section 12 part 7


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Feb 22, 2011
After the court case Natalie drove her mother towards home in there beautiful new Jaguar car. She hit the car phone button and phoned her step brother Pete their slave the phone rang 4 times and then Pete s out of breath voice said,

Yes Miss Natalie,

she smiled she loved that he had to call her Miss Natalie.

She then said in a frosty voice.

How many rings did that phone do Boy,

He began apologising saying he was cleaning the on suite toilet in her room and couldn’t get to his phone,


she barked out,

What were my orders regarding your phone, Boy,

He replied,

Please Miss Natalie I have to answer within 3 rings.

Natalie was loving it and Carole was giggling with her hand over her mouth.

What happens if you choose to disobey me boy?

Continued Natalie.

Miss Natalie you Punish me for it,

He knew better than to argue it would only make matters worse.

You are right boy I punish you for mistakes. Go upstairs into my room and in the top drawer of my desk are some leather gloves , Get the new black ones they are very soft and supple. Im going to be slapping your face in them .

Pete replied Yes Miss Natalie,

as he did so Natalie mouthed to Carole so he couldn’t hear,

Do you want to slap him too.

Carole giggled and nodded her head , Then mouthed,

My grey Dior gloves are in my bedside cabinet drawer,

Natalie then said to Pete,

Mummy is going to punish you as well. Get her Grey Dior gloves from her bedside cabinet and dont you dare walk in either of our rooms get on your knees where you belong, Do I make myself clear.

Yes Miss Natalie he replied,

Much to there amusement.

Ok repeat my orders so far, as you men are so stupid and and mentally inferior I want to make sure you get it right boy,

Pete started to reply and Natalie grinning interrupted.

What are you boy.

Pete knew she was toying with him. Half of him hated it but the other half loved it.

As a male I am stupid and mentally inferior to you Miss

He replied

Yes you are boy.

When you have both pairs of gloves I want you to take them downstairs and get on your hands and knees by the front door and wait for us, we are about 10 minutes away. And dont you dare move,

Yes miss Natalie, he replied,

She hung up and turned to Carole and said,

Lets go get a starbucks shall we,

Carole burst out laughing.

A male service slave served them coffee and they sat their leisure drinking and chatting.

Carole giggled,

Do you think his knees will be sore on those hard floor tiles yet,

Natalie giggled,

Oh I hope so, but lets take our time I love making them wait. I can picture him now kneeling there wondering where we are. As his knees are suffering Ha Ha ha ha ,

after about ¾ of an hour They sauntered out of the coffee shop and drove slowly back to the house.

Pete was wondering where the hell they had got to his knees were killing him, he had been kneeling much longer than 10 minutes, but he dare not move.

As they pushed open the door Natalie was first in and laughed at him kneeling there , she loved it.

Greet us then,

she ordered

Pete crawled over and kissed the tops of her stiletoes. He then approached carole and did the same.

To her spike heels too.

We stopped for a coffee on they way back, you don’t mind do you

Giggled Natalie

No not at all Mistresses

Pete replied, despite being a bit annoyed at her.

Carole ordered,

Fetch us 2 Glasses of chilled Chardonnay and serve us in the sitting room.

Pete ran off and fetched the wine and the two women were sat on the sofa when he handed them their drinks.

Right boy continued Carole my feet are aching in these heels and you are going to massage my feet, but first we have to deal with your laziness,

Carole then clicked her fingers and ordered,


Pete handed them their gloves and Carole ordered

Go to Miss Natalie.

Pete crawled over to her as she flexed her fingers in the fine leather gloves.

6, I think mused , Natalie and splat she slapped his face with her right hand ,

She loved slapping faces. The power, the sound of leather striking his face she just loved it.

Her hand snaked out and slap she landed another slap to his face, It was so funny watching him have to just kneel there and take it.

At 6 Natalie said,

Ok go to mummy

Carole waited for him to crawl to her then swish slap she gave him a stinging slap to his face. She too enjoyed the act and took her time dishing out the other 5.

At the end of her six she ordered,

See to my feet,

Pete eased off her patent leather heels and taking her left foot reverently in his hands started to massage the beautiful nylon covered foot offered to him. She giggled to herself as he put his face as close to her foot as possible to take in the scent of her slightly perspiring elegant foot.

She could see he was captivated and intoxicated by her foot and its heady aroma.

