Section 12 part 4


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Feb 22, 2011
No 3 was left in the whipping pillory Kay Burley, was furious that no 7 had-dent won and had him immediately removed to her room and secured naked on his back with his head in the special toilet. His arms were spread out at 9o degrees to his body and chained to the floor. His legs were put in a 24 inch spreader bar and also fastened to cleats in the ground . He was totally at her mercy. Once he was in place the guards informed her and she laughed,

Ha ha HA , just in time. The muesli I had for breakfast is doing its job. A slave was summoned and he brought a robe for her and put her high heeled sandals on her feet. The slave was then ordered to get on his hands and knees in transportation mode. Kay swung her gorgeous leg over his back and sat on him . He was just a beast of burden to her, he had to work so she could relax. Kay then jabbed the spike heels of her sandals into his thighs ordering

forward slave

She liked jabbing him with her heels, she liked the feel of it and the pain it caused. She was going to jab him lots before he got her to her room. The thought of it gave her pleasure as she ordered,

faster slave, faster.

The slave sped up and thought he had got away with it. But she was just teasing him and 10 seconds later she drove her spiky heels into his thighs


I said faster slave.

And she dug her heels into his tortured thighs again. Then eased off and again, bringing a satisfying bellow of pain from her slave.

After her ride to the room Kay got off and stood facing the transport slave. His head was by her knees. She placed the toes of her high heeled sandals on both his hands putting weight on, standing on them, crushing his fingers. Ordering.

Wait here on your knees I will be about twenty minutes, with that she noticed the slave had hid head down looking at her feet, she ordered,

Look at me slave,

He looked up at her smirking face and she slapped his face hard, first with her right hand, second with her left,

She continued.

I will use you again and if you dont put more effort in my heels will be digging in again.

Now thank me and kiss my feet,

The slave grovelled his thanks and rained kissses onto the tops of her feet in her sandals, much to her amusement.

She cut this short as her need to use no seven grew.

Kay sauntered in to her bathroom and giggled at no sevens plight, she went over and smirked at him imprisoned in her toilet bowl.

I expect you to consume everything , do I make myself clear she said sternly.

Oh God, that bitch thought no7 having your face covered in their waste was bad enough but consumption was awful.

Just to remind you said kay,

She then drove the toe of her sandal into his balls. Twice, more and enjoyed his screach of pain.

She then removed her bikini bottoms and sat on the toilet seat.

She made him wait for about a minute to jangle his nerves then peed right in his face. Then when his spluttering finally finished he noticed her anus twitch and then she casually let about a dozen small turds fall onto his helpless face,

No 7 tried as hard as he could to catch them in his mouth. He hated the awful taste but knew the consequences of disobedience didnt bare thinking about,

Kay was loving it, such a wicked thing to do to him, how could he eat it, but it amused her so much. She didnt care how he did it as long as he obeyed her.

She sat on her toilet relaxed and amused knowing a mere male was under her and she had just used his face ., oh it was such a great thing to do and to be a woman.

Eat it all up slave she ordered.

I want to hear enjoyment eating sounds. Lick your lips suck on my gifts to you, or are you just begging for some more of my sandal toes in your balls

She laughed out loud at his slurping noises,

I just love being a total bitch she thought to herself,

Kay finished up and wiped herself on the expensive wet wipes provided. She threw them into the bowel and ordered eat them,

when she had replaced her Bikini bottoms and washed her hands she was about to leave then out of devilment looked into the bowel and saw the brown stained face of her slave looking up at her with pleading eyes.

She said,

Im going to need to go again later, beg me to use you again,

How could he beg for such a horrible thing again, his mind was real ling and Kay seized on his hesitation and cooed,

oh dear do you need some help.

At this she crouched down and took hold of his balls, one in each hand

Beg for it she laughed and closed her fingers of her left hand squeezing the tender ball from its earlier kicks.

No 7 bellowed out in pain,

As Kay released the pressure on her left hand and squeezed with her right.

The slave begged to be used again,

To finish off Kay said,

Ok five hard squeezes of each ball individually or I can do a hard prolonged squeeze of both simultaneously,

His mind was in turmoil , which was worse ?

