the temperature, conduct electricity, and it looks so sexy and clean as a literal cage for that dick I'm going to train to obey. Chastity is the perfect method for controlling your behavior. But the only way to achieve deep, true compliance is to train the dick via endurance and resistance exercises.

Once I've got you captive, I love to use your sexual weaknesses to test your limits of arousal and self control. This tight latex piece is just the thing to get your engines running, and I'm going to drive you like a race car.

Look at how My breasts bulge from the skin-tight rubber, not unlike the way your cock flesh is bulging and straining against the metal bars of your prison. Try to control yourself as I pour lube all over My rubber body, massaging the slick liquid all over myself and becoming slippery and wet.

Listen to Me tell you about the cruel ways I'm going to fuck your mind and torture your every ounce of manhood: from keeping the key in My ass, for a challenge in the future for you to retrieve it with your tongue, to fastening it to My clit ring as you watch Me pleasure Myself and be pleasured by Alpha Men with it dangling inches from your face. I'm going to put you through penis boot camp, and you're going to get the psychosexual workout of a lifetime.

All while dangling the key to your cock in front of you, smiling and giggling as I watch you squirm.