He kneaded away at the foot and Natalie watched amused as he worked away, Do Mummys feet smell sweaty Boy, she enquired,

No they smell like fine perfume Miss he replied.

Get your nose between her toes and check properly scolded Natalie, and he Placed his nose against the underside of her nylon toes and Sniffed as hard as he could completely transfixed by the musky gorgeous aroma.

He almost forgot to murmur ,

They smell like fine perfume mistresses.

Tell him what we have decided Natalie,

Prompted carole,

Yes boy, Your brother has been detained at the punishment camp and wont be back any time soon. Your work serving us will be harder as you will be doing it all from know on. You will be slaving away for us from dusk till dawn, so as you will be slaving we are going to call you slave instead of boy. Do you understand.

Yes Miss he replied as he dared to take in another hard sniff of Caroles foot.

Good said Carole get massaging.

He spent about 20 minutes kneading each foot before Carole said,

Miss Natalie may need some service from you.

Pete crawled over to Miss Natalie and she laughed

My feet have got a bit hot in these shoes You may refresh them with your tongue.

Pete tried to control his joy as he removed his evil step sisters heels and got a good smell of her nylon covered feet. He extended his tongue and closing his eyes in ecstasy and ran his tongue from heel to toes of her left foot loving every second of it.

He loved the feel of the fine nylon mesh on his tongue, pressing his tongue into it to remove perspiration collected in them. And the taste of her fresh perspiration,

Natalie loved having her feet licked and relaxed as the slippery tongue probed her dainty soles.

When she was happy he had licked the soles properly she ordered.

Suck the toes, they get very hot and damp.

Pete could not believe his luck as he opened his mouth to receive the precious gift that was Natalies nylon toes. He loved the sent and taste of the nylon and sucked with great reverence on the nylon toes.

When Natalie was satisfied with one set of toes she replaced them in his mouth with the ones on her other foot which he sucked hard on.

When Natalie was satisfied Carole asked

Slave have you finished the house yet,

Pete, hung his head and replied,

Not yet Madam Carole I still have dusting and your on-suite to finish.

Carole scolded him for being lazy and said you need some motivation come here.

Pete knelt before her, and she casually placed her stilletoe shoe over his nose so the inside was over his nose and tied it in place with one of her stockings forcing him to breath and inhale the scent from her hot damp shoe,

Now get on with it boy she commanded.

Pete ran off to continue his chores. He had a spring in his step as he sniffed as hard as he could at the aroma in the leather of her shoe,

Oh my god he loved that smell so much.

Once he was gone Carole turned to Natalie and Laughed,

I think we have a very pleased slave,

Men are so simple, so easy to manipulate and please, Can you imaging getting pleasure from cleaning feet and smelling shoes Ha ha HA

Carole was also laughing and said,

Of course being the superior sex we dont really understand it but who cares. But as a special treat I may tie my stockings over his nose and have him keep them there all night ha aha ha

Back at the field the prisoners were offered more drink but had to beg for it,

Clive found himself begging to drink the evil brew of spit and sweaty stocking water as he was parched . The ladies loved their dilemma

Drink foot water and spit or work parched they loved the torment they must go through to make that decision.

After the break it was back to work being forced to pull the plough and the harrow under the constant encouragement of whipps.

2 Weeks into Clives imprisonment and he was starting to get into the swing of the hard labour and the harsh regime, being forced to lick feet for them, He hated it all but was not as stiff and worn out as the first week,

He was woken up as usual be women shouting at him and made his way to the assembly point.

Katherine Jenkins phoned Natalie the night before and unbeknown to him Natalie was already in the camp being given a massage by a slave in a CB6000 restrainer.

The slave was in pain massaging her gorgeous legs having been in restraint for two months,

Natalie of course knew this and was enjoying the massage more knowing he was really suffering.

After her massage she got changed into a latex skin tight trousers, knee high nylons Red PVC boots and a black leather jacket over a white T shirt. It was going to be a hot day she thought and it made her smile.

Unlucky for you step brother she giggled to herself.

Clive and his detail were marched out to the field where after a few minutes they were met by 2 females the first he knew was Katherine but he didnt immediately recognise the second female until Natalie got closer,

No No No he thought Not that little bitch,

Katherine ordered

Ok team the field has been Ploughed Harrowed seeded and now it needs rolling and pointed to a huge roller attached to a beam. The roller had two bucket type very comfortable car seats attached to the beam.

