section 12 part 5


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Feb 22, 2011
Meanwhile Asher Williams had arrived at the section 12 facility He was a convicted rapist who had raped 2 women in the past. He was a violent volatile individual who had been singled out for more punishment under the new regime. He was placed in a standing only cell by the guards and Kay Burley had been informed. Kay loved teasing men. She was totally merciless when it came to teasing and the more frustrated the male , the more she enjoyed teasing,

Kay went back to her room and showered the room slave acting as a bath mat for her. He was lying face down on the tiled floor just outside the shower cubicle. Kay finished her shower and grabbing the ulta soft warm towel stepped out onto the slaves back, she deliberately stepped heavily and enjoyed the sound of air being forced from his lungs. She then ignored him as she dried herself. Slaves were waiting to give her a manicure pedicure and pamper her, Other slaves arrived to style her hair, and do her make up to a high standard.

When they had finished she chose an above the knee little black dress, Her dress fitted her slim sexy figure like a glove . It was low cut , was slit to within 4 inches of her waist on one side. It was a weapon not a dress. The other slaves departed and Kay had the room slave help her into her dress. She then had him bring her some Falke lunettes 8 denier stockings in black, to her.

She opened the new packet and ordered,

Put them on my legs and if you snag them I will stamp on your balls very hard to I make myself clear.

The room slave whimpered to himself, 8 denier was always more difficult, He too had been wearing his CB6000 device for 3 weeks and Kay had been flaunting her incredible body at him for her amusement.

Ian The slave gathered up the stocking and knelt at kays feet, She lifted her long beautiful left leg up and he placed the toe part of the stocking onto her beautiful soft manicured toes , the nails were painted a blood red colour. He very carefully adjusted the stocking so they fitted over her toes perfectly and slowly fed the stocking over her high arches and soft pampered soles. Up her ankle and over her knee, The knee that had so efficiently punished his balls on numerous occasions. Such a beautiful knee he thought but one that caused him so much pain when Kay Gleefully drove it into his balls.

He slowly worked the stocking up her leg and his mouth suddenly went dry as he started to cover her slim sexy thigh with the gossamer nylon. He must not think about what he was doing or his hands would shake and she would punish him . Kay of course knew it must be torture for him and enjoyed it all the more.

Make sure you smooth the thigh part and tops I don’t want any wrinkles in them she ordered,

Knowing it would be even more torture for him.

Kay loved to play with them and she was loving driving the room slave mad,

When he eventually finished both stockings his restrainer was cutting into him terribly.

Fetch me my 4in black Jimmy choos , with the peep toe she she ordered. The room slave knew the d shoes well, he had been made to lick the patent leather clean on numerous occasions .

He crawled to her shoe closet and returned with them and placed them on her beautiful feet,

Kay stood up she looked totally beautiful and she knew it. Her outfit was completed when she pulled on a pair of elbow length dents fine soft leather gloves in black.

Asher Williams had been put in a luxurious bedroom, he was tied to a wooden dining room chair, The chair had arms and his wrists were fastened to it. His ankles and waist were also fastened to the chair.

He was naked except for the restrainer on his penis. The restrainer had a set of Calies teeth ring around his penis which bit in cruelly if he tried to get an erection. . Williams had an exceedingly high sex drive , and he had been in this restraint for nearly 3 weeks, it had nearly driven him to insanity.

He heared the door open but had his back to the door, He tried to look over as kay slowly sauntered around and stood in front of him.

Kay deliberately stood with one leg forward so that her thigh and stocking tops were clearly visible to him.

Well what do we have here. She taunted, a watching slave I think. Your job is to watch me at all times , and she lent in close to him so her ample cleavage was almost in his face.

She continued,

That should be simple enough even for a male to understand.

Her heady perfume, her fabulas legs , her cleavage, he was drooling already, His penis tried to errect and the Calies teeth bit in harshly and he closed his eyes.

Splat, she landed a stinging slap on his face with her gloved hand. She was dying to test them out on a face and enjoyed dishing it out immensely.

You idiot she thundered. I told you to watch me at all times , and seconds later you close your eyes. Men are so stupid , But you will learn. At this kay sauntered over to a low cupboard and bent over causing her dress to ride up slightly giving him a view of her fabulous bottom covered in the shiny material of her dress. He could also see just a gimps of her stocking tops.

