Shoe shopping with girlfriend (public domination/humiliation or not)?

Aug 20, 2018
Hi people, my girlfriend has to go shoe shopping tomorrow which means i am gonna accompany her, i really do like her feet and she knows it very well. So the thing is that while i was telling her how much i'd like to massage her feet tired from walking she told me i will be the one who inside the shop will bend down and put the various shoes at her little sexy feet. this thing turned me on a lot but i am also a little scared of what might people think when they see me bending down and remove her shoes and replace them with others several times, i like the idea of being submissive to her in front of other people but also scares me what people might think. Any advices?
Aug 7, 2002
Just go ahead & take no notice of what people think.
If anything you will be envied - Ladies will envy your GF for having a footslave & guys will envy you for being able to serve such lovely feet.
Sep 3, 2002
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Enjoy this to the fullest! bfrug is right: you will be envied for living out (both) your fantasies, and no one (except you) gets hurt, but that is part of the thrill! I enjoy doing this to my gf, and she even makes me kiss or sniff her love small sized feet in between and smiles down on me... I Love it!