Section 12 part 6


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Feb 22, 2011
Meanwhile back on the farm

Section 12 grew its own vegetables and fruit as well as corn for bread , the farm was designed to use manual labour and had no real mechanisation as such. The guards had a steady supply of labour on tap and of course this was part of the punishment of violent or subversive males.

Women in general were encouraged to report possible subversive behaviour which would almost certainly lead to arrest and interrogation.

Of course some women used this to there advantage and made up spurious allegations just to get a male in trouble, But as Sarah and the other leaders would say,

This was just a triviality , a small price to pay for the new order.

Natalie Lloyd was a beautiful but spoilt 18 year old woman, She lived with her equally beautiful mother Carole, Both were slim leggy Blonde haired beauties and knew it, Natalie.s step father had been detained for fraud and was serving 10 years for defrauding women. His two 19 year old sons Clive and Pete lived with them and under the new regime had to serve their step mother and step sister.

Carole and Natalie both enjoyed the situation and worked the boys hard. Pete quickly saw the position they were in and accepted his servitude to his female family, and secretly enjoyed polishing their shoes and waiting on them. His favourite job was being made to massage Caroles nylon covered feet when she had been out all day in heels.

He liked it when his stepmother came home and he served her refreshments and hoped she would point to her feet and click her fingers.

He knew he had to gently removed her heels and kneed the nylon soles of her dainty high arched feet. He liked that he had to do it or she would punish him.

He loved the scents that emanated from her lovely feet, a mix of hot leather and a metallic sort of smell and could not get enough of the heady aroma. He dared not admit this to her and just diligently massaged her feet enjoying the scents covertly,

His step sister was another matter, whilst, Carole was coldly efficient and expected good service, Natalie was deliberately difficult and demanding, She had made him clean her shower tray 4 times just to provoke him, She loved having power over him and his brother and taunted and tormented them for fun and pleasure.

Natalie had instigated a regime where him and his brother had to kneel and bow to her if she entered or left a room if they were nt carrying anything.

It amused her no end she also loved making them call her Miss and making them kiss her feet. Pete loved her feet and enjoyed having to kiss the warm nylon or bare soles to her satisfaction.

Clive was another matter he was much more outgoing than his introverted brother, He had dated girls before the new order and saw himself as superior to them, He was really struggling with the new regime and hated waiting on Carole and Natalie.

He hated the new order and was planning to try to leave and escape Britain. Natalie and Carole, both being very intelligent women could see the resentment in his face as he served them. Natalie in particular liked to torment him and made him wait on her, She made him apply nail polish to her toe nails and would kick him or slap him if he got any on her skin. She could see the fury on his face which he tried to hide.

One day whilst searching his room for anything suspicious she found some paper with some code on it, He thought he was being Clever but it only took her about ten minutes to crack his pathetic code and found out his ideas about running away and stowing away on a boat.

How dare he she wasn’t having that so although the pages were only really ideas she made up some more pages in his pathetic code with plans to put his idea into practice, she added maps and possible ports he could make to. It was easy to copy his pathetic hand writing and she couldn’t help but giggle at her idea.

That evening she phoned her aunt Katherine Jenkins who ran the facility (Section 12) and asked if they could meet, Katherine liked Natalie a lot and met her for a coffee the next day.

She explained to Katherine about what she had found and that she was sure Clive was a subversive.

Katherine was furious and said she would have him arrested and punished if that was what Natalie wanted.

Natalie informed her that’s exactly what she wanted and said,

He may say under interrogation that most of the evidence of his planning to run away was planted.

Katherine smiled and said,

Are you being deliciously evil to him, It makes no difference and its more fun,

Natalie giggled,

I may have helped the evidence a bit. I like the thought of dropping him in it ha ha .

Good girl,

Replied Katherine

what have you got in mind. ?

