section 12 part 3


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Feb 22, 2011
Mean while back at the quarry Nichola and her team of guards were really motivating the prisoners. The males were loading there piles of broken up rock onto large oversized wheel barrows Nichola watched as no 3 struggled to push the wheel barrow about 10 meters to where a small gage railway track ran through the stone breaking area. . Shortly after he stopped a train carriage trailer pulled by two sweating males came into view. The carriage had a seat and foot plate at the front just behind the males pulling it, Stood up on the foot plate was the driver Hilary Allisons. Hilary was about 5ft 5in tall slim athletic build, long over the shoulder mid brown hair a beautiful Heart shaped face and beautiful, , shapely legs . She was wearing a short leather skirt which was just long enough to cover the tops of her high shine black stockings a white blouse covered by a black tunic style jacket and Knee length Black stiletoe heeled boots . The boots were gleaming like a mirror as she had made a male first lick them clean for her, then polish them as she wore them and relaxed eating her breakfast.

Hilary was a true advocate of the new order and totally believed that men should be slaves to her superior sex, she was highly intelligent and helped write policies and procedures for the quarry and mines to make the prisoners lives so much worse.

No 3 started to shovel the stones he had crushed into the train carriage , Nichola came over and raised her whip and whipped his back shouting,

Put more effort into it you idle swine.

Tania and Kay had a great view of this from their loungers and burst out laughing,

MMMM thats so funny mused Tania , I just love watching a woman work a man using a whip, Its just so amusing Ha Ha ha .

Kay was giggling too, enjoying the fact she was having her feet massaged by two slaves as the punishment was being doled out.

No 3 let out an anguished scream but re doubled his efforts trying desperately to please Nichola. But still got whipped another 3 times as Hilary Kay and Tania laughed out loud,

At this a a tall athletic blonde woman with long legs approached Kay and Tania and asked,

Mind if I join you, the view looks great I do like to see men being worked hard by women, Kay and Tania recognised The blonde woman as Gabby Logan a former gymnast, she was stunning both facially and her toned body, She was wearing a black skin tight skimpy one piece swim suit in a high shine fabric with a welsh dragon motif on the right side, and dr Scolls sandals on her sexy feet, and her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders,

Both Kay and Tania welcomed her, then with a click of her fingers a lounger and pillow were immediately put in place for her.

Gabby lay down and pointing at her wooden sandals clicked her fingers, Paul the nearest slave knelt down and started to remove her left sandal until she shouted

Stop , you idiot . Come around here

and pointed to the side of her lounger . Paul shuffled around to the side and Gabby swung her legs down so she was facing him, Gabbys right hand swung back and with a whoosh she slapped his face hard,

Dont you dare touch my feet and shoes without permission. Use your mouth next time, Do I make myself clear.

Paul, replied,

Yes Mistress,

Gabby continued.

Apologise to me and make it good.

Kay and Tania were loving it and giggling at the spectacle before them.

The slave Paul grovelled to Gabby who enjoyed every second of it,

After about 5 minutes Gabby said

Ok I forgive you slave, I think you are sorry.

Paul was so relieved,

But a grinning Gabby wasn’t letting him off her hook so easily and said,

But just to remind you, Open your legs a bit wider.

Paul opened them and Gabby swung her right foot in her Dr Scholls wooden sandal and kicked out causing the wooden toe part to crash into his unprotected balls.

Paul in slow motion toppled over and was nearly sick from the pain as all the women laughed at him.

Gabby loved kicking balls and thoroughly en joyed inflicting the punishment on him.

She casually swung her legs back up onto the lounger and said,

Take my sandals off slave, and dont keep me waiting, unless you want some more kicks to your balls.

Paul forced himself to his knees and using his mouth put the toe part of her wooden sandal in his mouth and slowly removed it from her foot. Then repeated it with the other sandal.

Gabby had a slave massage her shoulders and neck as she watched the quarry through the glass panel.

Hilary was laughing at No 3 being punished by Nichola and said,

Hi Nichola isnt it fun motivating lazy idle men,

Oh yes I just love being a woman in this new order, I was born to work men, especially the men here who have all committed crimes against women, I never get tired of working them.

Hilary also agreed saying,

I know I love my work here. At last this countries leaders have worked out what we knew all along, us women are just so much better than men, we are totally superior. And now we can enjoy being superior, I love it,

Nicola laughed and said,

It hard to imagine now that women cleaned our own cars and shoes, and even toilets, It just so hard to believe now isnt it.