Kay took out a thin 4 foot riding crop from the cupboard and slashed it through the air, then approached him and whipped him harshly across his chest.

The male groaned in pain as she lashed the whip down again the thin knot on the end lashing into his unprotected left nipple.

He screamed in agony.

Kay loved to whip a helpless man. And drew back the whip and lashed his thighs 3 times very hard.

She then approached him and smiling into his face said,

Now keep looking at me, dont make me have to punish you again.

Kay dropped the whip and sauntered over to the bed about a meter and a half from him she sat on the bed and picked up a magazine she had put nearby. She started to read and deliberately let her dress ride up so he was getting a good view of her lacy stocking tops , she glanced over every so often just to make sure he was not cheating.

Williams was in agony, the restrainer and teeth were digging in harshly as he tried to erect at the sights he was seeing’ That bitch he thought, how could she be so cruel, But kay was only just getting started. On him.

God she was gorgeous he thought, her amazing legs her figure . Her beautiful face and red hair cascading down to just bellow her shoulders. And he moaned as he tried to erect.

Kay knew he was drooling and just to turn the screw a bit more she dangled one of her heels from her toes , This gave him a tantalising glimpse of her fab nylon feet increasing his torment. Or.

Kay would occasionally stretch and lean forward to display her cleavage, every movement designed to tease him.

Kay took her time making him suffer until she finished her magazine. She then said casually, announced

Its hot in here

and slowly tantalisingly unzipped her dress letting it fall to the four, she then stood in front of him in just her stockings a black lace half bra and black lacy thong. Finished off by her long gloves and heels.

There thats much b better isn’t it she smiled malevolently at him.

No no his mind screamed as his eyes devoured her curves, Curves she was deliberately flaunting at him. His restrainer tightened again and the teeth bit in even more .

Kay sat on the bed watching him suffer, The pure pleasure she was getting from teasing him was so exhilarating. She loved teasing a frustrated helpless male, it was so so delicious watching him suffer, and knowing it was her making him suffer , making it worse for him and there was nothing he could do about it.

Time to turn the screw again she thought and stood up and approached him pushing her cleavage into his face then bending over so he could feast his eyes on her fabulous bottom covered only in a thin thong.

Williams was openly sobbing in frustration and began to beg

Shut up wimp, I dont want begging yet and she slapped his face 6 times left right left. Enjoying the thwak from her gloves.

Kay then took out a very sweaty stocking from her purse, she had worn it during her morning Gym workout balled it up and pushed it into his mouth. Laughing

Look what your weakness has forced me to do. Males are so pathetic

Williams was forced to taste the acrid taste of her very sweaty stocking

Now she laughed and picked up her mobile.

Bring on the ticklers she said,

A few moments later two guards appeared at the door and fixed a shock colar around his neck and another around his un protected balls. And untied him,

Once he was free kay casually pushed a button on his remote and Williams experienced what felt like a punch to his nuts and collapsed onto the floor.

Kay laughed and taunted,

Thats on setting 2 of 10. If you don’t obey I will gladly turn it up. Now crawl over here my legs need a massage.

Williams was visible shaking as he touched the silky shiny nylon and tried to fight his natural urges as he touched the amazing legs. Concentrate on my Thighs slave she ordered and Williams hands shook as he touched the delights in front of him.

Kay casually reached over and grabbed the thin crop and slashed it down on his shoulders, Bringing only a muffled sound from his stocking stuffed mouth.

Now thats much better without all that noise isnt it she giggled. Now work on the area around my stocking tops she commanded.

This was total torture for him, her legs were exquisite in the shear nylon, and his high sex drive was driving him insane,

He wanted to rip his restrainer off pin the little bitch to the floor and rape her senseless but knew he couldn’t , His second option was to beg, but again he couldnt as his mouth was stuffed with her sweaty stocking, His predicament put him in stress, he was producing more saliva which in turn was rinsing the sweat from the stocking, which forced him to swallow the mixture,

Ok Kay ordered massage my left foot NOW,

Williams was relieved not to be doing her thighs, he moved down and took hold of her right foot.