Aunty Katherine . Could you have him sent to your facility and have him work on the farm, He hates dirt and mud so much, I d like him worked really hard and him made to suffer,

Katherine burst out Laughing,

Yes of course, thats not a problem, would you like to come and watch him work,

Oh Yes Please , I would love that

Replied Natalie with obvious delight.

Would you like to come and work him yourself, under your own whip.

Oh my god ID love to gasped Natalie,

No problem,

giggled Katherine and continued, and we will have him lick your feet in gratitude afterwards if youd like.

Oh yes yes please, enthused Natalie, he hates feet.

Does he now, well his tongue is going to be very busy on my feet if you think it would do him good.

And they both laughed out loud.

That evening the police women attended and Clive was arrested and his room searched, He was confident they wouldn’t find anything , and even if they did it would just be jumbled letters, so he was shocked and horrified at their find. He tried to protest his innocents but they were having none of it.

He tried to protest but an Amazon like police woman Sarah slapped his face and put him in an arm lock telling him to shut up, He tried to explain , but every time he opened his mouth Sarah tweaked his arm lock on a bit more inflicting pain on his wrist.

Sarah liked tweaking the arm lock , inflicting pain on the slave sex. She found it amusing to punish them.

Clive was being taken away still in the arm lock when he saw Natalie giggling and blowing him a kiss. He instantly knew she had set him up. His anger immediately boiled over and he shouted. You evil bitch you have done this to me, You horrible bitch.

Sarah immediately put the wrist lock on stronger bringing a cry of pain from Clive, and shouted ,

How dare you speak to her like that. Your going to pay for that little outburst.

Sarah continued.

Get on your knees and apologise to her now.

Clive had no choice and fell to his knees.,

Sarah ordered,

get apologising

and again tweaked his wrist

Natalie was loving it , grinning at him malevolently.

Clive grovelled for her forgiveness,

Natalie was wearing a short skirt, Black stockings and knee high stiletoe heeled boots and ordered

Kiss my boots ,

Clive was hating it, that little bitch had set him up and he was forced to debase himself in front of her,

As this went through his mind he hesitated and Sarah tweaked his wrist bringing a cry of pain from him.

Clive immediately started to kiss the leather of her boots at her toes.

Natalie thoroughly enjoyed his grovelling and after 5 minutes said to Sarah.

I want my boots licked as well but just to concentrate his mind can you put the wrist lock on harder for lets say 10 seconds.

Clive started to plead

No No please

But Sarah took no notice and put the lock on harder bringing a scream from Clive,

Natalie slowly started to count to ten deliberately taking her time so they could enjoy his suffering,

At 5 Natalie said to Sarah,

I love your boots

Sarah had black thigh high boots with a 6in heel. On and said

Thanks I love them they are Louboutin, it takes my room slave 2 hours to polish them every nigh ha ha

As this conversation went on Sarah of course kept the arm lock on casually torturing his wrist.

Eventually Natalie continued slowly

6, 7 , 8, 9

then evily 9 1/4 , 9 ½ as Sarah put the wrist lock on even stronger bringing fresh screams from him.

9, 3/4 9 and 7/8 10

at 10m Sarah kept the lock on for a further 2 seconds before releasing most of the pressure.

Sarah then ordered,

Lick her boots now unless you want me to put the lock on for another 10 seconds.

Clive did not want that at all and licked Natalies boots much to their amusement. Natalie was loving it and said,

Slave tell me which is the superior sex,

Clive had no choice and mumbled


Natlaie replied,

Tell me I am superior to you then, and speak up

Clive was hating it and mumbled,

You are superior to me Miss Natalie,

Natalie looked at Sarah who was grinning and giggled,

I can hear him tweek his wrist a bit, and clive say it again louder.

Sarah enjoyed twisting his wrist more and Clive let out an

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then

You are superior to me in every way Miss Natalie.

This time Louder than before.

HMM mused Natalie,

Still cant hear you , louder boy,

Sarah tweaked his wrist again,

and Clive again let out a cry of pain then



Natalie laughed and said,

No need to shout, thats too loud , give him a 10 second tweek Sarah then he can try again.