10 seconds or you get both giggled kay,

Ok one hard squeeze to both Please Mistress

the slave shouted,

Kay got up and looked down at him in the bowel and giggled,

Good choice, that’s agony though and just to torment him she held her hands where he could see them and did a squeezing motion,

Kay then crouched down took hold of his balls in each hand and laughed,

Ready steady go.

At this she squeezed the balls at her mercy slowly increasing the pressure until he was bellowing, then slightly releasing before squeezing again. Then finally one hard squeeze to both sore balls and holding it for a good 10 seconds.

Kay loved it, she loved squeezing unprotected balls, so little effort to inflict so much pain.

Meanwhile no 3 had been cut down from his pillory, he had to kiss Hilary s boots to thank her. Thank her for whipping him.

Then two guards seized his arms and he was dragged off to a quiet area where a small box like structure was stood attached to a wall, The top half was opened by way of a hinge and pushed to the left side ,

The guards prepared him by putting him in wool trousers and a thick jumper, He saw that Nichola the quarry overseer and ,Gabby, who had changed into a guards uniform were watching him,

at this Debbie a young brunette guard said

Gabby can you help we have no instructions as to foot ware or not.

Gabby giggled , yes footwear absolutely, we dont want him too comfortable in there do we.

Small , medium or teeter high Gabby

Enquired Debbie

Gabby immediately said,

teeter of course

At this a slave was despatched and brought back a pair of stiletoes with a 6 inch spike heel. The shoes were a size 8 and no 3 was a 9.

The shoes were forced onto his feet and straps with little padlocks on them locked them to his feet. The guard Debbie fastend his hands behind his back whilst Sarah the other guard placed duck tape over his mouth. He was then made to step into the box, Then the lid was pulled over, The box was too small for No7 to stand up and the 6 inch heels made it much worse, he had to crouch in the cramped confined space, Debbie locked the top part in place and Sarah giggled,

Doesnt look too comfortable to me ,

He heard their peels of laughter,

a small flap by his face was opened up and Nichola smirked, sentence is 8 hours enjoy slave, Gabby then said,

Oh I thought 12 hours was more like it, and giggled as Nichola smirked,

12 hours it is , you heard Mistress Gabby. and shut the flap.

after only 10 minutes his knees which were pressed against the front of the box were aching, his feet were killing him in those teeter high heels , that bitch Gabby had made it so much worse, She was stunning but so so cruel he thought,

At this he heard the staccato sound of high heels approaching and a squad of guards had stopped by his box he couldn’t see anything but could hear them giggling and laughing.

At this the little flap by his face opened , and after blinking from the light he saw Karen Brady in front of him she had a pair of stockings she had just taken off in her right hand, stockings that had been on her feet and in boots all day,

She pushed the feet of the stockings into his face a laughed,

UMMM your going to enjoy these,

She held them by his nose for 10 seconds or so. Enjoying his suffering then let them drop into the box. , she was followed by the rest of the squad who also put their stockings into the box with him. When the flap was open it wasnt too bad but as soon as the flap was closed the smell of sweaty stockings was overpowering, slowly the box filled with stockings until there was no more space,

At this Gabby opened the hatch. And smirked, I have just done a good work out in the gym and your going to get some real benefit from these.

Gabby wafted a pair of regulation nylon stockings under his nose. The feet parts were visibly damp and Gabby placed them over his nose and laughed,

enjoy as he shut the flap.

2 hours in, No 7s feet were agony his knees were on fire and the never ending, inescapable smell of Gabbys and all the other women’s stockings were driving him insane and he still had 10 long hours to go.

Later Gabby and Nichola were having a long relaxing massage on super comfy beds. And Gabby giggled,

Do you think no3 is really suffering now,

Nichola replied,

Oh my god he will be suffering so much now,

Gabby laughed,

I do hope so. I hope its torture for him. All night in that cramped box with all those stockings inside, and my pair right over his nose. I just love that he is being forced to smell my stockings all night,

Nicola giggled

And he cant turn away or breath through his mouth, he really will have to suffer them all night , and its going to be a long long night of suffering for him . They both laughed out loud,

Gabby loved it , and as a slave worked away on her shoulders two others massaged her feet,

She kept thinking about men like no 3 suffering in that box because of women, and the new movement, she knew her evil stockings would be tormenting him all night and loved it.