Kay immediately lent forward and slapped his face saying,

slap, you idiot, slap, thats slap the wrong slap foot.

He immediately swapped feet,

Kay loved slapping mens faces, men who had to take it, to put up with it so much fun.

As willimas kneaded the nylon sole kay picked up a magazine and started to read , After about 5 minutes her right foot slowly reached out and her silky nylon toes brushed against his balls..

He jumped back as if he had been kicked hard,

Kay was furious and stormed how dare you,

How dare you resist a superior woman, I can do what I like to you, and you just have to put up with it. Thats what makes being a woman so much fun

She picked up the remote control and casually pushed the button shocking his balls.

His muffled scream amused her greatly,

Dont you dare resit me , dont make me do this again

At this she pushed the button deliberatly holding it in for a few seconds as he writhed in pain.

Now get back to work and dont make me have to shock you again boy,

Williams picked up the her left foot and started kneading,

Kay let him continue for about 5 minutes then extended her right foot and used her silky nylon toes to very lightly tickle his balls.

He was going insane at the pulses of pleasure surging through him as she continued slowly and so maddeningly lightly, working her toes. This was accompanied by pain as the restrainer and teeth bit in.

Kay was an accomplished teaser of men with hours of practice and her toes were making him insane,

He was helpless but his sex drive was beyond control and he couldn’t take another second.

He tried to jump on top of her, Kay anticipated it and hit the main shock button . The collar around his neck forcing him to collapse into a heap.

Kay was loving it and hit a panic button summoning 2 guards who immediately put him into painful arm locks on his knees before her, kay was grinning and approached him saying,

You have no idea how sorry im going to make you for that, and she slapped him 10 times to his face.

The male was taken away to the cells and placed in a cell. Whilst Kay mused on his punishment.

Williams could take no more and planned his escape from those heartless bitches,

During the night he feind illness and as the guard checked on him as he writhed on the floor he grabbed her and took hold of her neck, and threatened to strangle her if anyone did anything.

In his madness her forgot about the shock collar and another guard hit her button. He fell to the floor.

The Guard Emma was only 18 and inexperienced, she wasn’t hurt but was a bit shocked at his speed.

At 10am the next morning Sarah, Kay Claire and Michelle called a meeting and a court hearing was instigated,

Claire was appointed Judge, Michelle was his defence and Sarah was going to prosecute.

Williams was dragged into court.

Gabby, Kay and Tania were jurors as such as kay and the guard gave their evidence.

Claire asked for the defence and Michelle said,

Non , he throws himself on the mercy of the court.

At that Williams temper flared and he shouted,

You evil bitches you drove me to it,

At this the sound of the guards boots thudding into him could be heard and Claire ordered

take him down and cool him off,

The male was dragged down and placed in a standing only cell and a fire hose with freezing cold water was used to cool him off,

The ladies burst out laughing and Sarah said,

Williams is a danger to women, he has been violent again, He has raped women in the past what do we think,

Claire immediately said

There are a number of options but as he is a clear danger to women and unable to cope with us playing with him my recommendation is a Code red,

The jury deliberated , for 5 minutes then said, we have made our decision.

Guilty and we ask for a code red.

Claire put on her black peeked hat and pressed a button.

At this male slaves crawled into the room, they each approached a woman and removed her shoes or boots. As they were trained to, Claire then read out her sentence

a banged her gavel down and the slaves started to kiss and lick the womens nylon covered feet,

Paul was at Claires feet and licked her soles as she read out her verdict,

Guilty, Sentence is a code red. But he has to suffer harshly first.

Any ideas.

Gabby was enjoying this immensely and said,

How about run the gauntlet.

Oh yes I love the gauntlet agreed Sarah and she almost purred like a cat as Karls tongue sought out and perspiration between her nylon toes,

Tania was next and said,

How about a cane fest The night before I do love a cane fest and it will make the gauntlet more fun

Great Idea Tania laughed Karen.

The women all agreed and williams was brought up for sentencing.

Claire looked at him with a slight smirk on her gorgeous face and said,

You have been found guilty of serious offences against women. Your sentence will be, and she paused,

A cane fest caning, a suspension by your wrists over night, a run the gauntlet and a code red offence has been declared.

