Shoe lick student - details of Sarah P's parties revealed

Dec 9, 2002
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Kim went on to detail to this paper some of the parties that Sarah would through on a Saturday night at her off campus apartment.

''Every Saturday night, Sarah would throw a party for a select group of friends, of which I was lucky enough to be a member. She had a huge flat with all mod cons, the rent for which I suspect was paid for by her army me admirers.

"These parties were a lot like any other you get at university - you'd turn up with a bottle or two of wine and spend the evening relaxing with friends. Except there were a lot of things you wouldn't see every day!

Upon arrival you would have your boots licked clean by a kneeling slave in the hallway. It was so cool. I remember one evening my black leather high heeled ankle boots were so filthy I felt sorry for the guy and told him to just lick the tops and clean the soles with a cloth. But he was insistent, and begged to lick them all over. I giggled and gave in and watched him lick the tops adoringly all over while I handed my coat to another, bowing slave. Then he asked politely if I would just raise my foot so he could tackle the sole. Mud was dripping from them into his mouth and he slobbered down the muck while I sipped a glass of champagne I'd been handed by a third slave. What a life. I chuckled as he gagged while wrapping his tongue round the heel, swallowing down the dirt and grass. I mean, I'd never seen this guy before, how humiliating must it have been!? ''You did insist,'' I mocked down to him. ''Mistress, forgive me, it is an absolute honour and pleasure to serve you this way.'' ''Good,'' I replied, faking anger, ''Just make sure every speck ends up in your stomach.''

''It was the coolest way to start a party. You felt like a goddess. Once he'd cleaned each boot to perfection, he'd signal he was done by placing a kiss on each boot and I'd just walk away without so much as a thank you. He'd rinse his mouth out to get rid of any grit stuck between his teeth and to clean his tongue and swig from a bottle of water and wait for the next guest to arrive.

"Sarah had a friend Jane who used to arrive at the party most weeks straight from the stables as she'd spend all Saturday riding. Although she had a bag with an outfit she'd change into with her, she figured she might as well have her riding boots cleaned by the 'hallway slave.' as he was known. As Sarah used to rotate the slaves for this duty, it was always comic to go and see their expressions when Jane arrived! Her boots were always so filthy from sole right up to just below her knees and she loved watching them get to work. Quite often another slave would come through when Jane arrived and they'd cover a boot each. Not through any thought for the slave of course but just so Jane could get the boots cleaned quicker and go and get changed. God knows what was on those boots some of the time. Jane would occasionally laugh as one of the slaves gagged as they licked. ''My, Sindy, (her horse) has been careless. I must watch where I tread.'' But the slaves would lick on regardless. It was quite something to watch. How disgusting, but hey, they weren't being forced to do it - they were all willing volunteers, so it made sense to get swept up and enjoy it.

"Anyway, I could detail all the different guests and all the different boots and shoes that were licked, but I digress. Suffice it to say, for the hallway slave it was hard and thirsty work!

"Once your footwear was licked spotless, you'd make your way into the main room, which was large with several sofas and easy chairs. There were usually around ten of us at these dos, and about the same amount or maybe more slaves. They would be stood round the sides of the room in just their trousers, wearing little bow ties round their necks! Another little touch which I loved was they'd each have a name scrawled in marker pen across their chests. I mean, I didn't know who half of these guys were. Some I'd seen around campus or had abused myself at university or at the parties but I didn't know much more about them. At these parties however, they were 'Shithead', 'Turdface', 'Shoewipe', 'Filth'- or 'Bootscrape.' It was really cool. We'd wait till we were all gathered and then assign them a name. Sarah would give a prize of a hundred pounds from the slave that had the best name chosen for them. I'd only won once, though, but was delighted when Sarah said ''the winner'' as I scrawled 'Mudguzzler' across the chest of one hapless slave.

''It was such a laugh. How could they enjoy being treated like that? God only knows, but it sure was fun.

"Generally once you'd got in, you'd sit yourself down and one of the slaves would remove your boots and give you a foot massage. And these guys were good - Sarah had them all go on courses or something. It was so relaxing and wonderful to let your cares drip away as you lied back and were treated like a Queen. Some of the girls liked to have their feet licked and toes sucked but I was happy to just have a massage. Horses for courses, I guess. The slaves just complied with whatever you wanted.

"Then it was just a case of a great night in with the girls. Drinking a lot, eating food that was prepared by a guy that Sarah met in a club that used to be head chef at a swanky hotel in London. It was incredible food, all paid for out of his own pocket and provided purely for the pleasure of serving. 'This food is just about adequate for us', Sarah would say, knowing in fact that it was incredible. ''I'll try much harder next time, Mistress,'' he'd say as she slapped him round the face.

"We'd lounge around, using the slaves as footrests, getting them to hold our drinks for us, or having them fan us or massage our shoulders. Heaven!"

More details follow on page 8.
Nov 24, 2006
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This is one of my favorite stories and favorite chapter of it. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since wilko first posted here. I wish, there were more chapter of this story.
thanks wilko