If any slave displeased her whilst she was at No 12 she would definitely be sentencing them to a night in the box,

She toyed with the idea in her mind, she so wanted to sentence a man to a boxing, to make a man go through that torment just because of her ,

Hmmm come to think of it No 85 massaging her right foot was not doing as good a job as 43 on her left foot, yes how dare he, she would teach him she was not a woman to mess with, he didn’t know it but he was going in the box tomorrow night. And she would prepare some very special stockings for him, the thought of making him suffer in the box , for little or no reason really, so delicious, .Gabby looked down at no 85 working away kneading and massaging her beautiful pampered foot desperate not to displease her, He had no idea she was going to punish him anyway.

After a couple of hours relaxation and a sumptuous meal, Gabby was on her way back to her room when she had a wicked idea. No 3 must be desperate. for a drink.

She was wearing knee high boots and her stockings were getting hot, however not sweaty enough for what she had in mind. So she headed for the spa area and wandered in, The temp was in the low 30s and soon she began to feel hot, Nichola was relaxing reading a book with her bare feet using a males face as her footrest, Nichola looked at Gabby and said, arnt you going to put your bikini on, its warm in here.

Gabby told her what she had in mind and Nichola loved it,

Yess Yes you must do it, thats so so fun,.

Gabby had a slave fan her as her feet started to perspire in her boots.

Some time later Gabby ordered a slave to fetch her a babies bottle , and the slave returned with it. She then ordered a foot bowl . The slave again ran off and came back with a bowl of warm water. She then ordered. Remove my boots and stockings slave,

The male immediately undid the zips on her boots and eased them off her feet. His hands trembled a bit as he pulled on the lace band of her hold up stocking as he pulled it down followed by the second one,

Gabby then ordered,

Now bath my feet in the water and don’t use soap. The slave complied and when she was satisfied she picked up one of her stockings , damp from perspiration, and put it inside the babies bottle she then scooped up some water from her foot bath and almost filled the bottle.

Just soit in here for me Nichola, its good for him, Nichola obliged, and gabby did the same before placing the top and Teet or nipple on the top.

Gabby shook the bottle and laughed,

Hmm some great flavour in there for a slave,.

At just before midnight Nichola and Gabby approached No3,s box he heard the staccato clacking of there stiletto boots,

Then he got a waft of the sweetest air as the flap by his face was lifted,

He blinked at the sudden light and saw them grinning at him.

We are not totally heartless no 3 we know you have suffered in there.

Stated Gabby as she pulled her stockings covering his face to one side,

I have brought you a nice drink slave, Beg me for it,

No 3 was in agony and parched he begged and pleaded.

Ok here it is

laughed gabby and put the nipple in his mouth and tilted the bottle,

The warm water with a sweaty acrid taste hit his taste buds and he didnt want to drink, but needed to so bad. He had no choice but to drink her sweaty stocking, foot water.

When gabby was satisfied he had drunk it all she said with mock sympathy,

How bad is it in the box, tell me

Start with your feet no 3

Oh please Mistress gabby my feet are on fire, I cant move them and the angle they are in is killing my ankles, the shoes are too small and feel like my feet are in two vices crushing them, please have mercy.

Oh dear what about your knees slave,

Oh please mistress Gabby I cant move my knees, they are pressed onto the box and are on fire. My back is breaking Please Please have mercy Mistress Gabby.

Gabby put on a mock concerned face and cooed,

Oh no I didn’t realise the box was that bad, maybe in another ½ an hour I will let you out, are you sure its that bad,

No 3 was desperate.

Please please not another half an hour Mistress Gabby im in agony please let me out.

Nicola looked at Gabby and saw her slight nod, there pre arranged signal, and bellowed.