Sarah enjoyed hiurting him and eventually Natalie was satisfied.

Clive was then taken away to the police cells,

As the evidence was so overwhelming he was tried that evening by Judge Sussana Reid.

Judge Reid was a real tough Judge and liked her comforts , She sat in a throne like chair to preside over males in trouble. What couldnt be seen was that a male slave on punishment was secured under her throne with his face sticking up through a hole in the highly padded seat. His head was secured in position by an adjustable cradle under his head, he was then tied immobile in position. Judge Reid liked to wear pantyhose and pushed her skirt up so when she took her chair the slaves face was under her magnificent nylon clad bottom.

Sussana squirmed around a bit until his nose was securely trapped between her nyloned cheeks,

Judge Sussana had nude coloured pantyhose on and black patent leather jimmy choo 4in heels on her beautiful feet.

By her feet out of sight of the court were two head sized holes with 2 male faces poking through Judge Reid loved to have her feet in male faces and always slipped her shoes off an plonked her feet in male faces as she sentenced men.

Clive was brought in and made to kneel through out the proceedings. His case was read out and the prosecutor Andrea Mcclean asked for a retraining order at section 12 for a period of 6 months.

The defence offered no evidence.

Natalie and Carole in the women only audience listened intently as Judge Reid summed the case up.

She hit the gavel down and immediately slipped her heels off she then plonked her nylon clad feet into the faces secured for her use. She placed her nylon toes over the males faces forcing them to inhale the sent of her slightly perspiring feet. Resisting a sigh of pleasure as she did so. She then addressed the court.

I have no doubts about your subversive behaviour, the evidence is over whelming. I personally take a very dim view of males that try to fight against the new order, males that fail to see the supremacy of women and that a males place is to serve and slave for the superior sex. So for that I sentence you to 6 months retraining labour in the section 12 training facility.

Judge Reid loved that she was sending him to 6 months of mindless toil and torment at the hands of women, and sat down hard on the seat slaves face making him struggle for breath.

Judge Reid then looked around the court and said, any observations anyone,

Sarah the police officer stood up and said

I would like the court to take into account that the accused when caught tried to accuse this fine young woman over here , Pointing to Natalie,

Of falsifying evidence, I think that it is a severe attempt to assassinate the exemplary character of a fine new order woman.

Judge Reid was stony faced and then turned to Natalie and said,

Natalie dear that is just awful would you like to tell us how you feel,

Natalie got to her feet and explained how it upset her to have her good name so vilified and she didn’t understand why he would do it.

Clive was furious at her blatant miss truth.

Judge Reid was very sympathetic and said,

Natalie you have been very brave can you tell me why you think he would do such a terrible thing.

Natalie, replied,

My step brother Clive totally resents the new order and tried to stop me from assuming my rightful place as his superior. He resented having to polish my shoes and boots, He hated massaging and serving my feet and waiting on me. I tried to reason with him and tell him I was only taking up my rights as a member of the superior sex in our household.

Judge Reid replied,

You were only doing what you should be doing, we women are totally superior and this idiot hasn’t grasped it yet, This should have been a great time for you and he has spoilt it. And I believe he should suffer for it, Do you have any observations Natalie,

Natalie was loving it and replied,

all I wontis for him to understand I am totally superior to him, that I deserve to be waited on, I want him to polish my shoes and boots and see it as a privilege . To make my boots shine Can I ask that his sentence be increased by a month and that his labour be hard labour with no lenience at all. He is lazy and I think it will toughen him up.

Judge Reid was impressed by Natalie and pondered for a second before addressing Clive,

Prisoner I fully agree with your superior Miss Natalie, I grant the hard labour sentence with a non lenient clause, But I think she has been two kind in asking for one month I am sentencing you to and she paused,

at this Judge Reid sat down even harder in her chair forcing the seats slaves nose to be pushed right up to her nylon covered Bottom hole. She also waggled her toes slightly so the foot slaves got the full scent from her nylon toes. The feet slaves could possibly have turned their heads slightly but knew it would not go unpunished and forced them selves to sniff hard at her nylon feet,

At this Judge Reid said,

3 extra months in section 12 take him down.