Williams of course did not understand what a code red offence was but knew he was going to suffer terribly.

Claire continued Take him down.

After the court case Sarah Michelle and Claire went back to a plush room and were served wine and cakes by half starved prisoners whilst others massaged their feet, Kay and gabby were invited to join them.

As males kneaded their feet Sarah asked,

We have invited you here to ask you if you would like to administer the code red.

I know that Kay, you have led a code red before but as we want this to be slow and very painful for that bastard we wanted you to assist Gabby,

That is Gabby if your up for it, and would like to administer it.

Gabbys face lit up with sadistic delight,

Oh yes, Yes please, I have wanted to administer a code red for some time and he really deserves it.

Good and how about you kay,

Oh definitely , I can wait to make him suffer,

The ladies lounged in comfort and the next evening a trestle was put out in a large meeting room, plush chairs were placed in a large circle around the trestle and Champagne and gourmet bites to eat were laid out.

The women were all out of uniform in short dresses, stockings, skirts and heels. As Williams was brought in by guards and secured to the tressle,

He was secured with his head over the trestle so he could see the women in front of him. His naked bottom was bent over giving a great target, and his knees were on two arms on the trestle and his feet were sticking up. He was secured by numerous straps and then he was ignored as the women chatted drank and enjoyed them selves.

Half an hour later sarah nodded to Gabby who stood up and said,

Ladies may I have your attention, We are about to start, who has the gag.

Tania held her arm up and walked slowly over to williams, she had a stocking in a plastic bag she had worn to the gym on three occasions, she removed it from the bag and ordered,


Williams didnt want to but knew he was not in a position to bargain so opened his mouth , Tania toyed with him dabbing the toe part of the sweaty stocking onto his tongue before pushing it into his mouth and sealing it in with Duck tape.

The taste was strong and acidic and williams hated it,

gabby picked up an evil 5ft dragon cane and did some practice swipes through the air,

She then looked at Sarah who announced,

Start the punishment, cane him,

Gabby took great delight in taking up a strong stance behind him and swish splat hit his unprotected ass with full force,

Gabby having been a Gymnast was very strong and williams would have lept into the air had he not been secured down, He let out a huge bellow which was almost inaudible through Tanias stocking.

Thw women all cheered and laughed really enjoying watching him suffer. Gabby gave him 20 seconds or so to recover then hiss splat hit him with another even harder stroke .

Williams thought he may go insane. The pain was like a red hot poker on his ass, He was in agony, how could he take any more. Red welts were forming on his tortured flesh as the women laughed and after 6 strokes Kay took over.

She chose a thick hard plastic cane and deliberatly aimed so that the strokes overlapped the welts of Gabbys strokes making them pure agony for the slave.

After her 6 Tania approached williams head and could see the fear and agony in his eyes she grabbed a gloved hand of hair and pulled his face next to hers and said,

Im going to be lenient im not going to cane your ass , She smirked into his face and said,

No im going to do your feet, and slapped his face hard the leather of her gloves making a satisfying clap on his face.

Tania slowly walked around to his back , picked up a thin whippy cane and after flexing it a few times swung it in the air and splatted the tip down on the sole of williams left foot.

The reaction was as though he had been given an electric shock he went ridgid in his bonds, then put his head back and although hardly any sound came past Tania stocking he was obviously bellowing.

Tania burst out laughing, as the women cheered and laughed at Williams.

5 more times Tania caned his left foot taking his suffering to a new level.

After her six Tania approached Williams face again and said,

mmmm I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did Im going to do your right foot now,

And just to make it more fun, Emma who you attacked is going to help me and give you six on your left foot, double the fun ha H a

Williams was frantically shaking his head and trying to beg through the stocking as Tania laughed, oh yes enjoy slave,

Emma a very pretty 18 year old blonde joined Tania and they lashed his feet in unison laughing as they did,

All the women took turns to cane Williams over the next few hours , Sarah and Clare worked on his thighs and at the end smelling salts were needed regularly to make sure he got the full benefit of all the strokes.

Williams was a sobbing wreck afterwards and was hosed off with the fire hose before his evening suspended on his tip toes by his wrists.