You ungrateful swine no 3 , mistress Gabby, brings you a refreshing drink, offered to let you out hours early and all you can do is wine, You clearly are trying to take advantage of her good nature,

Gabby was loving this as the slave tried to beg her.

Your right Nichola , I was going to be lenient on him and he tries to take advantage, well no 3 im not going to be lenient any-more. In fact im adding on another two hours for your impertinence.

No three was broken he burst into tears and pleaded for mercy.

The women just laughed at him, Gabby replaced her stockings over his nose and shut the flap.

He heard them burst out laughing and the retreating clack of there boot heels.

No 3 was left to his fate, the minutes seemed like hours , his feet were agony, his knees were in agony and because of that evil bitch Gabby, he would have to do even longer in his fowl prison box, He was wipering and crying out but he knew he wouldnt get any mercy.

Nicola and Gabby were about to turn in for the night when Gabby said,

Shall we have a lst massage before we go to our rooms,

Nichola was all for it and they entered the relaxation area . 2 slaves on their knees immediately lept into action and 2 more were summonzed, Within minutes the two women were lay on the loungers provided in just their lacy provocative underwear,

Gabby ordered her slaves warm oil on my feet first, and it had better be good im in a very picky mood.

Nicola was lying on her stomach having her shoulders and back massaged.

Gabby was loving it and said,

I love having my feet massaged, and Nicola , its even better knowing No 3s feet are being tortured in y those heels,

Nicola laughed,

I know it makes it even nicer doesn’t it.

Oh yes, the thought of his feet in agony whilst mine are being pampered and served is just so delicious. I hope he is in a living hell. Ha ha ha

Replied Gabby,

This is the natural order of things smirked Nicola.

Yes women being pampered, indulged and waited on , whilst a male is suffering and in torment, so so so satisfying.

Meanwhile in the mines Slaves were working on the coal face with pickaxes and shovels. Superior women did not enter the mines, they monitored the workforce from beautifully appointed offices, The males were fitted with 2 electric shock devices , one was a collar around there neck , the other was attached to there balls, the women bosses had computers and surveillance cameras to check on each individual slaves work load.

Katherine Jenkins was showing Sarah Proudman, Claire Malvern, Karen Brady and Michelle Moone the operation from start to finish,

The ladies were all sat at plush work-desks in very comfortable chairs watching males on the coal face vis huge screens,

Katherine showed a computer table of each prisoners workload.

And explained, Each slave digs his own coal, shovels it into his wheelbarrow which weighs the coal and he then tips it into the train carriage, This way we know exactly who is working up to speed,

No 14 is at the bottom of the table at the moment, To be fair he did start later as I accidentally stood in some mud and called him in to clean and polish my Laboutins Before he started so he was a good ¾ of an hour late in starting,

Still thats his problem not mine. Watch him now Im going to punish him for being last. At this Katherine extended a beautifully manacured index finger and hovered it over a red button marked 14,

Are you ready ladies.

The women all excitedly watched the monitor as Katherine pressed the button. At this the ball shocker was activated and no 14 felt a blow like a kick to his balls and convulsed. Bringing a peel of laughter and a round of applause from them all.

Katherine pressed another button and her image appeared on a screen near the coal face. She then said into a micro phone. No 14 your being lazy ,work harder.

No 14 was recovering slightly and looked at the screen. He could see Katherine looking stunning sat in her comfy chair with her shoes kicked off and her legs and feet in nylon up on the desk. He could see the look of pleasure on her face and the grinning women around her,

But Highness I had to clean ……….

Before he could say shoes Katherine pressed the red button down , deliberatly holding it down for 4 or 5 seconds really punishing his balls.

She was laughing as she said,

How dare you question me slave, I said work harder. And that is what you will do.

She, and continued. And had released the button as she spoke,

Unless of course you want some more of this treatment, and she hovered her finger over the button and pressed it again,

Ahhhhhhhhhh. His scream amused the women who loved it.

Now work harder I said.

The males all worked with renewed vigor having seen no 14 punished,

The ladies all wanted to shock some balls so randomly selected males and took great delight in administering the shocks.