Hilary replied,

I know I had a hot chilli last night and my toilet was a disaster this morning, The idiot room slave was polishing my car and took ages to respond to my call to clean it,

And she continued with a giggle,

Still he wont keep me waiting again in a hurry . I put oversize boxing gloves on his hands so he cant use them and ordered him to use his tongue, Ha ha , I bet hes still at it, I hope it takes him ages ha ha ha its so funny,

Nichola roared with laughter and said,

Oh I bet he enjoyed the chilli flavour, Im going to us that one myself very soon

At this No 3 had finished loading his stones into the train Carriage and Hilary took hold of a long lunging whip in a tube next to her, She had expensive italian black leather gloves on her dainty hands and she drew back the whip and lashed it down on one of the pulling slaves backs ordering.

Move on slaves,

The males pulled with all their strength to get the train moving, It was heavy with all the stones and Hilary on it,

She whipped the other slaves back and ordered


Oh how she loved her job, she didn’t do lenient, why should she , whats the fun in lenient.

The train was hard to get moving at first but once the momentum got going it was easier .

Unfortunately for the two slaves there was a slight up hill gradient in the tracks and it was really hard to get up. Hilary drew back the whipp and lashed them shouting,

I said faster you lazy idiots

She was loving it. Making these idiots pull their guts out, forcing every last bit of effort out of them, such pleasure, and to make it extra special her mind drifted back to the thought of her stupid room slave licking away at the brown Staines on her toilet,

How could he possibly do that, lick her waste splattered all over the pan.

Still he was just a male, and as a superior woman she knew it would be disgusting, but to an inferior male it would not be as bad, after all they were there to serve ,

stil she hoped he was really struggling with it, and it was only the fear of what she, as a superior women would do to him if the toilet wasnt completely spotless when she got back, that was driving him on.

God she was glad she was a woman,

Gabby Kay and Tania enjoyed watching the train trundle past under whip power, and said,

Im going to have a go at that train driving soon It looks fun.

Tania laughed, yes so am I . I know Hilary shes really tough on them It great to see a woman enjoying her power,

Whilst No 3 was loading the train a new boulder was heaved into place in front of the glass pannel and Nicola lost no time in returning him to the boulder, He picked up his sledge hammer and started hitting the boulder to break it up.

Nichola had deliberately made No 3 work facing the relaxing women he could see through the glass, women being pampered massaged and in comfort. Kay deliberately sipped an ice cold drink whilst she grinned at him. Tania told Gabby about his foot fetish and they both displayed their soft pampered soles towards him to tease him.

Tania loved teasing frustrated males , knowing she could do whatever she wanted and they just had to put up with it. Tanias room slave had not been permitted to climax in months and she loved to tease him for hours, to take him to the edge of sanity, then tease him more. So deliciously evil.

Nichola giggled to herself, Men were so stupid , This idiot knew she was supervising him, but still he couldnt help slowing down looking at Gabby and Tanias beautiful soles, as they slowly flexed their toes and ankles towards him,

Nicola drew her whip back and lashed him twice, enjoying his suffering,

Tania, Gabby and Kay pointed at him and laughed out loud,

No3 was furious, those bitches had deliberately distracted him and he was paying a high price,

Look at him suffer laughed Gabby,

I know it so delicious stated Tania,

No3 was so hot and thirsty and he hated watching Kay taunt him by sipping her ice cold drink right in front of him. Didnt she know it was torture,

Of course she knew , she was loving it,

Nicola kept no3 hard at work, constantly swinging his hammer and breaking bits off the boulder, every time his fatigued body tried to slow down , Nichola whipped him, and totally enjoyed doing it.

Every time she whipped him those bitches watching laughed , how could they, he moaned to himself.

Gabby was loving the shoulder massage, and now had to kneeling slaves massaging her perfect feet, This is what she loved, being massaged in comfort as men were worked hard and whipped for her entertainment. The contrast of her feminine superiority fully displayed to mere males.

The radio next to Tania buzzed and she so It was Nichola,

Hi Nic loving the show she answered.

Great, I did hope so, My feet are getting really hot and sweaty in these boots and stockings , do you think the idiot deserves some moisture when he has done some more on his boulder, His mouth must be really dry now,

Tania giggled, are your feet really sweaty yet,

Very damp stockings , real nourishment for a slave yes

Replied Nichola .