The males ran over to the roller and guards secured them in place.

Natalie sauntered over to Clive and grinning malevolently said,

Hello Step Brother, Its your lucky day I am going to be helping Aunty Katherine to work you today, You may thank me for being so helpful.

Clive nearly choked on the bile in his system as he managed to say,

Thank you miss Natalie for helping to work me,

Natalie was loving it , making him thank her she then slapped his face hard with her right Gloved hand saying,

But dont expect me to be lenient or go easy on you just because you are my step brother , I am going to work you just as hard as any guard would,

Natalie then walked off and treading on a male got up onto the beam with aunty Katherine.

Ok lets work them laughed Katherine and whipped a male in front of her shouting,

and lets work

Natalie drew her longing whip from its holder. It was not an accident that clive was on her side of the beam, and she drew it back. It was tempting to whip Clive but she wanted to get her aim in first and whipped another male bringing a Howell of pain. She couldn’t wait to whip Clive but wanted to wait a few more minutes to savour that pleasure.

The roller was incredibly heavy and 10 men struggled to pull it, The two women sat in comfort driving, added to the weight making their life harder. The men were heaving the roller slowly forward to build momentum.

Natalie whipped two more men on her side until she could get just the tip to crack between their shoulder blades inflicting real pain., much to her delight.

At this there was a slight incline in the field and Katherine was already whipping her 5 men forcing them on.

Natalie drew back her whip and took aim on Clive s shoulder blades she was grinning in anticipation as she flicked the whip forward and landed a hard lash on her step brothers back. Clive let out a Bellow of pure pain and Natalie laughed out loud shouting,

Work harder you lazy slugs or I will whip the skin off your backs.

Katherine whipped another of her five and laughed,

You heard Miss Natalie stop lounging around and work.

Natalie looked at Katherine and beamed,

Oh my God this is so so much fun, I love making them work, can I do this again Aunty, Please.

Katherine replied,

Of course you can, Your an honorary guard now,

Natalie whipped Clive again deliberately picking on him, Just because she could.

Katherine said,

I love working them Us ladies sat in comfort making inferior males slog their guts out, I never get tired of dishing it out to them.

Natalie was nodding her head and asked,

Do you think it makes it worse for them knowing we are sitting up here in comfort and they are having to pull us along as well as the roller,

Katherine smiled and replied,

Oh yes its real mental torture for them knowing we are sat in comfort making them work Ha HA Ha.

Natalie replied

Oh good Im so glad about that, I love the thought that it torments them

And they both laughed.

Clive could not believe how evil his step sister could be, He never dreamt she would be so power Hungry so evil, She had set him up so he ended up in this place , had-dent he suffered enough for nothing, Now she was here to work him, to make it worse for him and she was taunting him , Rubbing it in at every opportunity. And punishing him for fun,

At this Katherine said.

After the break would you like them to do some uphill work. Its obviously a bit harder for them but its great fun.

Oh yes absolutely

giggled Natalie.

The males heard this and could not believe there misfortune.

They pulled the roller under intermittent whipping for an hour in the heat and then Katherine called a halt . The males were panting and sweating in the heat.

Bring pitchers of water bellowed Katherine and other slaves ran off and brought back aluminium cups of water. And stood waiting

Katherine whispered something to Natalie who burst out laughing saying,

Oh I love that idea. But im not sure Clive will, But who cares

The ladies got out of their comfy seats and slaves helped them down and two chairs were placed just in front of them .Katherine and Natalie were handed ice cold water to drink as the slaves had to watch them,

Natalie was loving it and savoured every drop. Taunting

UMMM ice cold fresh water, just what I needed after all that hard work,

Work, How could she call driving us with her whip work , the evil bitch thought Clive.

Katherine pointed to two of the pitcher slaves and said,

Bring your pitchers over, on your knees.

The males obeyed ,

Ok remove our boots ,slaves, she ordered and the males very carefully slipped off the two ladies boots.

Natalie had been wearing her PVC knee highs in the heat and her nylon feet were visibly damp, even damper than Katherins in her leather boots.

