Section 12 part of the FDSP series

Feb 22, 2011
Section 12

A year after the female supremacy state was made a meeting of the rulers Sarah Proudman Michele Moon, Karen Brady and Claire Malvern took place in a secure office in the houses of parliament.

The ladies sat at a circular Oak table . They were the only persons present except four males under the table. Each male was massaging one of the ladies feet using scented oils.

The discussions were all about the success of the new order,

Claire Malvern asked,

Sarah , how is Section 12 progressing.

Nearly finished Beamed Sarah, Its going to be so luxurious for the guards and as you can imagine hell for the men Ha ha ha ..

They all laughed

Section 12 was going to be a maximum security work camp for the most dangerous men to the new order. Men who had been particularly violent to women, Rapists , sex offenders and men who were trying to overthrow the new Regime. The camp was designed for hard manual labour and to make money for the state. The camp was situated in a remote area of Wales near to a quarry and a coal mine. Their would also be a huge laundry facility. Etc.

The camp had deliberately been designed by a team of female architects so that there was a massive contrast between the cell block dormitories for the prisoners and top luxury accommodation for women.

How is the guard training going asked Michele.

Superb, Replied Sarah, and continued

I have been along to the selection and training facility in Leeds run by Kay Burley and Tania Bryer. They are doing a fantastic job. All the potential guards are selected for their love of the new order. Their love of working and punishing men.

Tania and Kay have really taught them the dark arts of tormenting men. Keeping them on edge, teasing them , Making their lives difficult. And punishing without pity or mercy where necessary. Kay is a master of the mind games and mental torments to break them down and make them comply.


laughed Claire I cant wait to visit.

Karen Brady smirked and said,

Did my recommendation to increase the working day from 12 to 16 hours trail work?

Very much Kay and Tania trialled it at correction centre 9 Leeds and are very pleased with the results. Productivity is really up

Giggled Sarah,


laughed Karen, I do so love the idea of them toiling away for an extra 4 hours, and great for profits.

Oh yes I agree and On that note we must arrange a trip once the facility is up and running said Michele.

3 months later The official car pulled up at Section 12 and they were met by The new Commandant Katherine Jenkins, and Kay and Tania from the ministry of correctional facilities.

It was a cold day and all three women were wearing their uniforms, Leather skirts just above the knee, dark green tunics over white blouses, long leather trench style coats which were open at this time. Black stockings and black knee length[ boots with a high stiletto heel. The boots were polished to a mirror shine and gleamed in the autumn sunshine.

A prisoner ran forward and opened the door to the official car and the ladies got out. The car park had a squad. of men around 12 of them waiting in pink jump suits. And at this Katherine Jenkins bellowed.

Squad, Human carpet, Form.

The males ran forward and lay on the ground of the car park in a line shoulder to shoulder. Sarah, immediately stepped on the nearest male at the start of the squad and walked along the line of males followed by the others. The first man to be trodden on waited for Karen, the last of the four women to step off him before sprinting around to the front to be stepped on again. Sarah Proudman turned to the others and laughed,

I like this, lets dig our heels in nicely its good for them. Ha ha

Claire in Particularly took great delight in digging her spiky heels into them and made sure the men suffered suitably,

At the door to the main block they were greeted by Kay Tania and Katherine . The trustee males were still lying on the floor and kay saw that the male nearest her had his hand on the floor near her booted foot. She couldn’t resist and place the sole of her boot on his fingers and slowly increased the pressure, The male wanted to scream out as she casually ground his fingers into the tarmac, but knew it was not a good idea to upset Commander Kay so he stiffled his pain , much to Kays amusement.

Ladys welcome she said, We are just about to brief the new guards follow us

The large hall was full with about 100 women all in tunics skits and gleaming boots, all sat and they stood as the commander and guests arrived and took there place on the podium.

Katherine Jenkins started,

Welcome to section 12, you have been specially selected for your role, you are the strongest smartest most committed women and guards we have. Your role here is vital the prisoners delivered in a hours time are either violent, sex offenders or subversives, They are here to be punished, to suffer and It will be your jobs to make that punishment, that suffering worse, harder to take, They will suffer whilst you will live the life of luxury.

They will work and work, you will be waited on hand and foot. I want you to relax completely when you are off duty, Be lazy I dont even want you to flush your own toilet. Make them do it.