Before turning in Tania and Kay visited Williams in his suspension cell.

Tania as always worked on his mind saying,

Nice and comfortable are you and smirked at him, Kay was examining the welts covering most of his body ,

MMM they look nice and painful she giggled and jabbed her nails into one on his thigh bringing a bellow of pain from him, Much to there amusement.

Tania could help herself and stamped the toe part of her high heel shoes down on both his feet just to make it worse for him. She loved doing it.

The ladies had a lovely comfy night, the exact opposite of Williams who got no sleep at all.

At Midday the ladies assembled in a long wide corridor. They were all in uniform, pointy stiletto knee boots , short skirts, stockings white blouses and tunics, Williams was brought in and placed in a harness with short chains secured to a waist strap this mean that when he was on all fours he had very restricted movement and could only crawl forward very slowly.

Gabby ordered ok Crawl to the end of the room slave,

As she did this she drove the pointy toe of her boot into the tortured flesh of his ass,

as Williams tried to make some progress the women on either side of the corridor had evil riding cropps and lashed him mercilessly, others kicked him harshly with the pointy toes of their boots. Gabby stamped on his hands just to slow him down so he could take more punishment.

Sarah loved kicking prisoners and took great delight driving her toe into his unprotected flesh,

There was just something so satisfying about swinging her leg back and then droving her pointy toe into them. She liked the thud sound her boots made on impact.

Claire then approached him from behind and kicked him right in the balls causing him to collapse in pain.

The women were on him in micro seconds whipping him with there evil crops forcing him to try to crawl on through the gauntlet.

The women had great fun and Williams suffered terribly.

That evening Williams was secured on his back in a plush office, he must have suffered enough he thought but his mind was wirring as to what was going to happen.

Only selected women were permitted to officiate at a code red.

The top Team of Sarah, karen Michelle and Claire, were joined by Tania Kay and gabby They all sat in chairs in a circle overlooking williams, They all looked fab in short skirts stockings and at least 4in heels.

After a short time Sarah said

Kay would you like to start us off,

My pleasure giggled Kay.

She approached Williams and placed her right shoe on his chest and stepped onto him. She looked down at his pleading face and said,

You seem to have some trouble accepting your place beneath women, so we are going to help you. At this she positioned her feet on his chest so that her spike heels were over his nipples and dug her heels in for 2 seconds and eased off again bringing a cry of pain from williams. I hope you learn your lesson.


At this a door opened and twenty women,, all , very tall pluss size, beautiful women filed into the room and stood either side of Williams,

Gabby took over and said,

Ok ladies commence.

One by one the ladies stood on Williams in their heels, Two on his chest 3 on his stomach one on his groin, others on his arms and legs, At first it was only very painful but after a few minutes the combined weight on his chest and stomach made it hard to braeth. He felt the air squashed from his lungs and was going to past out, at this Gabby said,


The women all stepped off him.

He had 5 minutes to recover and gabby said,

Ok more.

At this the women climbed back on. Diana a blonde was at the front of his chest and put her heels on his nipples grinning down at him as she added some weight on to his tortured nipples, again the combined weight took its toll as more women put weight on his chest and stomach.

The ladies seated around were enjoying his plight smiling and giggling as he fought to take the weight and pain. The woman on his groin cruelly stomped his balls enjoying ever second of it.

Again as Williams was passing out Gabby called a halt and the women got off allowing some air into his tortured lungs,

10 times they stood on him and watched him struggle to breath,

After the 10th time williams was just managing to get some air and gabby approached his face and took off her right shoe, and placed her stockinged foot on his throat. She put some pressure on making it difficult for him to gasp some air. She then applied some more pressure and he couldn’t breath, she let him panic for about 10 seconds then eased off again. He was very weak by this time and Gabby put weight on her foot again on his throat and before he passed out She said to Claire, Does he get mercy.

Williams could see a grinning Claire looking at him and she slowly shook her head.

Gabby giggled and slowly increased the pressure on her foot, his windpipe under the ball of her foot as she slowly increased the presure, and ended up stood on his throat the women all watched intently enjoying the spectacle and his suffering , until the code red had been successfully carried out.

Williams body was taken away and the ladies enjoyed a drink of fine cognac to calibrate.