Michelle Moone loved it and really punished no 35 shocking his balls regularly just for the fun of it,

The ladies chatted, had a glass of fine wine and relaxed as the males worked their guts out. Every few minutes a slave would cry out,


and a giggle from his tormenter filled the bosses room.

The males were approaching the end of their back breaking shift and Katherine looked at the screen. She then announced,

Boys your 2 tons down. You have obviously been slacking, Im adding another hour on to your work . The men could not believe it. How could she be so heartless, But they had been punished worse in the past

The women on the other hand were very amused and the males had to continue working whilst listening to their squeels of delight and laughter.

Katherine had not finished with them yet, she liked to let them think they had got off lightly, only to disappoint them later.

She switched the sound off in the mines and giggled ,

They think im being lenient , but im going to announce 20 lashes each and mush and greens foe dinner,

Claire Malvern looked quizzical at her and Katherine said,

Dont worry I will show you later.

As the shift was coming to a close, Katherine announced,

Right you lazy idiots, You get a 20 lash whipping for lazyness. And she paused, and mush and greens for tea.

The men nearly burst into tears, the injustice , those mean bitches.

At the end of the shift the males trudged off to the supervised cold showers. Women guards had the men strip off and stand under a shower. They then took great delight in turning the jets of cold water on and watching the men dance at the shock of it.

Claire and Sarahs group watched in amusement as the men were cleaned and Kelly a gorgeous black woman noticed No 17 had follded his arms.


Like a scollded cat no 17 unfolded his arms but kelly continued.

6 more minutes for you my boy.

The jets of water had stopped by now and the men were given towels about the size of a large hanky to dry them selves. All except no 17 who had to suffer another 6 minutes under the icy jets foe folding his arms.

The males waited for him stood to attention and when he finally finished his shower and drying himself he joined them at attention.

Katherine bellowed

Prepare for inspection,

The males all tried to stand taller and perfectly still,

Katherine knew Claire liked inspecting males and asked her to joined her,

Katherine and Claire were dressed in office attire of short skirts white blouses, a jacket , black stockings and 4in black stilletoe court shoes, Katherine pulled on her regulation Dents black silk lined leather gloves, she walked past the first 2 males and stopped at a slightly over weight male in position no 3 . The males were naked and Katherine looked at the male and said,

You see a little bit of exercise and the weight is falling off. How are those stomach muscles developing. No six pack yet I see,

At this Katherine balled her right hand into a fist and drawing her arm back, punched the male in the stomach.

The male bent over and coughed and spluttered but stayed on his feet.

Katherine smirked in his face and said,

Still some room for improvement there. Ask the overseer to work you harder tomorrow, Kiss her boots and grovel for it.

Yes Mistress

The slave just about wheezed.

Make sure you do, I will be checking and heaven help you if you forget.

Taunted Katherine.

They moved on down the line and Claire approached a male at positin 7 and got up really close to him saying,

Stand up straighter.

As she said this she deliberately stood on his bare toes grinding them under her shoe soles.

The male dare not shout out but was moving weight from one foot to the other to try to alleviate the pain.

Claire was enjoying herself and asked,

Whats wrong with you, why are you dancing about, I think you mus be de hydrated open your mouth.

The male obeyed and Claire collected her saliva in her mouth and spat it into his.

The slave swallowed it, he had to anything else would be punished,

Katherine punished him in his stomach and ordered,

Tahnk her, kiss her shoes.

The male dropped to his knees and showered kisses on her shoes, The shoes that had just been crushing his toes.

They moved on down the line and Katherine stopped at a male at position 21 she knew that before the revolution he was a sex pest to women.

She touched his penis with her gloved hand and giggled as it twitched,

What on earth is that Claire she asked.

Claire also touched the penis with her gloved hand and replied,

Hmmmm. Its a bit like a penis but smaller, much smaller. Isnt it and burst out laughing,

Katherine took hold of his penis and asked,

What is a woman supposed to do with this, its so small she wouldn’t even feel it,

Claire continued,

Your never going to please a woman with that little maggot are you,

Clearly enjoying humiliating him.

Apologise to Mistress Claire demanded Katherine for being so inadequate,

She still had hold of his penis and let go so it could twitch away.