She continued her address. Before finishing with.

I will hand you over to your training commander Kay.

Kay started

Ladys, please remember what we taught you about the dark arts. Keep them in discomfort , make them stand to attention for long periods waiting for you. If its raining make them get wet and above all enjoy being a total bitch to them, and taunt them with it. Play with their pathetic small minds and egos.

You are all beautiful women , tease them mercilessly and enjoy it. I love teasing men who cant do any thing about it. I have got a prisoner coming who has a massive sex drive, he is a rapist, I have had him put in a restrainer for 2 weeks. He must be climbing the wall, But tonight he is going to massage my legs my body, it will be torture for him, but so so much fun for me . I am going to drive him insane ha ha .

All the quards laughed and applauded her

She finished .

She then handed over to Tania.

Ladys I just want to add continued Tania. To remember to work on them mentally as well as Physically. You know I am a big advacate of breaking them down mentally as much as physically, and lets face it , its fun. So,

Give them pointless tasks and taunt them, laugh at them, humiliate them . After all if the react at all you can make them very sorry , you can whip them without mercy.

Please remember the fun we had with the floor cleaning exercise, Having men polish a corridor with tiny cloths for hours and then deliberately walking on that floor in muddy boots and making them start all over again, Its so deliciously evil. I am definitely going to be doing that.

As Tania looked around she could see the excitement and delight on the guards faces.

The guards were then dismissed and shortly afterwards the lorries arrived with the 500 prisoners . They were registered and taken to a washing station, they were made to strip and then guards took delight in hosing them down with icy cold water.

Gaynor-Fay a stunning red head was hosing down Mat, a serial sex offender , he was trying to keep the freezing water off his genitals, by putting his hands in the way.
Feb 22, 2011
Part 2
Gaynor-fay ordered

Get those hands on your head now boy or I shall have you whipped withought mercy,

Mat had no choice and had to put his hands on his head. Gaynor-fay then targeted his genitals deliberatly . With a big smile on her face thoroughly enjoying his misery. When all this was finished

The Prisoners were then assembled on the parade square and made to stand at attention.

The males were naked and shivering , but katherine deliberately kept them waiting for an hour before addressing them

Wellcome to section 12, The rules are simple, work as hard as you can and obey the guards at all times and you wont go far wrong.

If a lady tells you, to lick her boots, lick them, and lick them well, If a lady tells you to spread your legs so she can kick your balls , spread them. Even if the lady tells you to lick her toilet clean, you will do it, and there had better not be any brown stains afterwards, or you will suffer like you have never suffered before, You are here to be punished. And Punished you will be, do I make myself clear.

They were then marched to a holding area for marking as it was called. The males had no idea what this was.

At Marking station 2 ( there were 10 in total ) a naked male was marched in, in arm locks, by two guards to a small table. He was forced to bend forward at the waist and kept in arm locks. At this Sarah smith a 6ft 1in Amazon of a woman climbed on the table and sat on his shoulders facing his upturned bottom. At this a young very pretty, petite but fiery Italian guard, Arianna approached him with a red hot branding Iron. Sarah encouraged,

Take your time Arianna, make sure the mark is a good one.

Arianna didnt need encouraging in reality, and slowly pushed the branding rod towards the males left buttock. Arianna has a smile of pure sadistic delight on her face as she continued, There was a hiss as it touched soft white skin and a bellow of pain from the male. Sarah sat down hard pinning the male to the table so he couldn’t resist as Arianna slowly pressed harder, then released a bit and pressed harder again. The male was screaming the place down bringing laughter to the marking team members as they revelled in his suffering.

Two more seconds

said Sarah as she enjoyed the smell of seared flesh.

The male had never known pain like it and was trying to buck and get away,

Sarah was having non of it and pressed her beautiful bottom down onto his shoulders showing no mercy at all.

The male was then taken to a recovery cell and some ointment given to him to assist with healing, Arianna was laughing and declared,

Oh my goodness I love this job already. This is just pure fun, as the teams next victim was brought in.

Sarah, saw the next male and as she took up her position on his back she mouthed to Arianna

I dont like the look of this one. Prolong the branding for me, lets really get through to him.

My pleasure mouthed Arianna back.

