Shapeshifting (My First Story) Part 5


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Jan 5, 2009
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Fictional Story 1 Part 5
The second I sit under the table, I look around. This place is filthy. The floor was scum coated, bubble gum was stuck to everything and worst of all, the odor. The smell of feet reeked and I could barely breath. Lauren slides into the booth and places both of her sandal wearing feet on my face. She looks under the table and says, "Sandal's off" I remove the sandals with my mouth and look up at her waiting for further instructions. She orders, "Lick feet now" And places her feet on the scum incrusted floors. She lifts them up showing her feet now to be entirely black. I begin to lick as the waiter walks over. "May I take your order?" she asks. That voice, it sounds, so familiar. I peek up from under the table. It's Emily, the one who helped Lauren attempt to kill me. I knew I must get revenge. Lauren replies to Emily by asking, "What is the most expensive meal you have here?".Emily says "I do not know exactly but I can check for you." Lauren says loudly "It doesn't matter, just bring it out. My boyfriend is recently deceased and I now I have a large amount of his money." Lauren and Emily both giggle. Emily then points under the table and asks "What about the dog, would you like me to bring out anything for him?" Lauren replies, "No, he is fine." Emily reaches down to pet me and a bite her hand. ZAAAAAPPPPP. Lauren electrocutes me. Emily kicks me under the table then walks off. As Lauren is eating her meal I notice that she untied my leash, so I make a run for it. Lauren doesn't notice until I am all the way across the street. I run behind an alley way and transform into a human before Lauren even has time to pull out the shock collar controller. I rip off the collar and make a run for it. I notice Emily getting into her car so I transform into a fly and fly in. When she gets home I fly into her house without her noticing. Once she starts putting away the dishes I transform into a dog and run up behind her. I jump up on top of her back and try to bite her. She lifts me up and throws me across the room. She pulls out a knife but I bite her arm and she drops it. I jump on top of her and start to growl. She looks up and she smiles. It's Emily's boyfriend / my best friend Greg, holding a loaded shotgun. I close my eyes and await my grim fate. Then I hear a click and ZAAAAAAPPPP. I open my eyes to see what happened. Greg was laying on the ground, with my shock collar around his neck. I look around and see Lauren holding the remote. I jump ontop of Greg as Emily screams "NO, why did you shock him?" Lauren looks at me as she says, "I couldn't let him kill Doug." Emily replies by saying, "Lauren, what are you talking about? Doug is dead remember." Lauren says, "No, he didn't die from that pool of toxic waste, he survived and somehow gained the power to transform himself into anything." Emily says "That doesn't make any sense." Lauren tells her, "Just wait and watch" She then points her finger at me and says, "Cat" So, I transform into a cat. I look down and there is a second cat below me. Greg also turned into a cat for some reason. Why? If I am touching something when I transform it must transform too. Emily walks over and picks up Greg. "Awwww, you are so cute." Lauren tells me to transform back into human form, and so I do. Greg is still a cat. Lauren gets a sadistic look on her face, "Emily, by the looks of it, if Doug is touching something while he transforms it transforms too. Is their anything special you would like Greg to be?" Emily looks down at her bear feet and says, "I was planning on breaking up with him tomorrow anyway and I do need some new socks. Well, Greg was always disgusted by feet. He hated to even look at them. I haven't washed my feet in a while, about a week almost, they wreak. Oh well, he wont be able to talk so I wont have to listen to his whining." Lauren then orders me to touch Greg and turn into a pair of socks. I refuse to turn my best friend into something he would hate. Lauren then attaches the shock collar back onto my neck. ZAAAAAAPPPPPPP ZAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP ZAAAAAPPPPPPPPP. I slowly walk over to Greg, barely even able to lift one foot due to the electricity surging through my body. I finally reach Greg and transform both of us into two different pairs of socks. Lauren moves Greg away and then I change back. I look down at Greg, feeling ashamed of myself. I then turn into a dog again and sit at Lauren feet, not able to watch the events that I know will soon occur. Emily picks up Greg, looks at him and then puts him on her feet. She walks around the room and then turns to Lauren and asks "Hey, would you and your dog like to come work out with me and the girls at the gym?" I've got a couple of guys who keep harassing me and my friends. I want you to help me take care of them." Lauren looks at her, "Sure, we would love to."
------------To be Continued-----------
Nov 29, 2006
The idea of him being able to transform anybody he touches is nice. It adds a lot of new ideas to the story. Awesome!!


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Aug 8, 2004
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I love the story! Would like a bit more of explanation about the shock collar and how he is able to be enslaved by it.