The two women burst out laughing.

Sarah, Michelle and Karen couldnt help it they marched over to join in,

Karen pointed at his penis and laughed.

Oh my god its so so small ha ha ha

Sarah held up her crocked little finger and laughed in his face, as Michelle taunted. If they tried to castrated him his balls are too small to find and laughed out loud,

The male could feel his anger rising, he tried to control it but those bitches had gone to far, he went for Katherine,

A watching guard pressed a button on her phone and he screamed out loud as the shock collar kicked in and fell to the ground,

Katherine approached his prostate form and drove the pointy toe of her right foot into his stomach , kicking him hard.

My god you are going to be so sorry for that, Im going to whip you every day for a month. The other women started to kick him as well. Claire drove her pointy toe into his unprotected testicles as Karen saw his hand on the floor and jabbed it hard with her spike heel.

Michelle kicked and stamped on his left thigh,

Sarah put the sole of her shoe on his throat and pressed down, laughing,

You are going to suffer so much for that, She was smiling down at him and pressing down on his wind pipe with the sole of her shoe,

The male thought he was going to die as she pressed on his windpipe. Just as the male was about to pass out Sarah let some pressure off. She enjoyed toying with him, and the fear in his face. After the women had given him a good kicking he was dragged away for a whipping.

At 2100 hours that day a sumptuous meal was served to the women in the big hall, Sarah and her group were sat in big comfy chairs they were drinking the finest champagne and fine food to eat. Sarah looked at a stage area where all the miners from earlier were in wooden pillories on tip toes tied by their wrists and waists .

Guards from earlier like Jolanta, Lalli Sarah smith Arianna were stood behind a minor with evil 4ft riding crops. Gabby had volunteered to be a punisher despite being asked to be a guest and was stood behind No35 whos pillory was right in the middle of the stage .

The males faces were all turned so they were facing the stage so they could see the women laughing and enjoying there evening in anticipation of the fun to come.

At this Sarah Proudman turned To Claire Malvern and said,

Shall I start the entertainment.

Claire replied,

Yes lets get it going.

Sarah stood up and addressed the hall.

Slaves you have been lazy and we superior women will not tolorate that under any circumstances, You will be punished harshly for it. You will learn to work hard or suffer its so simple even men should understand it.

There was laughter from the women in the hall.

Ok ladies start the punishment, The sentence is 20 strokes take your time, we want to enjoy every stroke,, and deliver each stroke as hard as you can. Begin

At this Sarah sat back down and watched as Gabby took up her stance , Gabby stood with her right leg forward her boots shoulder width apart , she drew back her crop right behind her and hiss splat she landed her first blow . Gabby was strong from her Gymnastics days and the crop whistled down hard landing on the unfortunate males shoulders,

The male let out an agonised bellow of pain and did a little dance in his bonds.

At the same time the other guards also delivered their first strokes with similar vigor

Sarah burst out laughing as the other seated women cheered and laughed.

They were really enjoying it. They did not feel one iota of sympathy or compassion. These males deserved everything they got.

The women were all dressed for a night out Sarah was wearing a red mini dress tan stockings and brown 4inch heel strapy sandals, Karen had a short leather skirt black stockings and peep toe Jimmy Choo heels, all the women looked amazing which just made it harder for the males to take, The Guards were all swishing there crops through the air and tapping their boots to play on the males minds. After about 5 minutes Sarah Proudman picked up her champagne glass, which was a discreet signal for the guards, They all drew back there cropps and hiss splat delivered the second stroke,

Gabby really put every effort into it and her crop landed with great force just bellow the angry welt which was forming after the first stroke. No 35 was dancing again and bellowing and pleading for mercy.

Again this was met by cheers and laughter from the seated women . Gabby took out a small plastic bag from her pocket. She had sealed a very sweaty pair of stockings from her mid day run in the bag she approach no 35s face and slapped him hard.

Stopp making all that noise you baby she hissed . She then grabbed his left ear and twisted it cruely and demanded

Get that mouth open now.

