Shapeshifting (My First Story) Part 6


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Jan 5, 2009
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Fictional Story 1 Part 6
As Emily waves goodbye to Lauren and I, Lauren straps my leash to the chair, kicks me out and then slams the door. I hear the car start. I screech, Lauren is starting the car, I'm outside the car and my leash is tied to the chair inside. I guess I will just have to walk alongside the car. This must be for running away. That's okay, I am a dog, I can walk fast. She starts out going 15 miles per hour but begins to accelerate. Soon she gets to 20 and I'm running up, alongside the car. I peer into the window and Lauren has that devilish smile I've seen whenever something horrible is about to happen to me. She slams her foot on the gas and soon we are going fifty miles per hour. My legs can't take it anymore and soon I'm getting dragged alongside the car. My skin peeling off against the rough terrane, My skin starts to burn and my eyes fill up with water. Then comes to rocks. Lauren deliberately changes course to go down a rock covered road. Then POP, the tire blows out. I slingshot forward and hit Lauren's door as she opens it. She steps out and looks at me. She kicks me then says, "You popped my tire!" I look at her, "No" All she hears is barking. "You couldn't stand the ride? Well okay, I need a new tire and I don't have a spare." She pulls out the shock collar remote and before she is even able to place her hand near the trigger I transform into a tire. She then picks me up and attaches me to the car. The car starts and I feel the sharp rocks smashing me in the face. My face gets mashed against the asphalt for the next half our. Lauren decided to take the long way home, Emily's house was only a few blocks away. When the drive finally ended and I transformed back into my human form I could barely move. I decided to lay on the ground and rest. As I laid there on the ground Lauren ran over and ripped a piece of gum off of my face that must have been on the road, then opened my mouth and dropped it in. She pulled out the shock collar remote and said "Eat". I knew that if I disobeyed I would get shocked, so I ate it. I look up at Lauren as she walks closer to me. She lifts up her sandal covered foot and places it on my face. I figure that she is going to tell me to kiss it so I do it before I am told. Lauren looks down at me and says, "Good, you're trained very well." Then smiles the same cute smile I fell in love with and walks off. I sit there in the dirty grass and ponder everything that has happened to me. I was just her boyfriend, I was in charge, I was a college student, I had friends. Now look at me, I have a super-power. A freakin' super power, yet I am the slave of my ex-girlfriend. I turn my head and see a happy family driving a van, coming right in my direction. Is their any reason not to jump. I stand up, ready to jump, then ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. The biggest surge of electricity I have ever been given. I fall to the ground and everything goes black. When I wake up I'm in my bed, It's 7:00AM. I turn and Lauren is already up. I sit up and find my slippers were placed at my feet. I look around, curious, was that all just a dream. I slip on my slippers and walk into the kitchen. Lauren is standing there with a plate of eggs and bacon in her hands. I stand on four hands and walk over to her. "What are you doing silly?" I look up at her and begin to stand up. As I begin to stand up, I loose my footing and fall to the ground. Everything goes black again. I wake up and find myself still sitting in the grass in front of the house. I stand up and sigh. I walk into the house and look into the mirror. I've got a muddy footprint on my face. I sit down on the couch. I can finally rest. I lay back my head and close my eyes then, CLICK. I open my eyes and see that my leash is attached back onto my collar. "Time to go to the gym with Emily. You've been a good doggy lately so you wont have to run alongside the car this time." I say, "Let me guess, I'm going to have to be the shoes on your feet?" She replies by saying, "Nope, the pedals, beneath my feet." She giggles then pulls my leash. I change into a car pedal as Lauren runs around in the dirt and mud a bit. She then slips in the car and places her mud incrusted feet directly on my face. I then hear the truck start and she begins to apply pressure on me. She pushes and pushes, bending my body. When we finally arrive and Lauren tries to get out we find the mud on her feet had stuck to my face keeping them attached. Lauren says, "I can't go in with a pedal stuck to my foot, change into a pair of shoes." I then change into a pair of shoes and wait for my grim future ahead.
------------To be Continued-----------