Slaves let us dangle our toes in the water,

Natalie was grinning malevolently at Clive as her sweaty damp nylon toes dangled in the water of the pitcher , she knew how sweaty her feet were and she also knew that she was going to make her pathetic slave step brother drink the water, she ordered the pitcher slave to splash water from the pitcher onto her feet and then with a giggle had him remove her knee highs and rinse them in the pitcher. She then had the slave squeeze out the water from her stockings into the pitcher all the time grinning at Clive.

Katherine dangled her toes into the other pitcher Then when they were satisfied they had the slaves dry their feet and Natalie replaced her knee highs and slaves helped them on with their boots.

Katherine wandered over to one of the slaves on her side and giggling said,

Nice refreshing drink for you boy and the slave had no choice but to drink the water and foot sweat from her feet.

Clive was dreading it as Natalie walked towards him, but could not believe his luck as Natalie turned towards another slave 2 spaces next to him and asked,

Nice refreshing drink slave,

Clive then saw Natalie smile towards aunty Katherine who then said,

Natalie Clive looks very thirsty why dont you be kind to him and let him have the first drink.

No No No

went through Clives mind as Natalie replied,

Well if you think so Aunty Katherine

and grinning she sauntered over to Clive and said,

Drink for you slave,

she loved calling him slave, because that was what he was to her and she loved it. He had to do anything she wanted or pay the price.

Please no Miss Natalie

Pleaded Clive.

Natalie Pouted,

Well if you dont drink this refreshing drink im offering you, you wont get any more water until you finish working, Its up to you.

Clive knew he could not work all day without a drink, He really didn’t want to drink the evil little bitches foot sweat but knew he had no choice.

Ok miss Natalie I will drink your pitcher of water.

Natalie Pouted again and continued,

Well Im not so sure you really want it. You turned it down a few minutes ago. I think you want to go all day without drink.

Please no miss,

Pleaded Clive.

Beg for it

Replied Natalie.

Clive hated it but begged for the pitcher of sweat and water

Hmm im still not convinced, Will you refresh my feet with your tongue later in gratitude.

Taunted Natalie.

She knew she had him dangling on a hook like a prise catch and she was playing with him.

Clive was in despair, but had to beg,

Please Miss Natalie im begging you for a drink. I will lick your feet thoroughly later but please please let me have a drink.

Your nearly persuading me Slave she toyed, Maybes if you ask me to get 5 other guards so you can fully refresh their feet as well It may persuade me.

Clive had no choice and begged her much to her delight.

Ok, Boy you can have a drink.

Clive wanted to drink the sweat and water straight down but Natalie had other ideas and deliberately only gave him sips so he had to savour every last drop.

Clive was hating the taste and that his evil step sister was purposely prolonging it all for him, she was evil he thought.

Natalie of course knew she was being evil and loved every second of it. How could he drink her foot sweat and water, It must be disgusting she thought, But he was a male and they were mostly disgusting so it suited him.

Once all the slaves had been given their foot sweat and water it was back to work. Katherine steered them towards the far end of the field where there was a sharp incline for about 100 Metres then it levelled out. As they approached the incline Carole arrived in the field via a rickshaw. Carole had enjoyed making the rickshaw slave run hard from the farm to the field he was panting and sweating when they arrived which amused her.

A comfy chair quickly arrived for her and a sun shade so she could watch the roller slaves being worked by her daughter and sister.

She had a male on his knees in front of her and she ordered him to remove her heels and massage her feet.

Shortly after she waved to Natalie and Katherine as the started to force their roller slaves up the incline.

Clive and the rest of the roller team felt the roller slow down and almost come to a stop. Katherine whipped her side hard getting out of her seat standing on the beam so she could get more power into her lashes. As she shouted,

If you stop I will have you suspended by your wrists and have you whipped without mercy. At least 100 lashes whilst I eat my dinner, and enjoy every lash.

The slaves heaved and heaved as Natalie did the same to her team. She really whipped clive and loved every minute of it.

The roller made slow and a torturous journey up the slope , The slaves forced to give every ounce of effort to get the roller to the top. Clive was in tears , tears of pain and frustration as Natalie enjoyed every second

Carol wasalso loving every second of watching the males heaving their guts out. There was something special about watching males being worked to the maximum by women. Women sat in comfort and enjoying working them.

The males then continued on for another hundred metres on the flat and then were turned around and forced to head back down. The slope to the bottom.

Carol was loving her life, waited on hand and foot at home , now she was sat on a comfy chair with a good looking male half her age on his knees massaging her feet as she watched males working there guts out under female supervision.