No 35 was so shocked and in pain he just complied Gabby removed one of the balled up stockings . Pushed it into his mouth and tied it in place with the other stocking.

Gabby then beamed a huge smile into his face and laughed.

That should stop you making such a fuss .

From his fear and the subsequent adrenaline that was being formed, NO35 mouth was watering and the saliva mixed with the sweat in the mesh of the sweaty stocking. He was a unable to spit out any of the acrid liquid that formed and was forced to drink it down.

MMM I bet that tastes lovely doesn’t it slave she mocked ,

About ten minutes later as a beautiful rum baba was served to the seated audience and Sarah lifted her glass and hiss splat the whips landed again.

No 35 tried to bellow out, his eyes were crazed as he tried to scream the place down, all the women heard was a feint muffled sound much to Gabby amusement.

Oh this was so much fun she thought im whipping him , and he is being forced to taste my evil sweaty stocking, ha ha

After 20 strokes Sarah stood up and said,

Sentence has been carried out, Ladies thumbs up if you think they have been suitably punished, thumbs down if you feel they need a little more of a reminder.

The males were pleading for mercy as the women hovered there thumbs in a horizontal position,

The women enjoyed keeping the males waiting for their verdict Karen Brady stood up and smirking at the males , laughed im voting no and put her thumb down.

Karen loved the power she was voting for them to suffer so much more, so so delicious.

All the women followed suit with a thumbs down.

Some of the males burst into tears, tears of despair and frustration.

Sarah Prouman stood up and said,

Karen would you like to pass sentence.

Karen loved the idea, she loved sentencing men to suffer ,

At this she strolled towards the stage area and looked at the men and smiling said,

I think you have all been whipped enough so im going to be kind, 15 cane strokes to ,

and she paused.

The back of the thighs.

Oh no the males were in despair, how could that be kind no no no .

Gabby selected a 4ft dragon cane swishing it through the air . Other ladies chose Knubo or derelin canes,

At this Karen sat back down and Sarah announced

Being the punishment.

Swoosh splat the canes hissed through the air. Gabby really put some force into it and her cane bit harshly into no35 thighs causing him to jerk and dance, much to the audiences amusement.

Sarah clapped her hands as a signal and slaves crawled in on the ere hands and knees to the feet of each female. They removed a high heel and started to kneed the stocking feet presented to them ,

This was the life thought Michelle a male massaging my feet, a glass of champagne and watching males being punished. So much fun.

After 6 strokes gabby whispered into no 35 s ear. This is going to hurt im going to overlay this stroke across the welts from the first 6, Gabby had deliberately spaced out the first 6 so that didnt happen.

His splat she landed the stroke,

No 35 shot up about 5 inches as though he had been electrocuted and was dancing on his tip toes. The pain was like a red hot poker being applied to his thigh , he was screaming his lungs out into the sweaty stocking balled in his mouth,

His desperation amused her, his agony pleased her it was so good so so good to be a woman she thought to her self,

At 12 she called for smelling salts, no 35 thought he would go insane from the pain. Or he would surely die, as gabby relentlessly deliver the full 15 with great delight.


I bet those are driving you insane arnt they.

When it was finally all over the males were left tied for 30 minutes to savour their pain .

At the end of the meal and leftovers were chewed and spat out into a huge bowel, the women also dribbled saliva into it for fun knowing this would be the evening meal for the slaves,

Gabby had a banana spilt after her exertions and chewed the last piece into a mushy paste before spitting it into the bowel.

During the evening as the women needed the bathrooms they were invited to use one of the special toilets if they only need a pee, The toilets outlet was in a basement and collected in a large vat. Near the end the contents was mixed with water at a ratio of two parts water to one part pee, This would be the slaves drink,

After the 30 minutes the males were cut down, they were desperate for a drink and very hungry,

Sarah Proudman laughing out loud declared

Mush and greens are served.

The males crawl to the plates of congealed scraps mixed with feminine saliva , even though they were delirious nearly with pain and hunger they hesitated ,

Karen, was on this in an instant and said,

If you dont eat and drink the feast we have prepared for you, You will not get anything else for 48 hours, Its up to you.

