Section 12 part two


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Feb 22, 2011
Tania had not finished with no 3 yet and picking up the radio said,

Nichola, He looks like he needs brining up to speed. Can I suggest No food for him until the end of the day, and If he wants fluids Make him lick the perspiration from your feet, he can have a special this evening.

No problem my feet need refreshing after a while in these boots and stockings. Hes going to enjoy them. Ha ha

Tania then said,

Thanks Nichola, can you give him some special attention, keep him motivated for me ,

My pleasure laughed Nichola and her whip crashed down on his back once again.

Meanwhile Jolanta had assembled a squad of 10 prisoners. These were less dangerous offenders, some were in for watching forbidden films such as Dirty harry and Rambo. Others for driving cars without a woman’s permission, this was covered by the offence of subversive activity, To discourage this kind of offending anyone caught twice was from now on to be sent to section 12 for harsh punishment.

These prisoners didnt do the more back breaking work but were personal slaves to the guards. They waited on the guards hand and foot , polishing boots cleaning rooms . The guards were instructed t6o be very difficult and demanding , and to punish small mistakes harshly.

Jolanta had a smile on her face as she announced , You have been chosen to do a very important task. Each one of you will be stationed in a rest room block on the facility , Your job is to keep the facility spotless for the ladies using them. If you fail to do so you will be punished. The ladies will be looking for the slightest little mistake so that they can have you punished so be warned.

The guards that have chosen you are at the back of the room except for me I chose Toby for this job.

When I blow my whistle you will crawl to the guard poining at you and you will thank her by licking her boots. You will then when commanded , remove her boots and lick her feet whilst thanking her . Toby . You will do the same for me.

At this Jolanta sat on a chair and blew her whistle the males crawled to a female who was pointing at them and started licking their boots.

At this a strikingly beautiful Chinese woman Lali entered the room with a wicked long riding crop. And enjoyed watching the prisoners thanking the guards and licking their boots.

Jolanta pointed at Toby and clicked her fingers.and .


Toby began thanking her and,

licking away at the polished leather

Jolanta loved this, they had no idea what hell was coming for them but was grovelling to her.

After 15 minutes Jolanta asked,

Any complaints?

Shilpa a beautiful asian woman held up her hand and pouted,

He hasnt even licked the soles once.

Jolants nodded and Lali walked over, drew her riding crop up over her head and whipped Shilpa,s r prisoner cruelly

Heather a 19 year old beauty also had her hand up, Mines a bit lazy He needs more enthusiasm she then enjoyed Lali lashing him 3 times in quick succession.

Ok Jolanta continued,

Boots off.

Toby and the rest of the males removed their guards Boots and their senses were asailed by the scent of leather and hot nylon feet.

Lick them hissed Jolanta and the males licked the nylon feet presented to them.

Jolanta was loving it as toby licked the sole of her nylon covered foot. He was doing short licks and she let him continue before grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him away fro her foot. Slapped him 3 times , hard , in quick succession.

Lali, 3 Disciplinary lashes please,

Lali whipped him much to Jolantas enjoyment and when all three lashes had landed Jolanta ordered.

Big licks from heel to toes and work that tongue around the toes my feet always get a bit sweaty around the toes.

Toby had no choice and licked the hot sweaty nylon foot offered to him as hard as he could as Jolanta giggled at him.

After Toby had really licked both her feet properly Jolanta ordered him to apologise to her for not licking properly

Toby was fighting to control his anger at the little bitch as he saw her and apologised profusely.

Jolanta was toying with him and said,

Not bad but say.

Highness Jolanta Thank you so much for the honour of licking your superior feet.

Then tell me in your own words how much you enjoy licking my feet, boy.

Toby had no choice

When Jolanta was satisfied she pouted ,

For not trying hard enough initially you will be on a no cloths duty for the first week and I will let you practice cleaning my feet regularly,

At this Jolanta had the prisoners, all of which had received lashes from Lali for some real or imaginary offence, put their superiors boots back on the guards and they were taken to their individual work areas.