The male kneading her nylon soles was so good at foot massage, he must have been trained by very strict and demanding women to get this good.

Hmm she was loving his work on her feet and he was cute as well, she decided to treat herself. She would have him tied spread-eagled on a bed in the guest quarters on his back. She was going to spend most of the evening sat on his face. She would make him fight for every breath.

She hoped he had been in chastity for a long time so she could tease him mercilessly. She wouldn’t let him climax though. She wouldn’t want to spoil other women, who loved to tease fun.

Besides it would be more fun driving him mad and then denying him.

Being wicked turned her on as she watched the Roller slaves being lined up for the incline again.

Katherine she shouted with an evil grin on her face, They don’t seem too motivated perhaps a good kick in the balls will help.

What a good idea Your right laughed Katherine and she shouted,


The roller slaves gladly stopped but hated the idea,

Come and join us Carole shouted Katherine and Carole was only too happy to oblige,

Carole sauntered up to Keith one of Katherins team and said,

Im going to help motivate you, spread your legs boy.

Keith reluctantly spread his legs dreading the pain.

Ok boy ask me nicely to motivate you boy grinned Carole

OMG the bitch thought Keith who had noticed she had on 4in heel black Louboutin stiletoes on her feet with inky black stockings

He asked

Please motivate me Mistress,

Carole laughed and slapped his face hard

Beg me she hissed.

Please Mistress Im begging you to motivate me

Begged the unfortunate slave.

Carole had been joined by Katherine and Natalie who were loving it and giggling at his miss fortune

Carole taunted him more saying.

Well if you really want me to, but it will be painful in these pointy toes shoes.

At that she swung her leg back and then splat, landed a hard kick to his balls.

Keith buckled at the knees and would have gone to the ground had he not been connected to the roller.

All three women laughed in his face.

Natalie of course headed straight for Clive and said,

Your a lucky boy my pointy boots so want to punish your balls. But to be polite ask them nicely

Clive was confused and said,

Please Miss Natalie kick my balls for me,

Natalie slapped his face hard with her gloved hands , Right left right.

Not me you idiot,

Plead with my boots, say please miss Natalie’s boots.

Clive begged,

Please Miss Natalie,s boots , please kick my balls.

Natalie was grinning and drew back her right boot and bang nailed him right in the nuts.

He was in agony but could not go to the ground and the laughter of the women tormented him.

Natalie couldn’t resist approaching him and laughing right into his face, Ordering.

Pull yourself together weakling, There is still lots of work to do Ha ha HA

Carole was beaming and said,

There is nothing quite like kicking a mans balls for fun. I could do it all day.

Too right

Laughed Katherine,

5 minutes later Katherine said,

Ok lets get these lazy slaves back to work, Carole, would you like to take my seat for a while, I could do with a shoulder and back massage,

Carole loved the idea and said

Yes that would be fab. And followed Natalie up onto the beam , taking her place in the comfy seats,

Please don’t be too lenient on them though, I need them worked hard, as we have lots of fields left to do,

My pleasure laughed carole as she drew her whip and cracked it on the first slaves back.

With a bark of orders a massage table was brought over and Katherine lay on her front watching the slaves being worked. A slave was massaging her shoulders. Another was working on her lower back and two more where rubbing oils into her feet,

She was loving it such luxury. for her, as males worked away for her fun and pleasure, She loved being a woman.

Carole and Natalie loved driving the roller slaves on and their whips were never idle.

After hours of torturous toil the slaves were totally exhausted, and the field was finished.

As the slaves were uncoupled and started to trudge back to the camp, Natalie Gleefully shouted to Clive

Dont forget to report to my quarters in half an hour, You have feet to refresh.

Clive had hopped she would forget, The bitch the bitch.

Carole invited Katherine her mother and three other Guards, Samantha, Gaynor and Priya to her room in two hours time at nine oclock. For a foot refresh, they were all delighted to attend.

Half an hour later guards brought Clive to her quarters. Natalie was relaxing on her bed, eating belgian chocolates, She still had her PVC boots and latex trousers on he noted,

Slave tidy my room she ordered as she relaxed.

Clive was exhasted but had to start picking up dis guarded clothes and towells off the floor. Natalie enjoyed watching him serving her, it was just so delicious.