Judge Reid raised her feet about an inch and stamped down on the faces bellow which was the lick signal. Both males extended their tongues and got to work refreshing the nylon mesh of her stocking soles.

Judge Reid just loved the feel of a slippery tongue searching away for perspiration from her nylon feet.

Natalie burst out laughing and his step mother Carole was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he was taken away.

Judge Reid was so relaxed as her feet slaves laved away and then felt a pressure in her bottom, It amused her and she just had to do it. She farted right into the bottom slaves face, The bottom slave heard the rumble and felt the blast of hot air and tried in vein to pull his face away and struggled in his bonds as he was forced to take in the pungent air.

Judge Reid giggled as he took the full blast right in his face.

Judge Reid would punish him for resisting, she would whip him after dinner she decided, how dare he resist her. And besides she loved whipping men

Carole giggled with Natalie and said, Paul is going to have to work harder he has two women to serve on his own. I hope he can cope

Natalie laughed,

Dont worry mummy Paul gets it. He knows we are superior and although he pretends not to he likes our feet and shoes,

Carole replied,

Yes I know he does, He always has a really good sniff when I stick my feet in his face,

I may treat him tonight, I have worn these heels all day and I just might tie one over his nose whilst he does the evening chores,

Natalie laughed,

He will love it, I may just have him suck the sweat from these nylones as well, for being such a good slave ha ha

Clive was taken by guards to a holding area where He was made to stand to attention until until Katherine Jenkins came over,

Immediately Clive recognised Katherine and tried to speak to her.

Aunty Katherine I have been set up Please help me,

Katherine played along and replied,

Oh no Clive, that’s terrible, Who do you think would do such a thing,

My evil step sister Natalie she loves picking on me, Please help me.

Begged Clive

Katherins face turned to thunder and she shouted,

How dare you accuse my niece , and her right arm snaked out and her black leather gloved hand slapped his face hard.

Your going to suffer for that little outburst boy

She bellowed,

She continued,

Some farm work will do you the world of good , we have lots of planting to do and I am going to get you involved. You will be put in solitary confinement over night and worked from tomorrow.

The next morning he was woken up at 6am by stern looking beautiful red haired woman about 35 who slapped his face until he was awake , he was taken to a holding area where 9 other males were waiting.

A grinning blonde woman informed them they were on harrowing that day and the other men all groaned.

Clive didnt Know what this meant but could tell from the reaction it wouldnt be pleasant.

The males lined up in a squad and the red head Isla pushed and kicked Clive into position . A rick Shaw pulled by a tall muscularly male pulled up and Isla got in.

Squad by the right quick march she shouted.

At this the squad of males walked briskly forward pulling and pushing clive with them

Isla got herself comfortable in the very well padded seat of the rickshaw and then took a riding crop from a holder by her right arm. She drew the crop back and whipped the back of the rickshaw slave and shouted

Forward slave.

The slave moved forward at a fast walk and they soon caught up with the marching squad.

Isla loved this. She loved being pulled in the rickshaw and she loved whipping the rickshaw slave to make him move,

She looked at the ten men marching along and the rickshaw slave working away. She was only 5ft 3in but was totally in charge of them all. Women are just better at everything she thought,

Although it was still early the sun was coming up and it was warm already. She decided to wake them up and shouted,

Squddd By the double quick, time. March,

The squad started to jog quickening up the pace immediately.

The rickshaw slave knew he would have to jog fast as well but waited for the instruction. Isla had punished him before for anticipating orders with a hard caning so he didnt want to make that mistake again.

Isla waited 30 seconds then drew the riding crop and whipped his back again shouting

Faster , slave,

The rickshaw slave knew he would have to move faster but had to wait for the whip stroke, he wasnt permitted to spoil the women’s fun.