Jolanta handed toby over to the days supervisor in The canteen block rest rooms Loraine an older scotish woman . Guard at 43 but very strict and beautiful. With shoulder length brown hair and amazing long legs.

Jolanta greeted Loraine and informed her he was on a week No cloths punishment which made Loraine laugh. And she said,

Great I love enforcing that

Jolanta then said,

Im bursting I can be his first customer.

Jolanta went into the stall and shut the door , she let out a strong steady stream of pee into the toilet and deliberately got some on the seat. She then dumped out her breakfast into the bowl, She had been eating lots of fruit and the whole bowl had spaters of brown around it.


wiped herself clean on ultra soft toilet tissue and put it in a separate bin , she glanced at the bowl and laughed to herself. He was going to suffer.

She left the stall and Loraine drove the pointy toe of her right boot into his side Hissing,

Well dont just kneel there, get in and clean the bowl.

Toby crawled forward and looked at the very stained bowl and asked,

Where are the cleaning materials.

Loraine laughed and said,

Your on no cloths so you use your tongue.

Toby recoiled in horror ,

No please I cant Please , Mercy he wailed.

Loraine unclipped the cat of 9 tails from her belt and lashed him, You will do it or I will whip you to death its up to you.

The lash fell again and the pain was indescribable, A sobbing Toby extended his tongue and Gagging Licked his first lick of the bowl. The first lick of many.

Every time Toby hesitated a laughing Loraine whipped him, Forcing him to continue.

Jolanta was laughing out loud,

She had no idea how he could do that , but it was so funny.

As Toby was retching Loraine almost cooed to him.

Dont wory I can help you with this, With pain and training you will become proficient Trust me.

Toby was in hell and just to make it worse Loraine said to Jolanta,

Will you come down and use him regularly . I think he is staring to enjoy the flavour,

Jolanta walked off saying

My pleasure .

When Toby had finally finished the bowl Loraine spotted the wet seat and ordered

Get that seat licked clean now boy,

So he had no choice but to work his tongue again.

Loraine explanied that when he was not cleaning a toilet and a woman came in he must be on his knees in the restroom with his mouth ready to receive anything the women gave him he didnt understand this until Karen Sarah and michele came in

Michelle aproached him she was chewing some gum to refresh her breath and said

Get that mouth open, Toby opened his mouth and Michelle put her used chewing gum in his mouth saying

Deal with it boy.

Toby was forced to swallow the used gum. Karren had been laughing so much tears had smudged her eye make up. She rubbed the smudge off on to a tissue and when she had re applied new make up she put the tissue in Tobys mouth which again he had to eat.

At this Sarah sneezed into a tissue and took great delight in putting the used tissue in his mouth as well. Saying

Dont you dare just swallow I want you to savour it and forced him to have a good chew on her used tisue.much to her amusement

After they had gone Loraine went into a stall and 5 minutes later came out and said,

Right boy some training .Bend over and put your face in the bowl an inch from the water line.

Toby obeyed and saw the greeny yellowy tinged water , with a submerged small turd sunk to the bottom

Right loraine said.

I am going to push your face into the water with my boot sole, when your air is running out all you have to do is suck up some water and drink it. Once you have done that I will let you up. But if you dont drink any or not enough, I may just drown you.

Right here goes and with that she lowered her boot sole onto the back of his head and pushed his face under the water.

Toby really did not want to drink but after about 30 seconds his air was running out so he sucked up some of Lorraine,s pee. However her foot remained on his head so in panic he gulpped down lots more, Still she held him there for just a second or too before letting him up , laughing at his spluttering and Coughing.

Toby was hating every second. He looked at this stunning woman in boots who had been so evil to him , who was openly laughing at him. And was sobbing when she taunted,

I hope you enjoyed my champagne, Your going to be drinking lots of it this week.