The slaves had no choice and started to eat the mush before them.

The women found it hilarious and really enjoyed watching the slaves as they struggled to eat the chewed leftovers.

Next they were all given clear plastic beakers of greens , the drink prepared for them . They noticed the greeny yellowy tinge and knew instantly what they had to do . They had no choice and the women were loving it.

MMMM , What a super meal they are having laughed Sarah Proudman , so tasty, giggled Karen.

Jolanta noticed that no 89 had only taken the slightest sip of the drink and wasn’t going to let him get away with that. She excused herself and went to her room . In her room she took out a little torment device she had been meaning to use and had-dent got around to yet,

It consisted of a clear soft plastic ball about head shape, with a hole in the one end about 3inches in diameter. It had an elasticated cuff attached to it so the hole could expand if pulled hard. Jolanta had drunk champagne and water with her meal and needed to go. Jolanta peed into the ball and swished her golden water around inside the ball numerous times before pouring the rest on to the bathroom floor.

She then folded the ball up and left the bathroom. As she left she drove the pointy toe of her spike heel shoes into the slaves stomach. . Lick the mess up in the bathroom and you had better do a good job she ordered.

Jolanta then joined the ladies in the hall.

Jolanta had No 89 secured to a dining room chair, one with arms, he was tied to the chair by his ankles, knees wrists elbows waist shoulders and when he was secured she invited gabby and Claire to watch.

The women knew it would be fun as Jolanta stroled up to secured male,

The male could see her beautiful high cheek boned face , fantastic figure and long beautiful legs, her shoulder length blond hair, she was stunning,

Jolanta approached the helpless male and pulled out the ball like device, In a flash she stretched open the cuff and pulled the ball over his head, she then let the cuff seal around his neck.

Slave she ordered,

Clean the inside for me,

The ladies watched as the slave tried not to obey, Jolanta said,

I don’t know what’s wrong with the idiot, I cleaned the inside for him a few moments ago.

She looked at Gabby and claire and laughed,

Not with ordinary water of course, I used my own golden goddess water ha ha .

The slave was not licking yet and Gabby asked,

Jolanta , do you want me to kick his balls to persuade him.

Jolanta smiled and giggled.

Its ok as the air diminishes in the ball he will have no choice but to obey,

No 89 was trying not to panic as the hood expanded and contracted as he tried to breath as shallowly as he could. The tight cuff stopping any new air entering,

As the air diminished , he started to panic and Jolanta grinned into his face, If you want air, start cleaning.

No 89 had no choice and started to frantically lick the inside of the ball.

He could see the three women laughing and pointing at him. And just when he thought he was going to suffocated Jolanta pulled the cuff apart and tuned the cuff an inch so he got a little bit of air anda new surface to clean.

Jolanta was loving this and laughing in his face through the clear plastic, she pouted.

I want to see long licks with a flat tongue slave or I may not move the ball again. Your going to get the full benefit of the ball if you like it or not.

The slave had no choice and gave long hard licks to the inside of the ball, Cleaning the golden water up thoroughly.

He hated the taste , but his panic for air overrode the horrible, Taste,

The women were laughing and taunting him, Claire taunting,

Id keep that tongue going , If I was you, Lick lick lick .

Jolanta would every-so often move the hood a turn to give him air and a new surface to clean.

Gabby loved it and laughed, Oh I want one, I cant wait to make a slave do some cleaning for me, Claire was in total agreement.
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Another excellent chapter, the stink box really made a good use. No3's mouth not been stuffed by used stockings or socks but only sealed by duck tape, mistress Gabby were indeed lenient to him. Mouthwashing dirty stockings or socks to accomplish his duty and suffering stinking smell in box meanwhile, would be more amusement.
Refer Gabby placed stockings over his nose, i prefer Amanda, a misstress in your "cruel island", "one stocking was pulled over his head , bank robber style, placed the toe part of the other one underneath so that it was over his nose,. The first stocking holding it in place." That would be more efficient, he can avoid nowhere.
Being forced to suffer sweaty stockings also my preference.
Can't wait for your next chapter, keep going.