The males did double time for about ¼ of a mile before arriving at the field.

The squad were halted and Clive got his first look at the work going on. He saw 10 males lashed to a beam pulling a plough shear through the ground. There was a beautiful Indian woman Priyanka sat on top of the beam in a very comfy chair she had a long lunging whip in her gloved hand and was forcing her team to pull the plough through the soil. She was loving working them and lashing the unfortunate males regularly to maintain maximum effort.

She looked so relaxed so regal sat in her chair as the males worked their guts out. As Clive stared in horror he saw her lash a male to her right 3 times as she shouted ,

I said faster, you idle slug, now pull.

Clives squad were soon hooked up to a beam as well. This one had a set of harrows behind it to break down the plough furrow , Once they were hooked up Katherine Jenkins walked over with an evil grin on her face. And said,

Right slaves we are going to be working hard today so no slacking.

At this she climbed onto the beam and sat in the very comfy, well padded seat . She set the sunshade to the correct angle and drew out her whip from the holder.

And pull.

she ordered and the males heaved and heaved until the disc harrows started to slowly move forward,

Katherine looked so beautiful sat in comfort in her seat. She was wearing the standard guards uniform of short black skirt, white blouse black stockings and knee length black boots, she had her thick long blonde hair down and was wearing black leather gloves and mirror sunglasses. She drew the whip back and lashed the two centre slaves hard shouting,

Put your backs into it you idle swine’s.

It was a truly back breaking work, unless the whole squad pulled as hard as they could the cultivator wouldn’t move,

Clive glanced up at the beautiful woman sat above and to his right, sat in comfort forcing them to work, How could she be so mean, so cruel. Katherine saw him glancing at her and drew her whip and landed the tip between his shoulder blades. He let out a tortured scream as she laughed,

Work dont lust after me put some effort in idle pig or I will take the skin from your back.

Katherine loved working them and Clive could not believe how hard the work was. Or the pain she so casually inflicted with her whip.

Katherine constantly shouted and taunted them saying,

Come on you weaklings. Im not finding this hard at all. And laughed out loud at them.

After about an hour of toil she ordered the exhausted slaves to stop,

She beckoned to a slave kneeling in waiting and he immediately ran over to her with a bottle of ice cold water. She took the water and ordered the harrowing slaves to look towards her,

slave Team she laughed

its hot isnt it, and took great delight in drinking the water. Slowly,

She continued,

If you had worked harder I would let you have some water as well, but as you have been so lazy you will have to wait until the next break.

Clive was almost in tears, it was so unfair, he was parched and so were the other slaves but that bitch was denying them water whilst having a nice cold drink herself.

At this the water slave said,

Mistress would you like more cold water,

Katherine considerer for a moment and replied,

No its ok you are dismissed.

The male who was on his knees bowed and started to walk off, as Katherine said,

Slave, my feet are a bit hot, You can refresh them for me.

The water slave was furious, he hated feet, but dared no show it. And knew he had to reply,

Yes mistress , at once Mistress, and thank you Mistress.

The slave slowly and with great care removed her boots,

The slave immediately smelt the vinegary aroma from her perspiring nylon feet, made worse by Katherine deliberately flexing her toes.

The slave, couldnt believe he was going to have to lick those sweaty feet, He would have to force himself to do it or the punishment would be very harsh,

Katherine , of course knew he hated feet, and it gave her even more pleasure to make him do it,

She wanted to play with him a bit and ordered,

Slave hold my toes to your nose and have a good long hard sniff, I want to know if they smell bad,

Spencer could have killed her but forced himself to hold the nylon covered toes of her right foot and sniffed hard.

Oh God he hated the smell of her sweaty feet but knew he dare not show it,

Katherine asked,

Slave, how do my feet smell.

The slave forced himself to say,

Like the finest perfume Mistress.

Katherine giggled and continued.

Have a couple of long hard sniffs then as a reward.