Great yes no mercy grinned Tania,

I dont do mercy laughed Nichola.

Nichola is going to give him the feet treatment soon announced Tania to her friends,

Gabby and Kay were delighted.

20 minutes later Nichola said,

Slave bring me a chair.

No 3 carried on working as the slave placed a chair right by the glass partition, Nichola ordered no 3 to lye under the chair she then eased the zip of her knee boot down and as she pulled the boot off she immediately put her nylon toes over his nose and ordered,

Deep breaths through that nose or you will be sorry.

The nylon mesh was very damp with perspiration and smelt of vinegar warm leather and pop corn ,

As no 3 forced himself to sniff hard Nichola curled her toes around his nose forcing him to get more of the sent.

Nichola was looking at Kay Tania and Gabby and they were all laughing,

Kay said,

OMG can you imagine having to suffer that, ha aha ha

Gabby replied.

No but we are the superior sex, its only men who have to suffer it , its good for them .

Nicola made him sniff for a good 5 mins before ordering,

My feet may be a little bit warm , Refresh them with your tongue .

That bitch thought no3 a little bit hot, they were really sweaty, however disobeying was not an option. So he extended his tongue and licked the mesh of the stockings along her sole taking in the perspiration and swallowing it. He was actually doing a good job but Nichola was feeling evil. She placed the spike heel of her left boot on his left nipple and said.

How dare you lick half heartedly thats cost you five gouges with my heel. And she pushed the spike heel into his nipple adding weight to it to cause pain.

The watching ladies approved as he cried out in pain , Nichola kept the pressure on for 2 seconds then released it for a second , before pressing on again.

No 3 bellowed out in pain causing more laughter

After the full 5 no 3 really worked his tongue on her soles. Ignoring the acrid taste in his mouth and throat.

Gabby was loving watching him work and took the radio off tania and spoke to Nichola,

What was the gouge for she asked,

Lack of effort licking my stockings replied Nichola.

When he has finished licking , can you have him suck your nylon toes and heel. Really get your stockings refreshed. Suggested Gabby

Nichola laughed,

Yes sounds fun, well for me anyway ha ha ha

When the stocking foot was well licked Nicola said,

Slave Mistress Gabby in there wants to see you suck all the sweat out of my stocking toes and heels so open your mouth for my nylon toes.

At this the radio crackled and gabby said,

Hi Nichola can you put the radio by his ear but what do you think of this and whispered, Nichola burst out laughing , saying

Yes I love it.

Nichola said

Slave listen to this , Gabby said,

Slave you are going to suck the sweat from your superiors stockings then clean her bare feet, We are going to watch and give you marks out of ten.

Anything less than 8 will mean Nichola gives your other nipple the five gouge treatment. Also I want to see her press very hard and hold it for 10 seconds , so you had better please her, oh and us,

He couldnt believe it

Nichola said

Dont you dare start sucking until I say so . And toyed with him putting some toes into his mouth dabbing them on to his tongue and out again.

Ok start sucking she said,

No 3 sucked like mad on the acrid tasting nylon making the veins stand out on his neck , Tania loved watching saying

MMM I bet that tastes good ha ha ha

Nicola was laughing out loud.

No 3 was desperate to please her so as well as sucking he used his tongue on the nylon in his mouth searching out all the perspiration.

She made him suck for a good ten minutes then 5 for her heel. After this she removed the nylon and had him lick her bare foot.

She loved saying,

Get that tongue between my toes they are not going to clean them selves, Thats your job.

He had no choice,

Nichola then removed her other boot and it all started over again. In truth No3 had sucked really hard and had made a good job of licking her feet . Gabby turned to the other women and whispered, Lets do false hope ha ha

Nichola said over the radio.

No 3 has done a reasonable job If he agrees to suck a weeks worth of my sweaty stockings I will give him an 8 out of ten. Well slave do you want to suck my stockings clean,

No3 did not want her boot heel again so said,

Yes Mistress,

Nichola pouted and said,

Im not sure you want to really, beg me,

No3 was horrified but had no choice and begged to suck her stockings and got his first 8

Kay was next and said, It looked like a 7 to 8 to me, mmmm let me think

No3 was pleading with his eyes.