Half an hour later Natalie needed the toilet, she sauntered off to the bathroom,

The chocolates had stimulated her system and she splattered the toilet pan and when she flushed her waste was still clung to the sides, she was about to summonze Clive but then had a better idea.

As she lay watching Clive dusting and cleaning she drank lots of water and had to go for a pee twice in the next hour.

She couldn’t believe what she was going to make him do, but it was good training for him, and he had to get used to it.

Clive come in here she ordered.

The toilet needs cleaning , see to it,

Clive looked around for the toilet brush but couldn’t see one.

Natalie giggled,

oh deer no brush, your tongue slave.

Clive nearly fainted, she couldn’t mean it, no not that.

Well what are you waiting for slave, do you want me to order a punishment whipping for disobedience.

He was broken he crawled to her and begged her for mercy, kissing her boots as he did so,

Natalie let him continue, she loved to see hi8m grovelling to her , pleading and begging for mercy.

Five or Six minutes later she ordered,

You need to understand you are a slave now, you are my slave and I want my toilet cleaned, I will have you whipped over dinner if you dont do it, so Pull yourself together and get on with it ,

Well that is unless you want to be suspended by your wrists and whipped without mercy in front of about 40 women guards, Its up to you.

He knew he had no choice, but how could he do it, He forced himself forward and put his head into the pan, The smell of her golden fluids and brown waste assailed his nostrils and he fought to control and natural revulsion.

She watched in anticipation as he forced himself to extend his tongue, he then forced himself to lick the brown stain in front of him, He naturally gagged on the evil taste as she taunted,

Finding it hard to take slave.

He nodded his head and she said,

I m not without mercy, I will help you Put your head back in

Clive again forced himself to extend his tongue as she commanded. Lick it. As he licked the pan she kicked his balls from behind with her booted foot.

He immediately felt the pain in his balls and forgot about the evil taste.

As she laughed at him.

By the time the pan was clean, Natalies guests arrived ,

Clive was asked to serve them wine and then ordered to kneel at Natalies feet, He was made to slowly pull off her left boot. Natalie immediately pushed her very damp nylon foot into his face, Her PVC boots had made her feet sweat a lot and her feet smelt evil but he had no choice and sniffed hard at the nylon covered foot as she waggled her toes to make it worse for him.

The ladies watching found it very amusing and laughed at him.

After a short time Natalie ordered him to lick her feet clean and enjoyed the feeling of a slippery tongue sliding along her damp nylon sole,

Clive was suffering. He knew he had to press his tongue onto her foot and felt the mesh of the stocking on his tongue as her pushed it up her sole, Natalie let out a sigh of pleasure as he worked on her foot.

She closed her eyes at the delicious feel of his tongue on her sole. And it added the extra spark of pleasure knowing he was hating having to do it.

His tongue worked up and down her sole forcing him to take in the vinegary taste of her perspiration,

When she felt like it she purred

Get that tongue between my toes and work it slave.

He immediately started to run his tongue along the ridge under her toes and then between her big toe and second toe. The taste was stronger here and he fought the urge to gag knowing it would lead to punishment.

He hated that bitch how could she make him do this

The other women were watching intently and he enjoying watching him having to clean her nylon foot.

Carole laughed and suggester,

Make him suck the toe part and heels we don’t want any perspiration left now do we.

Clive groaned inside as she laughed

that’s a good idea and ordered him to do it,

Clive made himself open his mouth and Natalie inserted her nylon toes into the open mouth, He could taste the acrid taste as he forced himself to suck on the nylon toes.

Priya, was watching intently and giggled, I hope he is moving his tongue over your toes as he sucks or it wont do as good a job.

Clive knew what was coming and just complied moving his tongue over the toes.

When clive had finished Natalie’s feet Carole had him remove her heels and start all over again. As he worked away she continued to work on him Psychologically.

As a superior woman I cant imagine what it must be like to taste a sweaty foot, but men are inferior, its a privilege to have to lick our feet. Im sure they enjoy the taste of our feet.

Your so right said Samantha a gorgeous leggy blonde . Ive had these boots on all day long supervising the electricity tread mill, and I cant wait to have his tongue working on my soles, Im so going to love it,

Poor Clive was forced to clean all the ladies nylon feet, then bare feet.

It was nearly midnight by the Time he had cleaned all the feet and the ladies had gone,

Only Natalie and Carole were left, Natalie yawned and said,

We are all tired and need sleep. Slave has a hard day ahead of him and needs rest so slave you may sleep in my en suite bathroom floor.