She knew she was torturing him and loved it and was highly amused as he sniffed her feet as hard as he could.

Katherine pouted and said,

I dont think you are sniffing very hard, I m wondering if you dont like the smell of my feet really,

The slave knew he had to grovel and said,

I love the smell Mistress, please im only a weak man I am sniffing as hard as I can to enjoy the aroma.

And he continued to sniff as hard as he could at her evil little nylon feet, desperately trying to please her, to avoid a whipping .

She loved watching him suffer.

Ok, refresh them with your tongue, but to convince me you can write out a thousand times tonight that my feet smell like the finest perfume. And as a reward you can do it with one of my Gym shoes tied over your nose

Now thank me as you lick my feet. Nice long licks from heels to toes , I want all the perspiration removed.

Spencer thanked her for the honour of smelling and licking her feet. He stuck out his tongue and laved it along the full length of her foot, feeling the mesh of the stocking and tasting the dampness of her perspiration. As she looked down on him in amused contempt.

How could he do that , my sweaty feet must be torture to lick, but he was just a weak male they would do anything to avoid a bit of pain.

After 10 minutes she ordered,

Suck on my toes and dont slobber on my stockings or you will suffer terribly.

Spencer sucked all the saliva from his mouth, Placed the sweaty toe part of her stockings in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. He could taste the slightly acrid taste in the back of his throat but had to make himself do it.

At this Pryanka pulled up on her plough and laughed, MM that looks great do you think he would like to work on my feet after yours,

Yes of course he would laughed Katherine ,

Great giggled Pryanka.

Once Katherine was happy her feet were freshened she had the slave put her boots back on. She then took up her whip and ordered.

Slave team Forward.

The slave team heaved on there harrows and it took a huge effort to start it rolling forward. Katherine whipped them as encouragement. As she glanced back she could see the water slave being being forced to smell Pryankas feet, It was great being a woman.

The slave team laboured on pulling their heavy harrows as Katherine sat in comfort in her seat driving them forward,

Half An hour later Pryankas plough team pulled up alongside , her harrowing team and Pryanka laughed,

You want a race Katherine,

Katherine was all for it and the pulled up along side each other,

Ok, lets say to the far side of the field (some 500 meters away )

After 3 said Katherine and counted

Three, Two One Go.

Both women were very competitive and had their whips in there respective gloved hands,

Faster you idle swine she shouted as she whipped the exposed backs of her slave team. Forcing them to pull with more effort.

Pryanka got out of her seat and stood up on the beam so she could whip her team harder , shouting,

Work you lazy worms or I will whip the skin off your backs.

The plough and the harrow were moving along the soil as the heaving sweating slaves worked their guts out,

At this point there was very little in it and Pryanka shouted out,

Lets make it more fun, the losing team get kicked in the balls good and hard by the winning Mistress.

Katherine laughed and readily agreed.

Clive could not believe how heartless these women were had they no pity or sympathy at all.

The plough team whiped on by Pryanka slowly edged ahead and at the finish were about 5 metres ahead,

Katherins team had suffered terribly as she lashed them to keep up. And now they were going to be punished.

The teams were uncoupled from the plough and the set of harrows and stood to attention.

Pryanka, her boots glistening in the sunlight approached Katherins team and Katherine ordered,

Legs apart weaklings , time to pay for your laziness,

How could she accuse them of laziness , they had worked so hard but it was hopeless they were going to suffer,

The males opened their legs and a grinning Pryanka approached the first male. Just to distract him she used her gloved right hand to slap his face a stinging blow. She them lashed out her right foot, kicking no 1 hard in the balls with her pointy toed boots. No 1 slowly collapsed onto the floor,

Katherine went over to him and giggling ordered

On your feet , now.

No one was still in agony and in pain and didnt move, so Katherine stamped on his right hand which was flat on the floor,

No one let out a bellow of pain as Katherine enjoyed grinding his hand into the dirt with the sole of her boots.

