Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

Short and sweet.

Just like you'll be.

Not quite a proper mind-control, this experience will leave you with a whole new perspective on life. First, I will relax you into a gray area - wiping off the dust of consciousness just enough to melt your mind a little bit. Breathing control.

Listen to My words and follow My point of focus as your chair becomes larger, your view of Me slips further down, and your body feels limited and powerless.
I know just what to say to the tiny person inside of you.

Let Me take you on a fun and arousing little ride through the caverns of your sexual brain, where the itsy bitsy erotic explosions hide. I will find them, I will pull them out, and I will toy with them as I wish. These breasts are monstrous beauties that could smother you between their oiled silky flesh. I've shrunken you small enough that your entire head would disappear in them. The latex that clings to and wraps around My tight, toned, larger-than-life body shines and sparkles with slick lube that coats My glistening skin.

Come on. Go for a ride through a psychological space where you are small in every single way. Where I tower over you, sexually and terrifyingly powerful. Let's play with perspective: are you miniscule, or am I gigantic?

I hope you can hold your breath, because your lungs are about to shrink, and your face may just be consumed by My Amazonian tits and My shiny latex-and-lube ass!

Contains a peek of upskirt nudity

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