Kay continued over the radio

If got 5 pairs of socks from playing squash, They are evil, But if you beg me to let you suck them You can get an 8

Those evil bitches thought no 3 but had no choice , and begged to suck her socks

Tania also made him agree to suck her stockings for her 8.

Gabby had a grin on her face and said,

Yes it looked like he really did a good job Nicola, He sucked hard on your toes and heels and licked well.

Yes replied Nichola I think he got most of the sweat.

Gabby was toying with him,

And he licked your bare feet really well too I think , so its looking like an 8 from me as well.

Yes 8 .

No 3 was so relieved He hated the idea of cleaning stockings and socks in his mouth but if that’s what it took to avoid the pain,

Then Gabby asked, with an evil grin on her face.

Oh Nichola I take it he pleaded with you to refresh the inside of your boots later as well.

Nicola looked at gabby and smirked

Actually no he didnt.

Gabby thundered,

How dare he do half a job, and grinning at no 3 she said,

Well that reduces my mark to a 5 then.

No3 couldnt believe it and started begging pleading for mercy which they all enjoyed, grovelling to Nichola,

Nichola said into the radio.

What do we think ladies , Mercy or not,

They all looked at No3 and shook their heads , no mercy. As Gabby smirked at him

No 3 helped Nichola put her boots back on and lay at her feet whimpering,

Nicola took her time gently resting her boot heel on his nipple

At this she signalled to the other women and gouged her heel into his nipple. And counted slowly to 10 as he screamed ,

Only 4 more she giggled

It was total torture for him as she gouged away at his sore nipple, To make it worse the other women were stood up next to the glass laughing and clapping revelling in his suffering,

Shortly after this Nichola announced,

Competition time

10 blocks of stone were placed near to the glass, 10 males including No3 were allocated a block. 9 more guards came and joined Nichola.

Right Slaves nichola shouted a little bit of fun, you will break the blocks in front of you, The first person to finish will be excused the last hour of work, However to motivate you further, the last slave to finish will be whipped and placed in the box over night. And I know you will love the box.

The males didnt know but the box was, but knew it would not be nice, The box was a small space where a male would be forced to crouch in discomfort , then it would be filled with used stockings and socks for aroma therapy.

Gabby radioed Nichola and made a suggestion and rushed off to change, A few minutes later she appeared in the quarry with her boots on ,

Nichola announced, Mistress Gabby has decided to help motivate you, she is going to give you all a kick to get you moving,

Ok Legs apart,

Gabby too huge delight walking along the line of males and driving the pointy toe of her right boot into their balls.

Which made all the guards laugh.

After 5 minutes to recover Nichola blew a whistle and the males started to hammer at the hard qranite rocks in front of them.

The guards all wanted there prisoner to win and drew back their whips and lashed the unfortunate men relentlessly.

Kay and the other ladies in the spa were loving it and made bets on who would win .

Kay laughed if No 7 my bet doesn’t win his tongue is going to be very busy in my toilet,

and they all burst out laughing,

Tania was having her shoulders and both feet massaged as she watched the males being worked , she loved watching them working and being whipped it was so funny, so pleasurable. They could see women being pampered and waited on, as they worked their guts out.

No 9 was declared the winner and was given an hour off, the hour was spent washing ladies stockings but it was better than breaking rocks,

No 3 lost and was taken to a whipping pillory, His arms were tied to it above his head and Hilary the train driver was his punisher,

She whispered in his ear,

This is going to hurt a lot,But I am going to love it, The sentence is 20 strokes but you will earn extras for being a wimp, or excessive noise, Ha Ha

The women in the spa stopped eating and being pampered and sat watching as Hilary whipped him mercilessly

After 5 strokes No 3 was screaming the place down and Hilary stopped approached him and slaped his face hard with her gloved hand,

Thats just earned you 5 extras, Scream quieter you wimp.

No 3 could not believe is as Hilary slowly sauntered around and took her position, she flexed the 7 foot evil single tail whip and

Hiss splat the whip landed again across no 3 shoulders,

The ladies in the spa clapped and laughed.

After 10 lashed Hilary called for smelling salts, she didnt want semi consciousness to spoil her fun ,

She wanted No 3 to feel every stroke,

Whipping men was so so much fun, Hilary loved every last second and No 3 suffered about 50 lashes with add ons in total.

Deaspite the cold weather Hilary was perspiring and would use a slaves tongue to refresh her arm pits her feet and ass when she was finished,