Pryanka was laughing as she approached no 2, She so loved kicking balls and the pain it inflicted on the inferior idiots

Pryanka went along the line kicking balls and came to Clive,

He had not received this type of punishment before and fell to the ground in agony after Pryankas kick,

Katherine let him recover for about 30 seconds then went over and ordered

On your feet boy, she then jabbed him in the leg with her stilletoe heels just to encourage him saying,

Get up you weakling, it was only a little tap.

Katherine loved stiletoe heels , such good punishment weapons and really enjoyed digging them into male flesh, so satisfying, so much fun she thought,

Clive had no idea she could be such a bitch but struggled to his feet to avoid another jab,

At this a tin bath of cold water was carried over by other slaves and they were accompanied by 3 guards. Once the tin bath was put down the males bought 3 chairs for the guards then knelt down and removed the guards boots.

The guards took great delight in placing their sweaty stocking feet into the cold water stirring the water around.

After about 5 minutes the lead guard a very pretty brunett called Kimberly ORDERED,

Ok slaves stockings off.

The males then had to remove the guards stockings and thoroughly rinse them in the water, Again after a few Minutes a blonde Guard called Meggan ordered,

Ok slaves see to our feet.

The slaves rinsed and rubbed the Guards feet in the tin bath water,

3 more slaves arrived with new stockings and fluffy towels. They had to dry the Guards feet and put new stockings on them. The old stockings remaining in the tin bath of water.

3 more guards arrived and the stocking feet again went into the bath, just as before.

After the third set Katherine addressed the plough and harrow teams.

We women are not unkind, we know you are very thirsty so we have prepared you refreshing drinks for you.

At this a slave with a bag of used very sweaty stockings appeared and had another bag of babies bottles,

The slave placed one sweaty stocking into each bottle, pushing it down inside as far as he could then using a ladle filled the rest of the bottle with water from the tin bath. At this Pryanka pulled her slave team up alongside and was disappointed she couldnt place her feet in the bath in time. Instead she ordered the male preparing the bottles to bring them to her for inspection. Sh e was very amused as she spat some saliva into each bottle before allowing the slave to put the rubber nipple on the end.

One guard per work team member took a bottle and stood in front of them and Katherine stood in front of Clive,

Beg for your drinks , kiss our boots,

The males had seen what had happened to the water but were so parched they all knelt and kissed the guards boots much to the guards amusement.

Ok you may drink ordered Katherine after a suitable amount of begging and boot kissing.

Clive reluctantly sucked at the bottle nipple and received some acrid tepid water as katherine laughed out loud in his face.

The males hated their drinks but the alternative was no drink so had to put up with it.

Shilpa was laughing next to Katherine and laughed,

How could they drink that sweaty feet water, men are so disgusting and weak. Arnt they.

Katherine agreed but added,

But its great fun making them do it isnt it.

Clive was really struggling with the taste but was so thirsty his face amused Katherine. Who laughed.

Drink up your tasty drinks , lots more work to do .


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Jun 10, 2016
Wow, that was fantastic! I really loved what happened to Clive. But I also liked the fact that his brother Pete was a willing submissive...and how Carole and Natalie planned to reward him later.


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Feb 22, 2011
Thank you Laosan88 I am starting the next chapter soon and Natalie cant wait to punish Clive
Im glad you like the stocking drink idea. I have a Polish lady friend Miss Paulina who really wants to try this out on me in August.
Dec 12, 2004
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Wonderful.....Wonderful,Many Thanks for a great update,would love to see clives step sister visit wearing Rubber Wellingtons and making him lick them clean and smell the sweaty insides!!!,perhaps Natalie could show some sympathy with him and give him a sun hat to wear,her old PVC Souwester which would make him sweat tremendously,and he has to lick the sweat from it at the end of the day.........something i experienced.


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Feb 22, 2011
Thank you for your positive feedback shoeps, I will start writing the next chapter soon and Natalie will be having fun working the field slaves.