Arrianna took her time pressing and releasing 3 times as the male screamed his lungs out. Sarah loved his frantic efforts to buck her off as she sat down heavily on him to pin him down. Making him suffer it ,

Arianna was playying with him holding the iron hard on his buttock releasing the pressure for a second , then pressing on again, for two seconds then releasing for a second then pressing on again. It was so funny that by just pressing a bit harder she could increase his level of screaming substancially. And she loved doing it,

Afterwards Sarah laughed to Arianna

What a fuss he made, what a baby . He really tried to escape . Oh I had s0 much fun I loved really pressing the branding rod on ha ha ha

When all the males were marked the males were taken to their dormitory and told to rest up for an hour.

20 minutes later the guards stormed into the cell block, kicking males who were resting up , using the pointy toes of their boots to great effect.

Get up you idle swines ,work time grinned Polish Guardess Jolanta ,

A fat Male called Toby wined, but we haven’t had our full hour break yet, me.

Jolanta swung her arm back and slapped his face harshly, and demanded

Get on your knees , how dare you challenge me

Toby saw the determined look on her beautiful face and knelt at her booted feet.


Declared Jolanta, We were looking for volunteers for toilet cleaning duties and you have just volunteered for two weeks worth, You may kiss my boots and thank me.

Toby hated the bitch but lowerd his head and touched his lips s to her boots.

Jolanta was amused but said

When you kneel to me you spred your legs , you do not keep them closed and using the index finger of her right hand poked him under his chin lifting his head up so she could look into his eyes.

Her right booted foot swung back and the pointy toe of her boots crashed into his unprotected balls , he rolled into a ball in agony and Jolanta grinning said,

When you kiss my boots its a privilege, kiss them again more reverently, Kiss them like you mean it

Mat began kissing her boots frantically.

Meanwhile Nichola Radcliffe a tall beautiful sadistic woman with amazing legs and figure had J ust received a squad of 50 prisoners at the Quarry . She had 20 guards with her but she was the Inspector in charge. The Prisoners had been detailed off to carry big stones to be broken up with sledge hammers, The males were starting their back braeking work Nichola had an evil cat of 9 tails whip in her gloved hand and raised it and brought it down on Jimmy Johnsons back

Work you idle shit

She ordered.

Just a few metres from the quarry face was a building with a huge glass pannel over looking the males working away. Inside was a spa with pools and massage areas for women

Tania Bryer had pulled up a sun lounger right next to the glass . It was like a hot summers day in the spa, and she had changed into a very skimpy Bikini. She knew she looked fab and knew it would tease the prisoners.

Tania was joined by kay Burley also in a bikini and they were served cold drinks by male slaves. Tania loved to watch males doing back breaking work whilst she relaxed.

Kevin baldwin an over weight prisoner glanced up and saw Tanias long legs and perfect bare feet next to the glass, Tania noticed him staring at her feet and gently flexed her toes and made sure he got a good view of her soft soles.

Kevin tried to continue hammering the large boulder next to him but her sexy feet were distracting him.

Tania of course knew this and said to Kay

No 3 ( males all had numbers on there uniform t shirts )likes feet he is a bit distracted give him a view of yours as well.

Kay had been lounging with her knees up and soles on the sun lounger, at this she giggled and too made sure her soft pampered soles were in his view.

Kevin was nearly drooling over the two pairs of gorgeous feet and didnt notice Tania pick up a radio naext to her,

She called Nichola and said,

Kay and I have noticed no 3 slacking can you whip him for us.

Nichola giggled,

My pleasure and swung her whip down hard on his back,

Bringing a scream from no 3.

Nichola raised the whip again and whipped him hard.

Kay burst out laughing

Your such an evil bitch Tania, I love being with you.

Im glad you do giggled Tania,

And your right I really am an evil bitch, and I love it ha ha ha.

No 3 glanced up and saw them laughing at him and pointing at him. How could they be so cruel.
Feb 7, 2011
Thank you Morris this was great! Loved the idea of the glass viewing panel so the ladies can watch the prisoners being forced to do their backbreaking work while they instead relax in comfort, plus it's also good how the prisoners can see them relaxing as well while they instead get worked to exhaustion. I really loved the way Tania and Kay pulled their loungers right up to the glass to deliberately tease Kevin and I really hope they punish him even further by getting on the radio and ordering that he be given no more food and drink for the rest of the day while also being forced to work twice as hard under the whip.