He was so tired he started to move off and Natalie then said,

Slave before you turn in, Im going to wear my Leather boots tomorrow, give them a polish for me, Carole loved the way natalie tormented him and chipped in, and just give my heels a polish whilst your at it.

Clive was almost in tears as he went off to get the shoe polishing stuff . The ladies went off and had showers and then went down to see him working.

Natalie nudged carole and Laughed ,

Look how stupid he looks on his knees polishing my boots ha ha ha .

Carol laughed and shouted,

Give my heels a good clean too, and dont forget to tongue clean the inside as well , I hate it when they get all sweaty inside.

Clive was now going to be up most of the night.

Natalie and Carole, had a good laugh about it and Natalie evilly said,

Mummy if you need the loo before bed use the one in the =En-suite. Im going to go, Im going to make him tongue clean it with his tongue.

Carole said,

Il use it after you.

Natalie again splattered the pan and put the paper in the bin instead of down the toilet. Carole then used the toilet and added to the stains on the pan and they both looked into the bowl and laughed, He is going to suffer.

At this natalie left a note. On the seat of the toilet it read.

Slave, last job for you.

Give the toilet a lick clean before you turn in and dont flush until you have cleaned everything.

Carole giggled

Oh my I wouldnt want to be him

Natalie laughed

We are superior women. We will never have to,

carole then made her way to her quarters. All this being evil had turned her on, She got into her living quarters and put on a black lace bra, black holdup stockings, and a black lacey thong, and a pair of mules with a 5 in stiletoe heel. She opened the bedroom door and giggled at the massage slave from earlier tied spread eagled on her bed.

She approached him and paraded in front of him to drive him mad. His frustration tormenting him, she then climbed onto the bed and Plonked her big firm bottom right onto his face.

Its going to be a long tough night for you boy she stated.

Meanwhile Natalie said,

Im off to bed its been a hard day.

She then peeled off her latex trousers which were just about steaming with her perspiration.

Like those clean , I dont like swaet left insoide my trousers, boy

And she laughed out loud as she went off to bed.

Natalie lay in the huge comfy bed Reviewing the day in her head, loving every minute of what she had put them through. Males having to work their guts out for her, having to lick her sweaty feet, and her toilet.

Women were the superior sex no doubt about it,

She thought of clive polishing her boots , so much fun making him do it.

An hour and a half later with Natalies boots polished and Caroles shoes gleaming, he reluctantly placed his tongue inside her heels and licked the inside as best he could.

When he finished he picked up the latex trousers and again reluctantly, Put his head into the waist part of the latex trousers still damp with sweat and licked at the inside, all around the bottom and crutch hating the smell and taste.

Finally at 3 in the morning he made his way up stairs wearily and quietly moved past Natalie,

Natalie was asleep in a big comfy bed. He hated her so much. He opened the en suite and his eyes adjusted to the light , It was not as dark as the bedroom, as the window had no curtain. Then he noticed the note.

No no no He couldn’t believe it. He opened the toilet lid and saw the mess inside. He started to sob. He didn’t want to do it but it was so late he had to get it over with or face the prospect of no sleep. . He forced himself to push his head into the bowl, He extended his tongue and licked at the brown stains. He was hating every second of it.

Natalie had woken at the sound of the toilet lid being opened.

She imagined the horror on his face when he saw the mess. And it amused her to hear his sobbing, she didn’t feel sorry for him in the slightest. He was a male and in the natural order of things was a slave. As a superior woman, it was her right to torment him, and to enjoy it. These were the privalidges of being a woman, And now he had to lick it, OMG how could he, She hoped he hated every second of it, ha ha ha

She giggled to herself as she turned over and went back to sleep.
Aug 12, 2005
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congratulations! I love when cruel, sadistic mistresses, living in luxury and comfort, organize the discomfort and unhappiness of men. I love her as she humiliates them, degrades them and taunting by drinking or eating in front of their hungry and thirsty eyes. When they are comfortably sittef in the shade and require very hard work in full sun ... they are sublimely unjust. I love thé contraste max. Congratulations !!!


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Jun 10, 2016
Excellent addition! As always, the descriptions in the scenes were terrific. Clive really went through hell, much to the amusement of Natalie.