searching more videos from Fernanda Muscle


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Oct 27, 2008
i found at the side the amazing girl Fernanda Muscle on clips4sale are 4 videos.
Do someone know Fernanda? Have she maybe an other / second name and do more videos?

I will short explain why i am so fascinated of here facesitting video:
She is beautiful, muscular amazone, and sit on her victim in a schoolgirlpin style front and reverse (legs on the arms, normaly in other clips the arms are free from the victims). She constantly spoken to her victim, smother her with her big clit and even hold her nose off with her hands, once the squirt her in her opened mouth, slapping her often hard in her face and leaving her tearing back.

I now, in other videos are the same, but this one is for me the best!
I will hope someone will know her in other clips with an other name?