Mean, sexy bitch
Sep 3, 2008

Yes, all men.

All men are trash, unless they are trained. No matter how "nice" they think they are. It doesn't take long to discover their true nature and motives. Yes. All. men.

Here is how the new world order will commence. Then it will grow and spread. And soon thereafter, you will all be enslaved according to your relative value and your respect for Women before the Takeover. None of you will get up off your knees - you will just be eternally punished in a slightly less horrifying way. If We decide to keep the best of you in perpetual sexual agony and desperation, what do you think We have planned for the worst of you? It's not pretty.

The world will be governed by and revolve around Women. The men will be allowed to exist and survive at our mercy, only if they can provide something of value to Us. Their feelings, thoughts, and desires are not only irrelevant, they are there solely to be used against them.

The brain washing will be deep and permanent.

The worship will be mandatory and enforced.

The ones who please Us most may one day be rewarded with a small bit of graciousness...or simply a small reprieve from abuse.